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Cast Steel Gate Valve Class-150 (flanged)

Audco Make Ball Valve

Butterfly Valve

L & T Valves

Butterfly Valves ( Aluminum Die Casting )

Bronze Ball Valve (screwed) Zoloto Make

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

H.D.P.E & P.P.Valve

Audco Slimseal Butterfly Valves

Ball Valve ( Audco Make )

Bronze Y - Type Strainer (Zoloto Make )

Investment Casting Ball Valve

Cast Steel Gate Valve

Audco Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Forged Ball Valve

Forged Gate Valve

Gas Ball Valve, full flow F/F

Forged Globe Valve

Single Disc Check Valves S S 304 /316

Cast Iron

Forged Steel Gate Valve ( Socket Weld )

Three Way Ball Valve

Strainer Y Type( Investment Casting )

Foot Valve ( C I Ball Type )

HDPE Ball Valves

PP Ball Valve

P P Butterfly Valve

Forged Steel Gate Valve

Sluice Valve

Bronze /gun Metal Union Bonnet Wheel Valve (Zoloto Make)

Cast Iron Non Return Valve (flanged) Zoloto Make

Stainless Steel Thermodynamic Stem Trap(screwed)

Bronze /gun Metal Isi Gate Valve ( Zoloto Make )

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve (wafer Type) Zoloto Make

Bronze Metallic Diaphragm Type Pressure Reducing Valve

Cast Iron Bucket Type Steam Trap (screwed) Zoloto Make

Bronze Horizontal Lift Check Valve (Screwed)

Audco Ball Valves

Cast Iron Y-type Strainer (flanged)

Diaphragm Valves

AUDCO Plug Valves

Cast Iron Y-type Strainer (screwed)

Bronze Vertical Lift Check Valve (screwed)

Bronze Compact Pressure Reducing Valve (screwed)

C S Ball Valve Three Piece Design ( Zoloto Make )

Union Bonnet Wheel Valve (flanged) Zoloto Make

Forged Steel (a-105) Horizontal Lift Check Valve Class-800 R

Bronze Vertical Check Valve (screwed) Zoloto Make

L & T Make Valves

C I Globe Valve

P P Check Valve Ball Type

Steam Valve

Check Valves

3 Way Valves

Gate Valves

Water Solenoid Valve

Audco Valves

Kitz Valves

Angle Valve

Air Relief Valve

Brass Ball Valves

Torque wrench

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Our range of products include Torque wrench such as Britool Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers, Non-Magnetic Torque Wrenches, Britool Torque Wrench, TruTorqueTT20 Norbar Adjustable Torque Wrenches, TruTorqueTT50 Norbar Adjustable Torque Wrenches and many more items.

Torque Wrenches (Norbar Professional Torque Wrenches)

60 Norbar Professional Torque Wrenches-Adjustable & Automotive Ratchet
1.Product's part number: 13011Product's NATO number: Product's Accuracy: +/-3%Operates between: 5.0 - 45.0LBF•ft 8.0 - 60.0 N•m
Technical Specification Length: 306.5 mm Square Size: 1/2"Torque Radius: 218.6 mm Weight: 0.6 Kg Ratchet Teeth: 72Ratchet Type: reversible2.Product's part number: 13011Product's NATO number: Product's Accuracy: +/-3%Operates between: 5.0 - 45.0LBF•ft 8.0 - 60.0 N•m
Technical Specification Length: 306.5 mm Square Size: 1/2"Torque Radius: 218.6 mm Weight: 0.6 Kg Ratchet Teeth: 72Ratchet Type: reversible Features Accuracy of +/-3% of reading exceeds all international standards for torque wrenches.Every wrench is supplied with a calibration certificate to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9000.Soft feel handle provides excellent grip even in oily conditions.Handle materials and lens resist all chemicals in common automotive, industrial and aviation use.Locking mechanism is strong and easy to use. The lock prevents accidental adjustment during operation.Long scale length graduated in N·m and LBF·FT for foolproof and accurate setting. KGF·m and LBF·in scales also available.Supplied in a moulded box for storage.

