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Bakery Products

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The baking industry includes a wide range of application areas such as: biscuits, bread, cakes, cookies, speciality breads, crackers and pastries, thus requiring a varied range of flavours, which Kanegrade can offer.
Flavours have not only to withstand the very high temperatures involved, but they must be able to cope with the stresses of manufacture.
Kanegrade have a range of products that complement not only traditional bakery products, but also the more exclusive types of biscuits and bakery items.

Dairy And Icecream

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The Dairy and Ice Cream industries by tradition insist on using the best ingredients available, it is therefore of considerable importance that they use the best quality flavours, to enhance their product.
Flavour categories include: nuts, dairy, fruit, sugar confectionery and chocolate.

Savoury Products

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Kanegrade can offer a selection of flavours that can be used in savoury products. These flavours are suitable for applications such as ready meals, pies, soups, sauces, snacks etc. Kanegrade's product range is continually being up-dated. Please do not hesitate to inquire about products that are not listed.

Soft Drinks And Flavoured Waters

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Soft Drink manufacturers are constantly looking for Cola flavours that can compare favourably with International products. We have a very wide range of cola flavours to choose from. It may be that you are looking for a different top note, something that is slightly more citrus, spicy or creamy.
A wide range of other flavours are also available, for use in soft drinks both carbonated and still products, with characteristics ranging from sweet, green, fresh, ripe, juicy, creamy, buttery, canned, exotic, spicy etc.

Sugarconfectionery And Chewing Gum

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The product range available for use in confectionery has characteristics ranging from - sweet, green, fresh, ripe, juicy, creamy, canned, toasted, spicy, nut etc.
We also specialise in chewing gum flavours, that are designed to have longer flavour retention.

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