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The series DESMA 968 ZO series of vertical top injection machines provides the highest level of product quality and economic efficiency. These machines, the most frequently used type, are suited for the production of parts with inserts as well as parts of solid rubber. The excellent processing consistency and control lead to high output rates of quality parts. The mounting of the injection unit above the clamp minimizes the amount of floor space required and allows easy access to the clamp on three sides. DESMA’s horizontal layout of the plasticizing and injection cylinders minimizes overall machine height and allows easy access to the injection unit for material feeding as well as for maintenance. The 968 ZO series is available in a range of standard sizes ranging from 100 metric tons (112 US tons) to 1000 metric tons (1125 US tons). Injection units for this series using the First In, First Out concept range from 350 cm.

Rotary Machines

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  • Multiple Stations

  • Ideal for large volume articles with need for minimal labor

  • Customized to suit your needs.

C-Frame Corner Molding Machines

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  • Single Stations

  • Ideal for insert overmolding such as glass and brass inserts

  • Customized to suit your nee.

Dual Injection Unit Machines

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Ideal for company running different compounds which eliminates the need to purge the injection unit.
Customized to suit your needs.


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Desma has introduced a new rubber injection molding machine for the production of very large parts.  The machine,designated 968.1800 ZO, uses Desma’s proven clamp and FIFO injection unit designs. The machine features a clamping force of 2000 US tons and an injection unit capable of a 60 lb. shot.  Other advantages include the low strip feed intake and the patented utilities feed system that supplies steam,air,and electricity to the mold core. This system, which is integrated into the center core raising mechanism, eliminates the problems that occur with repeated flexing of hose and cables. The initial production model has been delivered to a customer.

Stator Machine

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This newly developed machine delivers optimal requirement for very long pump stators (up to 8 m) with large rubber volume. The machine has 2 injection units with 15,900 cm³ each (at a pressure of 2,000 bar) an up to 10 directly successive shots are feasible by using the multi-shot procedure. Thus, an injection volume of maximally 159 Liters is possible.

Desma Introduces

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naddition to our desma 968. 160 zo e we designed a new economy machine with 280 us tons of clamping force. The machine has a smaller hydraulics package along with other downsized features to allow for a minimum floor space requirement. The new d 968. 250 zo e can be easily relocated and offers the best performance for the price.

Cellular Machine

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  • Ideal for single station cellular production.

  • Quick Clamping Fixtures Standard.

Bottom Injection Machines

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  • Customized to suit your needs

  • Injection Unit oriented under tool.

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