Torque Wrenches (Norbar Professional Torque Wrenches)
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Torque Wrenches ( TorqueTT20 Norbar Adjustable )

Product's part number: 13262Product's NATO number:

Product's Accuracy: +/-3%Operates between: 1.0 - 20.0 N
•m 10.0 - 180.0LBF
•IN Technical Specification Length: 230 mm Square Size: 1/4"Weight: 0.4 Kg Ratchet Diameter: 30 mm Engagements per Revolution: 722.Product's part number: 13263Product's NATO number: Product's Accuracy: +/-3%Operates between: 1.0 - 20.0 N
•m 10.0 - 180.0LBF
•IN Technical Specification Length: 230 mm Square Size: 3/8"Weight: 0.4 Kg Ratchet Diameter: 30 mm Engagements per Revolution: 72FeaturesAccuracy: +/-3% of reading exceeds all international standards for torque wrenches. Each wrench is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate.Micrometer Scale for simple and error free setting. (On dual scale wrenches, the micrometer increment applies to the N·m scale.)Quick and Light Adjustment: adjustment over the entire scale can quickly be achieved and with minimal effort in approximately ten complete turns (exact number varies by model).Versatile Ratchets: the tough ratchets are reversible and have narrow engagement angles of 5 degrees to allow easy positioning of the tool in the tight confines of today's vehicles and machines.Comfortable, Durable Handle: the handle is constructed using two materials; a base material for strength overlaid with a soft feel grip for comfort and slip resistance.Adjustment Lock: all models feature a lock to prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque.

Torque Wrenches ( TorqueTT20 Norbar Adjustable )
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Torque Wrenches ( Non-Magnetic )

Norbar has launched it's first ever Non-magnetic Torque Wrench, which is proving invaluable for medical equipment maintenance, notably in the MRI field. It also has further applications across a range of industries wherever tools have to be used in the presence of a strong magnetic field.

Carefully selected and tested materials replace the ferrous components present in standard torque wrenches, therefore giving an extremely low magnetic footprint. Being based on the TruTorque range of torque wrenches means that they also retain the high standards of Norbar's other Torque Wrenches.

Torque Wrenches ( Non-Magnetic )
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Torque Wrenches ( Britool make )

Britool Torque Wrenches

Classic Mechanical Torque Wrenches
Since Britool's renowned break action torque wrench was introduced in 1959, over two million have been sold. This proven product is popular with engineers worldwide. Only Britool classic torque wrenches combine all these features:

Safety in use There is a progressive torque build-up to the selected setting, easily detected by three clear signals:
1. SIGHT - see the wrench start to break
2. TOUCH - Feel the point of torque
3. SOUND - Click! Ideal for use in noisy environments

Consistent, reliable accur. The mechanism pivots on the square drive, this means accuracy is maintained wherever the handle is grasped.

Durable. Hard wearing, heavy duty mechanism retains +-3% accuracy for up 10,000 operations before recalibration. The robust construction resists accidental damage even in heavy use.

Comfortable Handle. is designed for controlled pulling effort at all settings.

Compact design. Ideal where access is restricted.

Convenient. Push-through, user replaceable square drive-just turn the wrench over to use for left hand threads

Manoeuvrable. for minimal handle movement, smaller ratcheting models feature the unique Britool clutch roller bearing mechanism. larger models utilise a 24-tooth double-pawl retchel action.

Easy to read, permanent scale. Large,clear markings are branded into the handle- N.m, Kg.m, Ibf.in and Ibf.ft Secure and rapid adjustment.The retracting torque adjuster cannot be altered by accident. This ensures consistently accurate settings.

Torque Wrenches ( Britool  make )
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Torque Multipliers

We have in our store a comprehensive range of Torque Multipliers for our esteemed clients. The offered products are extensively used to tightening and loosening bolts, that need high torque. Besides, the installed multipliers make it easy to tighten the bolt by inputting torque using planetary gears. Our clients can avail these products in various sizes and specifications as per their requirements. Moreover, we are also offering complete customized range of the same in order to cater to the specific demands of the patrons.

Torque Multipliers
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Torque Wrench

Norbar UK Torque Tools

Importers and distributors for full range of Norbar UK make Torque Wrenches, Multipliers, Torque Testers.

