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Blood Banking

Blood Donor Couch

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We are counted among one of the authorized distributors, traders and suppliers of a wide array of completely automatic Blood Donor Couch. To make blood withdrawal easier, safe and functional, these are specially designed and further helps in long blood transfusion. The fully automatic and immediate features of these couches also helps in many emergency situations.



  • Electro-mechanical control of movements enables head in  high/low position
  • Suitable height for convenience of phlebotomist
  • Remote Switch for easy repositioning
  • Lockable castors for easy mobility
  • Swing in/out arm rests
  • 100% St. Steel framing & Hardware
  • Fire Resistant Upholstery

Other Features:

  • Provides a comfortable position for the donor
  • Variable positioning for either arm with a comfortably wide arm-rest
  • Arm rest have swinging out as well as up and down moving facility
  • Reclining and upright body positions with a smooth shifting to any position
  • Both sides have supporting brackets
  • Comfortable working level for the operator
  • Lifting capacity – Approx 200 kg
  • Drawers provided for the storing of equipments

Optional Features:

  • 100% stainless steel framing, hardware etc. with tamper proof laminates & fire retardant upholstery make it a superior equipment for medical use
  • Melodious musical Donor Couch

Portable St. Steel Lounge (with Trolley)

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We are involved in offering our clients a wide array of Portable St. Steel Lounge (with Trolley) that is manufactured by reliable vendors using superior quality material. These steel lounges are widely used in blood banks for comfortable sitting posture for the donor during the process of blood donation. Our range of these lounges is appreciated by our clients for their durability and comfort.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • High Grade Stainless Steel frame with rivets
  • Easy to move and operate
  • Lays like a chair for comfortable donor posture

Blood Storage Cabinets

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Blood Storage Cabinets (50-800 Bags Capacity)

We are engaged in offering our clients a wide array of Blood Storage Cabinets that are made from superior quality materials. Our clients can avail these cabinets in different storage capacities, ranging from 100-1400 liters as per their specific needs. These also have CFC Free and Noise Free compressors. Our range of blood storage cabinets are extensively used in storage of Blood, Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory, Plasma and Stem Cells.


  • Uniform Temperature Recovery
  • Forced Air Circulation system and Static cooling
  • Microprocessor Monitor: Audio/Visual Alarms, Temperature display, Data Storage and Printing system
  • Multi-pane vacuumed glass door and frame eliminates condensation and fogging


Technical Specifications:

  • Bright LED digital display with 0.1º C resolution
  • Microprocessor based digital monitor to display temperature, date, time, set temperature
  • Audio/Visual alarm for temperature, door open, power failure, sensor failure, low battery
  • (1-60 min.) up to 50 data recording memory with display and printing through inbuilt 24 port printer
  • Double vacuumed glass door as standard, solid door (optional)

Deep Freezer

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Our organization is well known for the superb design of Deep Freezers offered by us. These are specially designed by expert team members and engineers who fabricate this Deep Freezer with double wall configuration. Deep Freezers offered by us are fitted with temperature display and temperature controllers to offer high consistency. As these are fitted with inbuilt stabilizers these are resistant from electricity fluctuations. Fitted with various chambers these Deep Freezers offer wide space for goods storage.

Plasma Freezer

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We are one of the leading authorized distributors, traders and suppliers of a wide range of Plasma Freezers that are used for quick freezing and storing of plasma and related blood components at low temperature of -20/-40/-80 ºC. These machines are fabricated using best grade of stainless steel by Skylab. Our range of plasma freezers are widely used in blood banks and research laboratories.



Ultra Low Deep Freeze

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The Ultra-low Temperature Freezer offers a wide variety of research and storage applications. such as low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of red blood plasma, white blood cell, skin, bone, bacteria, semen, biomedical product, ocean product, electronic devices, and low temperature testing of special materials. It is suitable for blood banks, hospital, sanitation and anti epidemic stations, electronic industries, university laboratories, defense applications.

Portable Cold Chain

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Continuous technology upgrades allow us to offer the most sophisticated and advanced solutions in cold chain systems. All aspects of design, engineering, manufacture, supply, erection, commissioning and training are carried out in-house, making the company a one-stop window for any cold storage system requirements.

Centrifuge Counter Balance

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As one of the leading authorized distributors, traders and suppliers of wide choice of blood banking instruments, we are also involved in offering our clients a wide variety of Centrifuge Counter Balances. There is a specially designed electronic differential scale in each centrifuge counter balance which influences its usage in blood banks and it can measure two weights at the same time. This is a high speed centrifuge machine used for loading blood and separating plasma technically.



  • Has two independent weight sensors, which displays individual weight of each bucket with high degree of accuracy
  • Individual display monitor to display the weight of each bucket with blood bags
  • Accurate LED weight indicator gets ON as soon as the two plates get balanced. This can be achieved early by adding few weight chips to the lighter side
  • Two LED display, as standard/One Graphical Display with Deluxe model
  • Power 220-240 V AC (power adapter used)
  • Balanced weight alarm
  • Accurate, simple and easy to use
  • SMPS Power Supply

Refrigerated Blood Centrifuge-RC90F

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High Volume Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuges are designed & developed for centrifuging larger volume centrifuge tubes, bottles, blood bags etc. The sturdily built unit is fabricated from steel and epoxy powder coated with stain less steel table top. The unit is provided with control panel with stepless speed control, digital speed indicator, and 0-99 minutes digital timer with a bypass switch for operating beyond 99 minutes and automatic switching off alarm signal and digital temperature control cum indicator (for model RC 90F). The unit is also provided with dynamic brake, zero start interlock, lid locking switch and safety cut off in case of imbalance.

