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Phad Painting - Dev Narayan

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Mythology and mythological stories have always been an integral part of the Phad style of painting. We offer to our clients an exclusive range of Phad paintings (Dev Narayan), which depict stories from an era bygone. These incidents are brought to life by the creative genius of our artisans. We offer customization on our entire range, which entails that we are capable of painting specific historical and mythological situations.  

Phad Painting-King

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Phad Painting of Rajasthan is considered one of the most sought after folk paintings in the world of art & culture. In this mesmerizing painting, two Rajput kings are beautifully depicted engaged in conversation. One king is enjoying the hukka. The painting is embellished with charming stones, gems and colors of matching colors. Exuding royal splendor, this tanjavur paintings, gemstone paintings can be suspended to accentuate interior decor.

Contempery Art

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Available size - 30 x 40

Phad Painting - Saree & Bedsheets

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Phad Painting is not limited only to the canvas of pictures, but it is also used to enhance the appeal of saree, bedsheets, cushions and various other home furnishing accessories. This round cushion is adorned with the captivating scene of couples playing “Dandiya”, which is a popular folk dance of Rajasthan. In the center, king and queen are charmingly portrayed seated under a tree with attendant. These Phad paintings, gemstone paintings are popular for their lucrative looks and long lasting shine of colors.

Collage Painting - Ganpati

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Lord Ganpati or Ganesha is worshiped before starting any work to remove all obstacles. In this collage painting, Lod Ganesha is portrayed in an attractive manner. Apart from this, the king, auspicious mark swastik and swirl & geometric designs are used to embellish this painting. The pleasing mix of light and vibrant shades lend it a traditional look. This painting can be put in puja room for worship or in living room as an excellent decor item.

Tanjore Painting- Shri Nath Ji

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Shrinathji (Lord Krishna) of Sri Nathdwara (Rajasthan) is displayed in this Tanjore Painting in a splendid manner. Graced with gems, stones and attractive colors, this painting has created a craze amidst Krishna lovers. This painting can be used as a decor enhancer piece or can be gifted to near and dear ones on any festival.

Collage Acrylic On Canvas

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acrylic on canvas size - 36 x36

Phad Collage Painting - Aarti

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In this extremely beautiful Phad collage painting, two women are shown performing the puja of Lord Shrinathji (Lord Krishna). In addition, this painting is also portrayed with auspicious marks of Shrinathji's feet, cows, snakes, swords etc. The mantras of scriptures make this painting a holy and daily worhsipable item. The brush and color work done by the nimble hands of our painters exhibits a glimpse of glorious Indian culture and tradition.

Tanjore Painting - Shri Nath Ji

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Shri Nath Ji is the residing deity of the famous Nathdwara temple, near Udaipur in Rajasthan. We offer to our clients, an opportunity to bring this incarnation tanjore painting of Lord Krishna into their homes, offices and institutional establishments. Sparkling, vibrant stones and beautiful colour combinations adorn the images of Lord Krishna. We are capable of customizing our entire range of tanjore painting, tanjavur paintings as per the specifications, given to us by our clients.

Tanjore Painting -Colarge

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We offer to our clients a magnificent range of Tanjore paintings, which are marketed under the tag - Tanjore paintings (Collage). Combining multiple motifs was an art that was developed by our ancestors and has been perfected by us. In our range of Tanjore paintings (Collage), we offer paintings that have kings, queens, warriors and other persons of repute in the foreground, and excerpts from religious and mythological scriptures in the background. These paintings are guaranteed to enhance the charm and beauty of any room, in which these are displayed.

Phad Painting Story Of Dev Narayen

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Devnarayan is a renowned folk deity of rajasthan and holds a position of respect and reverence in rajasthani mythology. Also considered a brave rajput prince, pabuji has many stories and anecdotes to his name. We have painstakingly recreated the same marvelous stories and times on canvas for our clients. These tanjore paintings (pabuji) are known for the vibrant colours and intricate story telling patterns.


Tanjore Painting -Kings

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The art of Tanjore paintings emerged under the aegis and patronage of the Chola kings. However, the range of Tanjore paintings (kings) that we offer to our clients has distinctive influences of the Mughal court and Rajput style of painting. These paintings depict kings in the era of glory and grandeur. We are capable of customizing our range of Tanjore paintings as per the specifications, given to us by our clients.

Phad Painting -Ganpati

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Ganpati is known by various names, such as Ganesha, Vighnahartha, Vinayaka and Vighnesha. The god of good luck is also known to be the remover of all obstacles. This is one of the primary reasons why, our range of Tanjore paintings (Ganpati) has found a place of reverence in so many private and public establishments. We offer to our clients a variety of Ganesha portraits that are ideal to adorn prayers rooms, homes and even hotel lobbies.

Phad Painting Nari Gunjan

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Our exclusive collection of Phad Painting- nari gunjan is highly popular among our clients. These are artistic expressions of our expert team to depict the ancient traditional Indian dance forms in traditional painting style. The paintings are known for adding a royal touch to the surroundings. These are made with utmost care using rich vibrant colours to offer our clients an attractive masterpiece. Further these are made available to our clients at very competitive pricing.

Phad Painting- Hanuman-Chalisa

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We offer a fascinating masterpiece of Phad Painting- Hanuman Chalisa. This is a collector item made exclusively by our artists depicting the Hanuman Chalisa tale in exquisite artistic expressions. This painting is highly appreciated by our clients for the minute detailing, beautiful artistry and stunning finishes. It will surely add the divine feel to the surroundings. Further we offer these at very affordable pricing.

Fad Painting-Bed Sheet

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We offer an exclusive range of Fad Painting- Bed Sheet. These bed sheets are made of high quality fabric and are further decorated with the artistic marvelous of our fad paintings in colourful patterns. The exquisite paintings on the bed sheet surely enhance the beauty of the surroundings. Further we confirm quality control and testing measures at all levels to ensure colourfastness and superior finish. We also offer intensely reliable packaging to ensure safe delivery of all consignments.   

Tanjore Painting -Dhola Maru

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The stories of Dhola Maru emerge from the pages of Rajasthani history. Our range of Tanjore paintings depicting the story of Dhola and Maru are a twist on an ancient art. Tanjore paintings, which were originally based on South Indian mythology, now imbibe the cultural heritage of the entire nation. We symbolize the eternal love story of Dhola, the prince of Narvar and Maru, the princess of Poogal on our canvases.

Phad Painting (black X White )

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Contemary Art

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