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Steam Air Heater

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Steam air heaters are used for pre-heating air before it is introduced into the air preheater to avoid cold end corrosion. This is normally encountered either during very low ambient temperature conditions and where glass tube air preheaters are not provided. Steam air heater uses low-pressure steam, which is available in plenty and brings up the temperature of the air from ambient to around 60 °c. This also contributes in raising temperature of combustion air thereby reducing fuel consumption.

kec possesses a proven design, which ensures reliable, easy to maintain and economical equipment. Carbon steel tubes with aluminium ‘g’ type fins or carbon steel welded fins are used as per the client requirements to increase the heat transfer area. This results in a most economical design. The tubes are inclined to allow the condensate to flow out; the cover can be unbolted for easy access for maintenance or inspection. The tubes are free to move to take care of thermal expansion and ensure long trouble free service.

kec has supplied more than 60 steam air heaters to date which are working satisfactorily at different process and ambient conditions. Some of the major advantages of steam air heaters supplied by kec are:

  • well proven design based on panel-type construction
  • vertical fin tubes for self-drawing ensuring no water logging
  • provision of free expansion of tube bundle

Cast Tube Air Preheater

Cast Tube Air Preheater is recuperative type heat exchange equipment where flue gas exchanges heat with combustion air by convective heat transfer. It is an assembly of rectangular cast tubes with integral fins on both internal and external surfaces. The tubes are assembled inside a structural frame. To ensure that no leakage of air takes place, gaskets are provided on all mating parts and all tube sealing surfaces are machined. The equipment is fully shop assembled in modules and tested for leak tightness before dispatch to project site. A modular construction is used to shorten the erection time at site.

KEC has supplied more than 150 Cast Tube Air Pre-heaters to date giving satisfactory and uninterrupted service to clients under varied process conditions.
Some of the major advantages of Cast Air Pre-heaters supplied by KEC are:

  • Higher base metal thickness for extra corrosion allowance enhancing the equipment life.
  • Customized design in modular construction, easy to install, with minimum site work.
  • Machining of all tube mating surfaces and use of high quality ceramic gaskets for leak tightness.
  • Fully shop-assembled modules, tested for leak tightness before dispatch.
  • Ensuring no cold-end corrosion of the equipment while firing sulfur-bearing fuels.
  • Provision of ladder type water wash arrangement for cleaning of soots from tube surface.

Glass Tube Air Preheater

Glass Air Preheater is also recuperative type heat exchange equipment used for low temperature heat recovery. It comprises of borosilicate glass tubes inserted into tube sheets of carbon steel metallurgy lined with Teflon. The other sides are cladded with SS904L sheets. Tube-to-tube sheet joints are provided with special bush / glands to minimize leakage. Glass Air Pre-heaters recover additional heat from flue gases at lower temperature and are resistant to cold end corrosion.

KEC has supplied more than 30 Glass Tube Air Pre-heaters to date giving satisfactory and uninterrupted service to clients under varied low temperature process conditions.
Some of the major advantages of Glass Tube Air Pre-heaters supplied by KEC are:

  • Customized design in modular construction, easy to install, with minimum site work
  • Fully shop-assembled modules, tested for leak tightness before dispatch
  • Providing specially-designed tube-to-tube sheet joint and acid-resistant lining on tube sheets as well as on casing to ensure no damage to the equipment even during operational upsets
  • Provision of ladder type water wash arrangement for cleaning of soots from tube surface

Distillation Trays & Column Internals

Distillation Trays & Column Internals are widely used for separation of liquid and vapour mixtures. Trays installed inside the distillation column fractionate various hydrocarbon mixtures into different components in PetroChemical, Fertilizer and Chemical Plants.

KEC is one of the leading manufacturers of Distillation Trays & Column Internals. We provide design, manufacture and installation service in respect of Column, Trays and Internals to our valued customers. We have supplied these to almost all plants of Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL), Gas Authority of India (GAIL), Universal Oil Products (UOP), etc. The range of trays manufactured by KEC are:

  • Valve.
  • Sieve.
  • Bubble Cap.
  • Chimney.

At KEC, we also manufacture Inlet feed device and structured packing. With our facilities, we can manufacture trays and internals of any size and type.

KEC has the capabilities to handle Austenitic, Ferritic and Martenstic Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Monel Metal along with various other materials. Our facilities cover full range for welding these materials. The hydraulic design of trays is carried out by M/s Engineers India Ltd.



  • Oil and Gas / Petrochemicals plants
  • Pulp and Paper mills
  • Steel Mills
  • Incinerators
  • Power Generation
  • Fertilizer Plants


  • Boilers
  • Air Preheaters / Economizers
  • Chimneys
  • Gas Turbines
  • By-pass Stacks
  • Auxiliary Fans
  • Fired Heaters
  • Induced Draught Fans

Ignitor Guns & Pilot Burners (Mains / Battery Operated)

The Portable / Fixed type Ignitor Guns & Pilot Burners for use with the combustion chamber.

The users of the earlier designed Ignition system (by others) were continuously encountering the following problems: -

  • Failure of Electrodes
  • Failure of Transformer
  • Failure of HT Cable
  • High Cost and Long Delivery of Spares

Reliable, affordable and easy to maintain high tension type Ignitors developed by Research and Development Centre of Engineers India Limited. and manufactured and marketed by KEC under a technical collaboration incorporates following special features:

Integral design, HT transformer is integral with Ignitor / Pilot Burner – avoids problems associated with remote HT design.

HT transformer is continuous duty, short circuit protected. An electronic designed HV type transformer comes with short circuit protection, low weight totally enclosed and high reliability. Transformer provides a high density current impulse to the induction coil.

  • Ignitor / Pilot Burner material makes it reliable and easily maintainable
  • HT electrode is fully insulated to avoid discharge at any undesirable point
  • A cartridge type special electrode capable of withstanding high temperature, resistant to high voltage current
  • The insulation ensures protection against failure due to short circuiting
  • Tip of the electrode made of special material to ensure long life. Specially designed, CMRI certified (IIA / IIB or IIC) enclosures for housing the HV Transformer and Battery / Mains circuit. Easy availability of spares.

The Ignitor Guns supplied by KEC are working satisfactory at various IOCL, Gas Authority of India and IFFCO amongst others.

Also Deals In

  • Batteries
  • Column Internals
  • Distillation Trays
  • Pilot Burners

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