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About Keventer Agro Limited


The odyssey of bestowing goodness to people’s life had begun. Landmarks remained untouched and dreams were waiting to be discovered. This beckoning saw them to their subsequent realization. In 1984 Edward Keventer Ltd – a 101 year old establishment was bought over by MKJ. The venture had sailed and was geared to encounter the tides of competition. Edward Keventer Ltd. Became Keventer Agro Ltd. The wheels of change had started to churn.
Agro With creditable beginnings and a pristine canvas to create meritorious impressions, the Keventer Group set to work. With the essentials in place, the group entered into a franchisee agreement with the food and beverage giant – PARLE to manufacture, package, distribute and market its well known brands. In no time, it earned the coronet of being the first to introduce the aseptic packing in beverage category.
Dairy By now, Keventer Agro Ltd. had amassed for it self accolades from far and wide. Their expectations in the Agro industry stirred a desire to venture out into the Dairy sector and repeat history. Thus was born Metro Dairy in the year 1994. India’s first dairy project in public private partnership, it emerged as the market leader in the category leaving behind acclaimed dairy names. A three- way joint venture was signed between West Bengal Milk Federation, Keventer and NDDB, forming ‘Benmilk Keventer Ltd’ to enhance milk supply in Kolkata.
Fresh The strides of the Retail Industry has been colossal. This time round, the Eastern Part of India has kept step with this phenomenal growth. Keventer Fresh Ltd. (KFL), a company promoted by Keventer Group, has set up a Post Harvest Processing and Packaging Center for Horticulture produce with state-of-the-art technology for sorting, grading and packaging of fruits and vegetables and various other food items

Exploring Oppurtunities

The quest for excellence rarely rusts in a visionary. After having proved its mettle in a plethora of sectors, the Keventer Group aspires to surge ahead in the following domains
Food Processing

  • Introduce new crops through Farmers' Club and District Rural Development organization.
  • Provide a 120 acre farmland to share, impart training and buying their own product from the farmers.
  • Make available a 30 acre space for development of independent small scale food processing units.
  • Present their expertise to pre and post harvest farming technologies (growing, processing, packaging and distribution in domestic and overseas market).
  • Own its individual food processing industry, make available facilities like central center.
  • Raise a hi-tech Food Park to strengthen its food processing business.
  • Build chain stores nationwide that will have hand-picked food items and other branded goods.
  • Strike new deals to evolve into a nation-wide marketing force with a widened portfolio of products and ranks.
Real Estate-Housing
  • Housing project at Diamond Harbour, another architectural marvel for the city will come to life.

Partners & Associates

Our other associates are:

  • Keventer Fresh
  • Keventer Projects
IVRCL IVRCL Infrastructures and Projects Ltd is a premier EPCC and LSTK service provider. The Company started its operation in 1990 and has come a long way since then. IVRCL , a Class I contractor firm provides engineering support and solutions to important social infrastructure sectors like Water Management, Transmission and Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Roads and Bridge projects and such others. The company turnover in 2004-2005 was Rs.1055/- crore.
Over the years IVRCL has created niche equity in the market by continuously improving and evolving its shareholder value. It encourages and recognizes innovation and merit.
Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd is one of India’s oldest construction companies. Established in 1865 the Company is today synonymous with quality, standard and excellence. The skyline of every Indian City is marked by the building constructions of this company. Over more than a century the Company has constructed monumental projects like 5 star hotels, residential complexes, hospitals, auditoriums, various industrial infrastructures, satellite townships so on and so forth. Recently, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd. has taken up new ventures to develop new age IT infrastructures. The in-house marketing team and the continuous R&D have helped the company to set newer standards and add new dimensions to Indian Construction Industry.

Code Of Conduct

THE FIRST AND BEST VICTORY IS TO CONQUER SELF: PLATO Keventer has earned the goodwill, respect and trust of millions of people over the years. This reputation is indeed an asset. An asset as precious and as real as our brands. For us the first parameter of being successful is the absolute satisfaction of our consumers. Our priority is to take care of our consumers, stakeholders, business partners, employees, dealers, the society and the world in which we survive. People whose lives we influence have high expectations from us. In order to meet these high expectations we need to follow a standard behaviour. These principles are practical in our day-to-day lives and everyone associated with Keventer must follow these in spirit as well as in letter.   HUMAN RIGHTS We conduct all our operations with absolute integrity, honesty, transparency and respect for all individuals and their rights.   THE LAW All our operations are in compliance with the law and adhere to the Government rules and regulations.   PRODUCTS We exist because our products exist.
Our sole objective is to improve quality and to continue to add value to our products. We understand that nothing is perfect and there will always be room for making the best product or service better.   CONSUMER Keventer will pre-empt the consumer’s needs. Even the latent ones and give the consumer a product that surpasses the consumer’s best expectations. We will not merely go by what the consumer says or what we feel. We will go by what they think they need even before they need it.   EMPLOYEES We believe in creating a work culture where the employees have mutual trust and respect for each other. A healthy work environment leads to better productivity. We also strive to optimize and enhance the skills and talents of our employees to ensure their personal growth.
Each individual associated with Keventer must take pride in representing the Company.   FINANCIAL We have in the past made good profits and gave good returns to our shareholders. While we will continue to aim to do that, we will not do so at the cost of compromising product quality.
We will reserve a fair share of our profits towards developmental activity within the company.   THE ENVIRONMENT Keventer will make all attempts to promote environment care and will ensure nature friendly practices in all its operations.   INNOVATION We will strive to integrate and synergise every new product and every new venture with our enterprise.   MARKETS Keventer will build and nurture the markets that Keventer operates in and nurture them well irrespective of the size of the market.
We will diversify qualitatively and not only quantitatively.   COMMUNITY CARE We will strive to continue to be known as responsible corporate citizen by serving the society with utmost integrity and diligence.

