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Zinda Tilismath


Plant products have a long history of a therapeutic use. Not only are they a powerful storehouse of valuable minerals and vitamins, but have definite curative properties. Some of them are extremely versatile and have more than one healing property. They posses a strength that we need to know and understand, since natural therapy which is guided by knowledge is the only answer to many of our ills. They also protect us from the after-effects of synthetic remedies and help to restore the natural balances. These are some of their unique benefits. It is no wonder that plant products are ideal ingredients for our medicine.

The Unani medicine Zinda Tilismath is a liquid base unani medicine which can be used both internally and externally.

A few drops of Zinda Tilismath taken orally soothes the throat and softens hard breathing.
It clears lungs and also removes nasal congestion. It is highly effective for common colds and coughs.

It is a highly effective medicine and provides immediate relief for people suffering from stomachache, dysentery, and toothache.
Dosage instructions are enclosed with every bottle of Zinda Tilismath.

Zinda Tilismath is applied externally for headaches, ear trouble, body pains and joint pains. For headache if rubbed on the forehead, it relaxes the nerves and gives relief. For body pains if applied as per the directions it relaxes the body, gets absorbed in the skin and muscles gives immediate relief.

Side effects

Zinda Tilismath has no known side effects. It is a harmless medicine made from the extract of herbs which have been used by people of all ages for more than 80 years. There have never been any complaints whatsoever of any side effects in the past 80 years thus we can safely conclude that it is without any side effects.

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