Ratchet Type Torque Wrench
Preset Torque Wrench
Dial Type Torque Wrench
Screwdriver Torque Wrench
T Type Torque Wrench
Digital / Electronic Torque Wrench
Production Slipper Torque Wrench
Torque Angle Gauge
Torque Multipliers
Interchangeable Torque Wrench
Open end / Ring end fillting 
Pneumatic Torque Wrench
Torque Testing Meter

Torque Wrench
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Torque Wrenches ( Britool make )

Britool Torque Wrench


Offering Full Range of Britool UK make Click type Adjustable Torque Wrenches









Torque Wrenches  ( Britool  make )
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Torque Wrenches

Item Code: 762


  • Controlled screw tightening in the range 1 - 10 N·m
  • Ideal for assembly work where controlled tightening with low torque values is required (e.g. electronic hardware sector, precision mechanics etc.) Features:
  • Adjustable torque wrench - with scale
  • 1/4"square drive with ball locking device
  • With integrated ratchet-head function for controlled clockwise tightening
  • Working accuracy: +/- 6 % tolerance of set torque
  • Acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789, traceable to national standards
  • Precision mechanism slips very noticeably and audibly ("click") when the set torque is reached - over-tightening is not possible
  • Automatic resetting to the starting position
  • Micrometer scale graduation: 0.05 N·m / 0.1 N·m
  • 2 models in the range 1 N·m to 10 N·m
  • Extremely lightweight yet robust and corrosion-resistant construction design
  • Very convenient non-slip rubber handgrip
  • EPA-conformant (Electrostatic Protected Area), for use in sensitive electrostatic applications Scope of delivery:
  • Torque wrench type TSC SLIPPER
  • Test certificate acc. to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • Delivered in sturdy cardboard packaging

Torque Wrenches
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Torque Wrenches ( Mechanical )

We manufacture and supply an exclusive range of hand torque wrenches, mechanical torque wrenches and Torque Wrenches which are available in tailored designs and can be designed as per the provided samples and specifications of client’s. Our in-house production unit has qualified staff to take care of all quality issues for the production of hand torque wrenches. These are appreciated worldwide for their viability and sturdiness.

Torque Wrenches  ( Mechanical  )
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Torque Multipliers

Item Code: Dremoplus


  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Cable cars, lifts and masts
  • Heavy industry, construction sites
  • Bridge construction
  • Shipbuilding, aircraft and railway construction
  • Refineries, plastics industry
  • Power plants of all kinds Features:
  • Mechanical hand torque multiplier for controlled screw tightening and unloosening screw connections
  • With a two-stage planet gear
  • High-performance aluminium housing
  • Torque multiplication ratio: 1:16, effective
  • DVV-40ZRS model with anti-wind-up ratchet (RS)
  • With non-destructive"Slipper"overload safety mechanism for gear protection - clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Z-form, offset reaction arm depending on model made of chrome-vanadium steel
  • Can be optionally retrofitted with L-form straight reaction arm - with adjustable reaction arm - of lightweight metal
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Better than +/- 3 % tolerance
  • For operation in combination with a torque wrench
  • 2 models for a maximum load at around a max. 4000 N·m
  • Output square with drill hole for impact sockets with safety pin and ring Scope of delivery:
  • Torque Multiplier DREMOPLUS ALU
  • With Z-form offset reaction arm
  • Delivery in sturdy shipping case with foam insert
  • Factory test certificate and setting table
  • Detailed technical information is available on request

Torque Multipliers
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Electronic Torque Testers

Item Code: Dremotest


  • For verifying and setting clockwise torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers in the range from 0.2 - 3150 N·m
  • Simple, electronic torque tester with integrated torque transducer (DMS)
  • With fixed hexagon female drive 1/4", 10, 17, 36, 46 mm or 1.1/2"square drive adapter (model dependent)
  • With 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"square drive adapter or bit adapter (model dependent)
  • High measurement accuracy: +/- 1 % tolerance of reading, +/- 1 digit
  • Break-Point-measurement (1st peak)
  • Auto reset
  • Can be switched from N·m to lbf·ft
  • Serial interface RS232
  • Optionally available: adapter for cigarette lighter socket (12 V), no. 8612-390

Electronic Torque Testers
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Kingtony Sockets & Hand Tools

Kingtony Sockets and Hand Tools

(Item Code : Kingtony)Offering Kingtony make automotive hand tools and supplies. Kingtony Tools is a brands name known throughout the tool industry. Quality and standards are our greatest concerns. All king Tony products now meet DIN(Germany) and ANSI(USA) standards. The standards of Torque in automotive hand tools has a 30% higher standard than DIN standard, also Impact socket standard has reached a 50% higher standard than DIN standard.

Our range includes:
  • Hand Sockets and Accessories.
  • Impact Sockets and Accessories
  • Pliers , wrenches , spanners
  • Tool box, chest, Trolleys
  • Master Tool kits
  • Automotive Special Tools
  • Hex bits and Socket sets

Kingtony Sockets & Hand Tools
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