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Rajasthan Village Life Tours

Eco - Friendly Houses Tour

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Our Rajasthan village tours are known for eco-friendly houses, which is the typical characteristics of Rajasthani hamlets. Houses which are shown by us are eco-friendly and are made with the natural’s materials, which do not disturb the environment cycle. These tours are carried out by our knowledgeable professionals, who ensure complete safety and protection during the tour. We are offering these services at affordable prices to the customers.

Attractions of our services-:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural materials used
  • Economical

Decorative Facades

We are involved in providing services of tours and travels of Rajasthan Village, which are known for their Decorative facades. These facades are made by using lime colors in order to make vibrant pattern outer surface of the kitchen and at the entry of the houses. This enhances the décor of different places and makes it quite unique.


Decorative Facades

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Decorative facades in such units are limited to creating a texture in the plaster in the facade, or using simple lime colors to create vibrant patterns at the entrance, and outside the kitchen. These homes capture, for many of its residents, the only cosmos they know. For the women, but for visits within the village community, the only social occasions were in the nature of pilgrimages which were usually combined with fairs. But it is when they step out that the stark desert and the village break into a feast of colour: turbans bob past in saffron and red; skirts billow beneath mantles that veil the faces of their women- if they didn't, the jewels that glint on their foreheads and faces would add to the shocking surprise of their magentas and their blues, greens and pinks.

A Multi-Community Settlement

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Villages in Rajasthan are the perfect example of multi community set up. These consist of People from different castes and creed creating a structure based upon the nature of the work. Changes are evident in this structure as young people are going to far off places to seek employment opportunities.

Major attractions:

  • Perfect example of multi community set up.
  • Different castes and creed.
  • Refined setup.

Rajputs - The Ruling Community

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Rajput is considered as the race of the warriors who ruled different kingdoms of our lands. These are one of the most prominent race which joins army and lift up their cavalaries. Sometimes, they are employed as workers on field or agricultural lands. We show you a perfect picture of Rajsthani villages having Rajput. 

Main attractions:

  • Race of the warriors
  • Perfect picture of Rajsthani village
  • Joins army.

Intensely Religious People

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Rajasthan comprises of people who are intensely religious having their homes in Rajasthan. They have alcove or rooms where they pray before the idols of God. Having extreme climate conditions, these people pray to God to have favorable climate conditions. The people in Rajasthan are said to be superstitious who pray to the image of Kali, to save the people from demon elements. 

Major attributes:

  • Favorable climate conditions.
  • Superstitious people.
  • Pray before the idols of God.



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Rajasthan is famous for its delicious cuisines. The family has its major meal in the form of dinner which is fresh. Porridge is quite famous as the breakfast and is served with a curry known as “Karhi”. These comprise of dried beans which is transported to Rajasthan from adjoining states. Breakfast includes stale bread along with full cup tea. Lunch consists of unleavened bread which is generally eaten with hot and spicy chutney made with garlic and chillies.

These meals are generally vegetarian which is not consumed daily by Rajputs. The goats are slaughtered on festive occasions as there is ban on hunting. The economic diet maintains people of Rajasthan in perfect shape and erect stature.

Major attractions:

·         Delicious cuisines

·         Served with a curry known as “Karhi”

·         Porridge is quite famous as the breakfast.

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