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Electronic Relays

Numerical Current Relay & Auto Recloser (JNC268)


We are engaged in offering Numerical Current Relay & Auto Recloser.


• Suitable for 1A / 5 A relay rating

• Choice of 5 IDMT curve and definite time

• Programmable Over current relay or Over current relay with multi shot auto re-close

• Trip test facility

• History of 6 latest faults

• Self supervision facility

• Independent trip sequence setting (IDMT / Def. time)

• Breaker status monitoring

• Disturbance records (DR) in IEEE COMTRADE format

• Event Records ( ER)

• MODBUS open protocol over RS - 485 port

• MODBUS protocol over RS - 232 port

• Draw out facility with inbuilt CT shorting

• Standard dimension - 144mm x 144mm


The relay provides time graded phase, earth fault protection along with multi shot auto re-closer and SCADA capability


The relay measures the line current from each of the phases and if it exceeds the set threshold, then relay extends a trip signal after an operating time. The relay's operating time is determined by selecting definite time OR one of the five inverse time characteristics.

Multi shot auto-re-closer facilitates automation related to closing of a breaker. Auto re-closer functionality can be programmed to provide a maximum of five shots. Dead time starts only when phase or earth fault trip occurs. After an elapse of a time interval equal to dead time, closing command will be extended. The re­claim time timer starts at the instant the dead time timer expires. If, after extending the "breaker close" signal an over current fault was detected before the reclaim time timer reached its terminal count, then the relay understands that the fault in the system is still persisting and the over current relay will issue a trip signal. The relay tries to close the breaker for a maximum of the programmed number of shots before it choses to lockout.




Current rating ( In )

1A/5A( Site selectable)

Aux. Supply

20 to 60V DC


80 to 260V AC / DC


Product Code: JNC268

Local Breaker Backup Relay (JRC154)


We are offering Local Breaker Backup Relay .


• Wide OC setting range

• Wide time setting range

• Fast reset time

• High drop-off / pickup ratio


JRC 154 local breaker backup relay, which is used to check the operation of distribution end circuit breakers and to trip feeder end circuit breaker if distribution end circuit breaker fails to trip.


If a fault occurs at the distribution end and the respective protective relay operates but the corresponding CB fails to operate then the system may have to face catastrophic consequences. JRC-154 is a instantaneous and definite time over current relay that also monitors the non-potential contacts of the downstream protective relays. The relay is designed to trip the feeder end CB if the protective relay at the distribution end operates but its corresponding CB fails to operate.




Primary current rating




Auxiliary Supply

1) 20 to 60V DC


2) 75 to 150V DC/AC


3) 175 to 300V DC / 185 to 250V AC



Over Current

5 to 200% in steps of 5%

Definite time

50 ms to 1.25 sec in steps of 10 ms



AC current input

2 times rated continuous


20 times rated for 3 sees.



AC current input

0.2VA Per phase (at Rated 5A)


0.05VA per Phase (at Rated 1A)

Aux. Supply

Less than 5W (Non Operated)


Less than 10W (Operated)



Instantaneous operating time

Less than 10 ms


Product Code: JRC154

Motor Protection Relay (JRC113)


We are offering Motor Protection Relay (JRC113).


• Software based design

• 'Block on Start' feature provides very accurate overload protection

• Definite time over load protection

• Locked rotor current protection

• Single phasing protection

• Wide setting ranges

• Draw -out case


The relay provides Over load protection of AC motors driving conveyors, crushers, machine tools, compressors, fans etc.


This is a software based relay which has been designed to sense the load currents in all the three phases of an AC motor and monitor the levels of these currents continuously, giving output signals for relay and LED driver circuits.




Current rating ( In )


Aux. Supply

1) 20 to 60V DC


2) 75 to 150V AC/DC


3) 175 to 300V DC


185 to 250V AC



Current setting ranges

O/c 50 to 200% in steps of 10%

Locked rotor current

50 to 800% of rated current in steps of 50%

Block on Start time setting range (Tl)

5 to 35 seconds in steps of 2 sec.

O/C withstand time setting range (T2)

1 to 16 seconds in steps of 1 sec.

Locked rotor withstand time setting range (T3)

0.5 to 4 seconds in steps of 0.25 sec.



Accuracy of time setting

± 5 with a minimum error of ±50m sees



Over load capacity

2 times rated continuous


20 times rated for 3s


Product Code: JRC113

Earth Leakage Relays (JRC 272)


We are offering Earth Leakage Relays (JRC 272).


  • Solid state reliability
  • Built in Test facility
  • Very low primary current sensing
  • Core balance current transformer supplied along with the unit

Numerical Synchro Check Relay (JNF060)


We are engaged in offering Numerical Synchro Check Relay (JNF060).


• Programmable bus voltages

• Programmable bus frequencies

• Programmable phase angle difference between two buses

• Dead bus Active/Inhibit feature

• History of 5 latest relay closing details

• Self Supervision facility


JNF 060 is used in power systems in order to prevent interconnection of badly synchronized supplies. Synchro check relay is used in series with a breaker closing circuit and automates the operation of synchronizing two buses.


JNF 060 monitors voltage, frequency and phase angle difference of both the buses. If "dead bus" feature is Inhibit and If the voltage, frequency and the phase angle differences are within the pre-set limits, then the N/O contacts of the relay operates indicating synchronization of the buses else the relay does not operate.

If "dead bus" feature is Active and if the status of one of the buses (bus-1) is programmed as "dead bus" and the other (bus-2) is considered normal, Then, the relay operates if the voltage on bus-2 is greater than 80% of the rated voltage and the voltage on bus-1 is lesser than a programmable value (30%-80% of the rated voltage).

Output relay can be operated either in continuous mode or pulse mode. In continuous mode, the relay N/O contacts operate after a programmable delay and will remain in that condition until either a synchro check fails or h/w or power on reset occurs. In the pulse mode, the relay N/O contacts operate for a short while and gets released after a fixed delay of 150msec.




Voltage rating (Un)



63.5 V AC

Frequency rating

50 Hz

Aux. Supply

1) 20 to 60V DC


2) 75 to 150V AC/DC


3) 175 to 300V DC


185 to 250V AC


Product Code: JNF060

Auto Reclose Relay With Fast Reset (JRV042)


We offers Auto Reclose Relay With Fast Reset (JRV042).


  • Software based design
  • Built- in Auto / Manual selection facility
  • Fast reset facility
  • No. of shots selectable
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Drawout case


The auto reclose function is normally used in feeder protection relays that are protecting an overhead line. Most of the overhead line faults are temporary in nature. Even 85% can be cleared by using the auto reclose function.


The relay receives the fault initiation from the protection relay and that triggers the auto reclose function. After tripping the circuit breaker (CB), the Auto reclose function can reclose the CB. Normally , the first reclose (or shot) is so short in time that consumer cannot notice anything . However the fault is cleared and the feeder will continue in normal service. Even though the basic principle of Auto reclose is simple, there are a lot of different timers and parameters that have to be set.



No. of shots    :    4shot, 2shot, lshot
Aux. Supply    :    30V DC, 110VDC, 220V DC

Product Code: JRV042

To,Jvs Electronics Private Limited

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