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Park Avenue Range

Soaps - Cool Blue

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with extra-cooling ingredients to give an icy cool feel to the skin.

a fragrance similar to one of our most popular body deodorants, park avenue cool blue body deodorant.

Soaps - Double Deo

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with the double power of anti-microbial agents tcc and triclosan which fights body odour, keeping you fresh and active all day long.

fragrance notes - ozonic, cologne fresh, woody and ambery.

Soaps -Luxury

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your favourite park avenue luxury soap is now fortified with rich skin conditioner, shea butter to hydrate your skin instantly. Now available in an all new avatar to match your style.

fragrance notes - original classic fragrance with green, fresh, fruity and musky notes.

Hair Styling Gels- Chrome

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chrome is what you need for that extra strong hold on your hair. Spike it, twist it, turn it and keep it the way you want and for as long you want.

Hair Styling Gels- Glacier

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Wet shiny look

Go wild with your hair with Glacier. Flaunt a shiny, wet look that holds your hair at the same time. So whenever you want a different look, you know what to do.

Eau De Parfums -Revere

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The seriously exclusive fragrance for those who mean business. The citrus oils & leafy green notes keep you calm through it all.

After Shave- Mercury

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energise every moment with park avenue mercury aftershave lotion. The cinnamon and vetiver in mercury weave an aura of enigma. And aloevera extract moisturizes your skin. Just the right ingredients to make a great evening.

After Shave - Ace

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Stay ahead with Park Avenue Ace After Shave Lotion. The unmatched fragrance of wood and musk in ACE , sets the right tone for a great day ahead. And now, ACE is also enriched with Aloevera extract, the natural way to moisturise your skin.

Perfume Spray - Elevate

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The sensual yet masculine fragrance in Elevate Perfume Spray combined with emollient which acts as an Anti-irritant gives you a relaxed day ahead. Available in convenient packs of 25g, 50g and 100g.

Eau De Parfums -Torque

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The fragrance for those who live and breathe sport. The top notes of lime, bergamot & cedar provide an invigorating mix for victory.

Deo Talc

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begin each day with the smell of fresh citrus or spicy wood.   a fine talc that has a cooling agent for a fresh exuberant feeling. This deo talc also contains a bacteriostatic agent that fights body odour and keeps you fresh throughout the day.   available in convenient packs of 50g and 100g.

Deodorants -Alter Ego

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Mesmerizing aroma that charms your persona, compliments any and every mood you hold. The perfect companion for your personality. This smooth fragrance compliments the many lives you lead

Deodorants- Voyage

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Life itself calls for bon voyage, a journey through time where unprecedented eloquences await us, where novel challenges call forth swift action. Recharge your body, mind and soul with the millions of fragrances of the world. Voyage is the fragrance for the men who are lost in this wanderlust.

Hair Styling Gels -Neon

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Long Lasting hold

Create your own funky hair style without a worry with Neon. This gel also contains D-Panthenol that moistens, conditions your hair and  makes sure it stays in place.

Deodorants - Alive

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Explore the adventurous lane with the fruity, lively notes of this dynamic fragrance. Breathe life into every moment with lively notes drenched in strong, masculine Musk.

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