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Airport Lamps

240v 300w PAR56 Wide Flood Lamp

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Philips 12v 300w PAR56 Wide Flood Lamp with Screw Terminals as used in the Multi Electric Approach Lights

Also available in Par36, Par46 and Par64 in various watts.

All Types Of Airfield Lamp

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Airport lamp/ Airways lamp/ Taxiway Lamp/ Runway Lamp/ Beacon Lamps/ Aircraft lamp/ Pk30d base lamp/ Par lamp/ Halogen Dichroic reflector Lamp/6.6A lamps/ P28s base lamps

Osram, Philips, GE (General Electric USA), Dr. Fisher, U-lite etc.,

GE Airways Beacon Lamp 1000W 120V G38

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GE (General Electric) USA, Airways Beacon lamp 1M/T20BP 1000w 120V, 1M/T7BP G38 Mogul Bi-post Base Down GE 88525 GE 22429 Mg Bip. Tungsten Halogen Airfield Lamp.

Pk30d Base / G6.35 Base Airfield Lamps

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Available in 45w, 100w, 150w and 200w in 6.6A, PK30d / G6.35 base

  • 6.6A  30W  PK30D
  • 6.6A  45W  PK30D
  • 6.6A  200W PK30D

Osram HLX64321 6.6a 45w Halogen Airfield Lamp

Osram HLX64328Z 6.6a 65w Halogen Airfield Lamp

Osram HLX64342 (J1/83) 6.6a 150w Halogen Airfield Lamps with Male Spade Connectors

Osram HLX64342 J1/80 6.6a 100w Halogen Airfield Lamp

Osram 64342 6.6a 100w Tungsten Halogen Airfield Lamp with PK30d (Female Connectors)

Osram HLX64361 (J1/83) 6.6a 150w Halogen Airfield Lamp

Osram HLX64361 (J1/83) 6.6a 150w Halogen Airfield Lamps with Male Spade Connectors

Philips 6313 6.6a 200w Airport/Runway Lamps

Philips 6372 6.6a 200w Airport/Runway Lamp

Philips MS25012-2 (6.6AT10/P) 6.6 amp 45 watt Airport Lamps with P28s Cap

Product Code: Pk30d-Airfield-Lamp
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Port of Dispatch: Chennai, India
Delivery Time: 0-60days

Dichroic Halogen Airfield Lamp

Halogen airfield lamp with integrated Dichroic Halogenreflector

High and constant lumen output, long lifetime, excellent optical adjustment, strong focus light Dichroic Reflector

  • Approach and threshold lights
  • Distance markers
  • Runway centerline
  • Runway signs
  • Runway and taxiway lights
  • Stop and hold fixtures
  • Touchdown zone lights

Osram HLX64339 6.6a 105w MR-16 Dichroic Halogen Airfield Lamp

Osram 64333B 6.6a 40w MR-11 Dichroic Halogen Airfield Lamp

Available in Philips, Osram and others in 6.6a, 35w, 45w, 48w, 62w and 105w in GZ4, GX5.3, Round female connector, Flat male connector and Flat female connector.

R7s halogen lamp used in approach area & parking bay.