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Natural Herbs



Amla is termed as the Indian gooseberry as it contains the most richest concentrations of natural vitamin C of any edible plant in the world. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants which efficiently boosts immunity. It very well rejuvenates body systems and is one of the best herbs for daily use.



Arjuna is yet another herb which is excellent in maintaining healthy heart. It even helps in overcoming mental stress and nervousness. Adding to its qualities, it improves pumping activity and also the strength of the cardiac muscles. Through recent search made, Arjuna has been said to be anti-ischemic and cardioprotective agent.



Ashwagandha improves the body's ability to maintain physical effort and also help the body to tackle various types of stress. This herb is a revitalizing kind that maintains proper nourishment of the tissues. Especially bones and muscles. We ensure that this herb to be natural, nutritious and cause no side effect.



The herb satawar is known as Asparagus in English and is efficient in use of headache, hysteria, reduces blood pressure and also useful in acidity and ulcer patient. This herb is an extract of natural raw source and we even ensure no impurities in it.

Senna Leaves


These senna leaves are brittle with short hairs and appears greenish yellow in color. It has a bitter taste and is useful as a medicinal herb. These leaves are kept away from light and moisture.

Senna Pods


Our senna pods are efficient for general and acute constipation and can be valuable in situations wherein hard stools cause damage. These senna pods are much milder in their effects as compared to the leaflets.

Fresh Garlic & Ginger


Garlic is grown from a perennial plant which is one of the most common kitchen herbs. Its major usage lies in cooking and medicinal. Its strong smell is very effective. Further, our garlic is too is of high nutritious and medicinal. We ensure that their cost efficiency will win faith of anyone.

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