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Skin Care Cosmetics

Remy Laure

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Remy Laure Skin are high quality based ingredients containing essential minerals and trace elements. The Moor Therapy products are exclusive products manufactured and offered by Remy Laure which is highly popular because of visible results.
In this product range, we offer:

  • Organic series
  • Moor series
  • Mineral series
  • Anti-ageing series
  • Hydrating series
  • D.N.A. series
  • Eye care series
  • Purifying series
  • Sun care series
  • Brightening series


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Babor is renowned for pioneering beauty. Babor specialises in active ingredients that deliver visible results. Dr. Babor is a specialised cosmeceutical range by babor that has been developed by a famous dermatologist. All babor products are
thoroughly researched & developed using the latest scientific technologies and combining them with natural, effective ingredients. Babor is highly accredited in the professional cosmetics industry and is represented in more than 60 countries around the globe. Their products are extensively used in babor institutes, exclusive distributors, luxury spas and holistic spas around the world.

Phytomer Products

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We offer premium quality Phytomer products to our clients, a renowned spa company that has 39 years of experience in this field. These products are known to offer the benefits of the sea and thalassotherapy inside the ambience of a luxury salon or spa. In this range, we have face care as well as body care products encompassing the following:

Face Care

  • Essential Line
  • Moisturizing line
  • Anti-aging line
  • Purifying line
  • Eye contour
  • Whitening line
  • Sea Pearls

Body Care

  • Essential Line
  • Cellulite and contouring line
  • Firming line
  • Leg Revival
  • Moisturizing line
  • Sea Holistic
  • Sun Care

Oligodermie Skin Care Products

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Oligodermie have 100% natural plant extracts as their base ingredient. Oligodermie Skin Care Products products are highly innovative and are very effective. These skin care products provide essential natural ingredients like trace elements, mineral salts, amino acids and vitamins. These products are known for their regenerative and astringent properties moisturizes, nourishes, soothes as well as protects the skin.

Permanent Contour From Haslauer

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Permanent Contour® from Haslauer offers you a huge selection of natural products for their treatment. From Alpine herbs, seaweed, mud (moor), beer or calendula – just to name a few - Permanent Contour® invites you and your guest on a global trip through the nature. The matching special oils complete this treatment concept in a perfect way.


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Silicium are high on quality parameters. With a focus and a forte in Anti- aging techniques and ingredients, slimming body treatments and men care. Silicium+ is a popular choice due to its effectiveness and zero side effects.

Dr. Suwelack (Matrigel Skin & Health Care)

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DR. Suwelack has invented a 90% pure collagen sheet MATRICOL®, which when hydrated transforms into a "second, transparent skin." The mask is recognized by the skin as a skin-similar material and is able to fully release its calming, anti-irritant effects into the skin, while imparting moisture and active ingredients. Matrigel products, comprises of alginic acid extracted from brown algae and a skin compatible and beneficial extract of olive oil. The other beneficial components concentrated in these products are amino acids, vitamins and sugar that are known to hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity and vigor.

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