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Shuttering & Scaffolding Materials

We offer Floor Form, Wall Form / Soldiers & Accessories, Adjustable Props & Spans, Scaffolding Pipe, Couplers, Joint Pin, Stirrup Head, Base Plate, 'H' Frame, APS Unit, Cuplock, Tailor made formwork for RCC Crash Barrier / Kerb / Bridge Pier & Girder etc. Precision designed, our range is used during construction work for providing end to end connection to scaffolding structures. Stringently checked and tested, these are acknowledged for their robust construction, corrosion resistance, easy to errect and fine finish. 

Adjustable Stirrup Head made out of 32mm/36mm dia M.S. round and :U" head made out of 100X6mm M.S. Plate, malleable C.I Nut etc.

Suitable to be placed on 40mm NB (48.3mm OD) or  50mm NB (60.3mm OD) Pipe. Available in a length of 350mm, 450mm, 550mm etc.
Outer member made from 60.3mm OD & Inner member made from 48.3mm OD M.S. Pipes. Junior props are made from 50.8 mm OD & 44.4 OD M.S. Pipes. Provided with nut with self-cleaning notch.

       Height in mtr                                    Safe Axialload in Kg.
Prop Closed Extended Closed Extended
Junior 2.00 3.10 1000 1500
ON 1.10 1.75 3500 3000
1N 1.50 2.75 3200 2300
2N 2.00 3.25 3000 2200
3N 2.00 3.75 2900 2000
4N 3.00 4.65 2300 1150
5N 3.00 5.50 - -
Also available with 'U' Head, and Beam Head

Note: Props must be braced in both direction by tube and couplers when extended beyond 3.75 mtr.

  • Fixed Base Plate made out of 150X150X6mm sq. M.S.Plate and Pipe.

  • Adjustable Base Plate made out of 32mm/36mm dia 330/450/600 mm long M.S.round, size-150X150X6mm sq. M.S.Plate, malleable C.I.Nut etc.

Slab forms are manufactured out of 2mm (14 swg.) or 2.5mm (12 swg.) sheet with pressed flanges and central stiffner. Available in 1150x600mm,900x600mm and 800x600mm. Adjuster slab forms cover up the balance centrein area, thus eliminating wastage and citting of timber altogether. Matching slots are punched on the flanges of the slab form.

Wall form shuttering panels are manufactured from 2.5mm (12 swg.) or 3mm (10 swg.) M.S.Sheet with slotted 45x45x4/5 mm angle frame and stiffner, available size 1250X500mm, 1250X600mm, 1250x1000mm and as per customer requirment. Channel or Heavy duty soldiers are supplied in 2.5 mtr.x100mm width. Heavy soldiers are to be used in place of channel soldiers for single sided shuttering.

The wall form panels and soldiers are assembled together with tubes or channel walers by single clip, double clip and bridge clip.

For curved walls flexible panels are used insteasd of Wall form panels.

The 2nd pour can be done with soldiers remaining in the same position. Wall ties remain embedded in first pour. For successive pours, complete assembly of panels soldiers and walings is lifted in convenent length.

This system is being used for construction of R.C.C. wall, column, beams, culverts etc.

Splay panels, haunch panel, internal corner panel and external ccorner angle are also available.

  • Heavy duty Soldiers 100mm, size 2500mm or 3000mm.
  • Channel Soldier 100mm, size 2500mm or 3000mm.
  • Flaxible Wall Form Pannel size 1250x500mm.
  • 1350  Splay Panel, size 1250mm.
  • 900  Internal Corner Panel, size 1250x150x150mm
  • 900  External Corner Angle, size 1250mm.

This table provides ready rackoner for determining the suitable span and spacing of span for various slab thickness. Maximim length of the span should not be less than clear span + 13cm.

Slab Thickness Total load including 180 kg/Sq. mtr shuttering load & live Load in Kg/Sq. mtr. Permissible clear spans for span spacing.
mm 600 800 900 1150
mm mm mm mm
100 420 5500 5000 4150 4010
125 480 5330 4650 4340 3760
150 540 5000 4350 4090 3560
200 660 4520 3950 3680 3200
250 780 4140 3650 3380 2840
300 900 3730 3400 3150 2490

The adjustable spans are made out of 14 swg/12 swg. sheet, 10mm M.S Round and 40X40mm M.S.Tee consist of an outer and an inner member. Having exceptionally high load bearing capacity for its low weight. Completely eliminates intermediate proping to support shuttering plate.

Clear span in mtr.





















  • Swivel Coupler to connect two tubes at any desired angle, made from prime quality HR Sheet, suitable for 40x40mm NB Pipe or 40x50mm NB Pipe.

  • Right Angle or Double cupler to connect two tubes at right angle, made from prime quality HR Sheet, suitable for 40x40mm NB Pipe or 40x50mm NB Pipe.

Cuplock is a prove multipurpose scaffolding system which can be used for all form of access and support structures in the building & construction industries.

Cuplock Components :-

  • Vertical / Standard Cuplock

Verticals are available to suit any propping or access aplication economically . The connection point is set at 500/1000 mm vertical intervals for maximum versatility in use . The lower cups are welded in position,the upper movable cups are retained by a fixed stop . The verticals are drilled for the fixing of the spigot joint . A bolt can be used to restrain upward forces if required . These are available in different sizes 3000 mm ,2500 mm, 2000mm, 1500mm,1000mm or as required

  • Horizontals / Ledgers

Horizontals are available in a range of standard sizes or can be made to a specific length if required . The forged blade end fits in the cuo of the vertical . The simple robust design ensure that horizontals need no maintainence . These are available in following sizes :
2500mm, 2000mm, 1500mm, 1250mm, 1000mm, 500mm,
(effective length)
effective length = centre of the two verticals

  • Spigot Pin   
  • Base/Head Plate
  • Stirrup Head( 'U' Jack)

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