Electronic And Manual Plasma Expresoor

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We are one of the leading authorized retailers, distributors and suppliers of a wide choice of electronic and manual plasma expressors. This is mechanical equipment that helps in transferring plasma to the satellite bags. Facilitated with 8 mm plexiglas plates, these expressors acquire strength while operating.   owing to the specially designed washable rear base, untidiness caused due to leakages is taken care of.

Blood Collection Monitor (Indoor/Outdoor)

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Backed by a team of professional experts, we supply a wide array of Blood Collection Monitors (Indoor/Outdoor). These are specially designed to handle each and every blood donation watchfully by ensuring optimal well being and comfort for the donor. In case of load shedding or no power, this can be powered from main (AC ~ 220 V) or rechargeable battery. The compact, reliable and autonomous features of these monitors make them ideal for stationary and mobile collections.



  • Enables program initial volume or weight of blood to draw
  • Automatic calibration of blood bags
  • Continually agitates the blood bag while it is being filled
  • Displays the volume of blood drawn in real time
  • Audio alarm in case of flow problems and at end of venipuncture
  • Automatically stops venipuncture by clamping the tubing
  • Program the volume drawn according to the donor’s weight
  • Powered from mains or battery for greater autonomy
  • Suitable for all types of blood bags
  • Automatic release of bag when lifted
  • Operative at 100 = 500 C ambient temp and at Relative Humidity 15 – 90%
  • Optional Accessories:
  • Printer for sticker printing
  • Extra tray of unbreakable plastic material
  • Rigid carrying case for outdoor use


External Dimension




Weight Tarring Range

0-600 gms

Weight Difference Dis.

999 grams (max)

Weight Sensors

Load Cells


Audible Alarms & Visual display on LED/LCD Screen

Voltage Requirements

22-240 V AC / Re-chargeable battery / Single Phase 50Hz

Battery Duration

8 hrs. (Fully charged battery)

Power Supply



3 kg. Approx. without battery / 45 kg with battery


+/- 2 ml.


15 R.P.M. during blood collection


One unit (Transport worthy pack)
Portable, with an optional carrying case.


100 ml / 350 ml / 450 ml

Blood Bag Storage Cassettes

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We are one of the leading authorized distributors, traders and suppliers of wide choice of Blood Bag Storage Cassettes that facilitates identification of group wise blood storage from a distance. These are manufactured using quality raw materials by reliable vendors.


Technical Specifications:

  • ABS Plastic molded
  • Freezable at - 860 C
  • Auto clavable at 1210  C
  • Accidental mix-up of blood units avoided
  • Unbreakable

Plasma Thawers

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Plasma Thawers (4/6/8/12/Bags)

Backed by a team of professional experts, we are distributing, trading and retailing a wide array of Plasma Thawers. These are manufactured using best grade of raw materials and cutting edge technology by our reliable vendors. Also, these machines are fabricated as per the international quality standards. We offer a temperature deviation alarm with each plasma thawer.



  • Thaws standard and persist size plasma and cryoprecipitate units
  • Individual time setting for each bag location
  • Audio completion signal, alarm sound for all fault conditions
  • Quick healing (cooling optional)
  • Printing & Temp Record (optional)
  • Power fail/low water level, sensor fail displays on LCD screen
  • Capacity 2/4/6/8

RH View Box

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RH View Box For Blood typing, Rh determinations. warming slides for gram-stain, tissue typing. Temperature range, 45 to 50C. Glare-free light. Meets Rh slide test standards set by the AABB. Overall dimensions, 10.1Dx33Hx10.1Wcm. 120v, 30 watts. Viewing area, 7.77Dx24.1Wcm. Barnstead, Electrothermal, Lab-Line, and Thermolyne are the highest quality laboratory products owned by Thermo Scientific.

Ambient Alert

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With a rich industry experience, we started distributing, trading and supplying a wide array of Blood Banking instruments such as Portable St. Steel Lounge (with Trolley), Blood Donor Couch, Blood Bag Storage Cassettes, Electronic and Manual Plasma Expresser etc. These instruments are widely used in hospitals, dispensaries and other medical institutes for collecting blood and storage of the same.


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We are counted among one of the leading suppliers of a varied collection of Samplers. These are appreciated by our clients for their reliable performance and easy application features. These are specifically manufactured to meet requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Multi Channel Data Logging System

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With a rich industry experience, we started distributing, trading and supplying a wide array of Blood Banking instruments such as Portable St. Steel Lounge (with Trolley), Blood Donor Couch, Blood Bag Storage Cassettes, Electronic and Manual Plasma Expresser etc. These instruments are widely used in hospitals, dispensaries and other medical institutes for collecting blood and storage of the same.

RF Tube Sealer

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The radio frequency waves generated by an optimally designed circuitry. Designed to Ensure safety against electrical shock hazards, fire hazards, mechanical hazards, electro magnetic field hazards etc. No haemolysis of blood in the tube segments as radio frequency sealing heats only the tube and not the blood inside. Easy separation of tube segments after sealing Produces a hermetic seal hence no contamination. Equipped with SMPS ensures that the output voltage remains constants at a set voltage. Irrespective of the input voltage. Hence, the seal quality remains the same irrespective of voltage fluctuations. Easy to clean, as the electrodes are easily accessible. Cabinet made of Aluminum, (powder coated), after clearing by 7-tank process. Withstands wear and tear and corrosion owing to continuous use year after year. Made of imported CE and UL marked components. No warm-up time required. Heavy Duty Bench Top tube sealer.


  • Produces Hermetic Seal
  • Radio Frequency Sealing
  • Heavy Duty Bench Top Sealer
  • 40.68 Mhz / 20 Watt. Power
  • Easy Access to Electrodes for cleaning
  • Weight 2.5 kgs.

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