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We are engaged in exporting and supplying of basket  that are appreciated by the clients for their elegant designs. These are perfect to use in various commercial and residential establishments.

Bamboo Baskets

Bamboo Baskets

We are leading manufacturer of Bamboo Baskets (Item Code : Basketry-01) . They are fabricated using natural bamboo, available in a wide assortment of attractive shapes, sizes and designs. Willow rushes that grow plentifully in marshes and lakes in Kashmir are used to make charmingly quaint objects, Bamboo baskets are one of them. To increase their life span, unvarnished. Bamboo baskets should be chiseled and frequently sprayed with water, particularly in hot, dry climates, to prevent them from brittle as well as to retain its quality for long. Because the plenty growth of bamboo, the bamboo craft is deeply rooted in local folk tradition. The product includes tokras, tokris, oval shaped containers with lids and chhikus etc. In Kashmir 'Kangri' the handmade warming equipment is made with an earthen bowl wrapped in a net of bamboo slips. Depicting the mesmerizing craftsmanship of our team, these baskets can be used to keep fruits, vegetables, flowers and other items. Handcrafted with finest quality bamboo grown in Kashmir, baskets from the valley are cherished for their unmatched charm and design. We entertain the clients' queries and customize our range as per their specifications.

Product Code: Basketry-01

Walnut Wood

Walnut Wood

Kashmir, being the paradise of best Walnut wood (Item Code : Walnut-01) carving done anywhere in the world. Walnut wood color, grains and inherent sheen are unique and outstanding, and the carving and fretwork done on this wood is of supreme quality and have wider ranges from furniture ( Tables, chairs, writing desks, dinning tables, nest sets, Toll Bouys, Screens, side Boards etc) to articles of personnel use like Jewelery boxes, photo frames and various other articles. Kashmir is the only part of India where the Walnut trees grow, its color, grain and sheen are unique and the carving and cut work that is done on this wood is of the finest quality.


The intrinsic worth of the wood from each part of the tree differs- that from the root being the most expensive and the branches having the lowest price. Being one of the finest varieties of wood, a variety of carvings can be chiseled on walnut wood. The walnut wood is generally used to make several types of handicraft items with unique Kashmiri artistry.


The woodcarving is one of the best known cottage industries of the Kashmir valley. Wood carving is done on a variety of objects-ranging from furniture (tables, chairs, writing desks, dining tables etc.) to articles of personal use like cigarette boxes, cigar boxes, jewelery boxes, photo frames and various other articles.


Woodcarving is also done on a large scale on the doors, walls and windows of traditional Kashmiri houses. Popular motifs of such relief carvings are the various kinds of flowers and plants in Kashmir. These relief carvings require a high level of expertise, patience and fortitude. Substantial amounts of walnut and chinar wood found abundant in the Kashmir valley allow a ready supply of raw materials for woodcarving.


Walnut wood from the root portion is almost black and the grain here is much more pronounced than the wood of the trunk, which is lighter in color. Varieties offered by of carvings i.e deep carving usually with dragon or lotus flower motifs, shallow carving done all over the flat surface open or lattice work, usually depicting the chinar motifs, and semi carving.

Product Code: Walnut-01

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