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Heat Treatment Job Work

Our company has marked its name in the list of top notch organizations by offering world class and desired Heat Treatments solutions to the clients. Our range encompasses Gas Carburizing, Annealing, Stress Relieving, Hardening & Tempering, Blackening and many more. All these services are in conformation with the set industrial guiding principles and standards. Clients can get the benefit of our services at industry leading prices. 

We offer outstanding normalizing services to the clients in accordance with their needs. The normalizing process is generally a steel heating process that requires temperature 40-50o c above the upper critical temperature. Thereafter holding onto this temperature for suitable time and then cooling the steel in still air or slightly agitated to room temperature. In this process, slow cooling rate is needed as the temperature involved in this is much more than that of annealing. Austenite homogeneity increases which results in improved dispersion of cementite and ferrite region in the final structure. Besides, the normalized steel is much harder and stronger than the fully annealed steel. Consequently, the steel mach inability also improves on normalizing. In annealing, the steel is softened while in the normalizing process, proper combination of softness and strength is attained that ensures excellent steel mach-inability.




  • Efficient
  • Timely executed

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Liquid Nitriding Services
Liquid Nitriding Services

Karbotherm is the first company in Ghaziabad offers Tufftride/ Melonite (QPQ) and Sursulf (QPQ) Liquid Nitriding services of international standard, which is also known as Salt Bath Nitriding is a nitro-carburising process for producing a thin, high-hardness case depth that is wear and corrosion resistant, with little or no distortion of the part during processing.

Liquid nitriding is suitable for a wide variety of carbon steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, cast irons, and stainless steels. For enhancement of surface properties like Superior wear resistance (400%-1000%), corrosion resistance and anti-galling properties. In many cases, it is being used as an alternative method for surface heat treatment process such as hardening, hard chrome plating with equivalent or better properties.

Benefits that can be realized through Liquid Nitriding Treatments:

  • High Surface Hardness up to 68 HRC can be achieved
  • Favored for components that are subjected to heavy loading
  • Liquid Nitriding imparts a high surface hardness which promotes high resistance to wear, scuffing, galling and seizure
  • Fatigue strength is increased mainly by the development of surface compressive stresses
  • Hot hardness and resistance to tempering are improved
  • Superior wear resistance, excellent friction properties and excellent corrosion protection and Good surface fatigue resistance
  • Decorative Black Surface (optional)
  • No deformation or distortion of the part; treatment done on finished parts

Post Liquid Nitriding Finishing: Quench Polish Quench (QPQ)

After Liquid Nitriding we offer Grey and Black finish using QPQ/oxidation bath depending on the individual requirement.


Please Feel Free to contact us for any query about Liquid Nitriding related material and process


  • Tufftride/Melonite Process with QPQ
  • Sursulf with QPQ
  • Micro Hardness Tester
  • Superficial Hardness Tester
  • Two Electric Furnaces
  • Smart Temperature Controllers
  • Laboratory to maintain Quality Standards


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We are a leading name in the industry, involved in offering a client specific and reliable Blackening services. Blackening is considered as a conversion coating for copper and copper based alloys, ferrous material, silver solder, powdered metals and zinc. It is widely utilized in adding mild corrosion resistant to enhance the appearance of products. Besides, black oxides are impregnated with wax or oil in order to prevent them from corrosion. Further, from the process of black oxide, these dimensionless coatings create highly durable and very decorative black finishes, which leaves an absorbing layer of oxide for waxes and oils that helps in providing improved corrosion protection.


Benefits and Features:


  • Conductivity is not affected
  • No change in dimensions
  • Zero hydrogen embitterment
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Decorative Finish
  • Less light glare
  • Properties Base for organic coatings
  • Provides anti-galling

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Being a highly reckoned company, we offer effective Stress Relieving services to the clients. Stress Relieving is generally a process to relieve the internal stresses that exists in a body where there is complete absence of any external force. These internal stresses develop during various operations such as welding, solidification of castings, grinding, machining, surface hammering, shot peening, cold working, electro plated coatings, case hardening, precipitation and phase transformation. Moreover, during this stress relieving process, zero micro structural changes occurs that gives it an advantage over other sub critical treatments wherein structural improvements happen. Our process of Stress Relieving involves uniform heat scaling that is below the lower critical temperature, then holding onto this temperature for an ample amount of time succeeded by consistent cooling. This uniform cooling plays a vital role in this process because non-uniform cooling results in the evolution of internal stresses.




  • High dependability
  • Reliable
  • Result-oriented 

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As an eminent organization, we are engaged in offering effective Annealing services as per the requirements of our clients. Our Carburizing Heat Treatment are skill based and require minimum maintenance. The Annealing process consists of heating to a preset level then holding onto this temperature and ultimately cooling it at a considerably slow rate. This Annealing process can form either as a preparatory step for various treatments or as a final treatment.


Different purposes of our Annealing treatment are as follows:


  • To relieve the internal stresses which are developed during Machining, Solidification, Forging, Welding or Rolling
  • Improving and Restoring the toughness and ductility of the steel
  • Eliminating chemical non-uniformity
  • Enhancing machine ability
  • Reducing the gaseous contents in steel
  • Refining the grain size 

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Heat Treatment Job Work
Heat Treatment Job Work

Our company is counted as one of the leading organizations involved in offering excellent Tempering services to the clients. The Annealing Service offered by us helps in marginal lowering of the hardness, wear resistance and strength of hardened steel. The marginal loss occurred due to the tempering process is fairly compensated by the benefits earned from the processes of internal stress relieving, toughness and ductility restoration and transformation of retain austenite. We provide appropriate tempering treatments that result in excellent amalgamation of mechanical properties. Ductility restoration and toughness of steel depends upon the tempering temperature. More the tempering temperature, high will be the ductility restoration and toughness of the steel.




  • High efficiency
  • Versatility
  • High quality 

We are looking for the queries from Delhi/ NCR only.



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