Aim / Vision / Mission


“We exist because our customers exist.
We take pride in bringing value to their lives. This is reflected in our passion for providing excellence in our products and services.
We shall create an environment where every Keventerian feels happy and committed to deliver his best.
We will be amongst the most preferred organizations to work and deal with in the country”.


Our Mission is to be a part of people's daily food & beverage intake through manufacturing and marketing of processed food and value added agro-products. In pursuit of the above we will:

  • Have significant presence in the chosen markets by achieving leadership position in 5 years from now, in terms of brand image and market position.
  • Ensure that our market share in select product lines would be either No.1 or No. 2.
  • Adopt state-of-the-art technology and environment friendly practices in manufacturing, storage and distribution of our products.
  • Be chosen by customers for high quality of our products, their availability and pricing.
  • Be one of the most trusted business houses for our associates where they shall enjoy their business relationship with us and share mutual growth.
  • Ensure that our employees at all levels are constantly challenged to give their best and they shall find that working with Keventer is the most enriching experience. Their continuous training and development shall be of utmost importance to the organization.
Being the best in class is the Keventer way and By God we shall attain it.

Environmental Policies

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you ... As a socially responsible corporate citizen, Keventer completely understands this. The Company endeavours to create value for the Indian society in diverse ways, one of them being preservation and nurturing of nature.   Keventer believes that working towards better environment is an integral component of responsible corporate citizenship and therefore deserves to be given precedence. Thus, the Company is committed to Best Practices in environmental matters arising out of its business activities and expects all its employees to fully live upto this commitment.   Under its Agro division Keventer has ensured that best environment policies are practiced like the food being packaged in innovative, hygienic and environment friendly packaging. Besides, the Company has also set landmark Real Estate projects like Westwind that comply with the best environment standards and norms and have made it possible for humans to literally interact with nature.   Keventer’s environment policy includes:

  • It will make all attempts to promote environment care and will ensure nature friendly practices in all its operations.
  • The company is committed to making all its products environmentally acceptable while ensuring excellent quality, performance and safety.
  • Reduce Waste, conserve Energy and explore opportunities for reuse and recycle.
  • Motivate suppliers, dealers, distributors and associates to innovate and employ environmentally superior processes and ingredients and enhance overall environment.
  • The company acknowledges its joint responsibility with the Government, the Public and the society at large to protect environment and is committed to follow environment practices that reduce activities detrimental to environment.
  • Work in partnership with external bodies and Government agencies to promote environmental care and spread awareness of environmental issues.

Community Care

  • Keventer is a renowned corporate body with a keen lookout for the betterment of the peolple in and around the Company. With direct and indirect means of serving for the people, Keventer influenced the state government to widen the road in Subhash Nagar, Barasat for proper transportation of local residents. The saga, however, goes on.

  • The Farmers are rigorously trained through the Company's structured training program called ‘Farmer Training Program’. This gives them an edge over the latest technology and a global knowhow about economic and hygienic farm products.

  • Keventer has also opened its doors of resources to the betterment of other officials. Govt. training programme through the Govt. training institutes often assign govt. officials within and outside the state to visit Keventer’s beverage and food processing unit. Farmers from various other states also visit fruit ripening facility for knowledge enhancement.

  • The doors of Keventer's has been opened to welcome students from various schools and institutions to visit its state-of-the art factory. In pursuit of its CSR, the Company is making way for the future talents so that they may get the practical knowledge of production and manufacturing process.

  • Keventer participated in Times of India’s ‘Teach India Program’ in 2008 to educate the underprivileged children. Many employees volunteered in the programme.

  • Keventer on regular basis patronizes various socio cultural programs and community events conducted by local clubs and institutions.

HR Policy

What is the recipe for successful achievement? Keventer firmly believes that there are just four essential ingredients:   Choose a career you love, give it the best there is in you, seize your opportunities, and be a member of the team.   For Keventer the objective is not only to provide people with rewarding careers but to ensure that they enjoy the journey of getting their. We believe in a ‘win win’ situation and consider our employees to be ‘Partners in Progress’. It is extremely important to create a work culture where the employees have mutual trust and respect for each other.   Keventer provides you with the opportunity to make a difference, to touch someone’s life through your own decisions and actions. We offer you immediate responsibility, challenge, personal and professional development. Ours is a company so varied in the scope of businesses that you get the opportunity to fully tap your talent and excel in your field of choice. Apart from the technical skills, hard core knowledge and intelligence we believe that it is the superior skill in handling people that propels a career, boosts productivity and ensures job satisfaction. Thus Keventer is committed to treating its employees with value for human dignity, integrity, transparency, openness and fairness.   If you want to do some ‘out of the box’ thinking and ‘look beyond’ then Keventer is the place for you.


Keventer Agro Ltd. (KAL), was established in the year 1986. It commenced through a franchise agreement with the food and beverage giant - PARLE to manufacture, package, distribute and market a few of its well-known brands namely FROOTI - a popular mango drink, Appy and Appy Fizz apple drinks and Bailey packaged drinking water. With their past ventures on high pedestals, Keventer Agro now moved to greener pasture. This time over, success came in the form of the food export division. The division exports food products such as Mango Pulp, Guava Pulp, Sesame Seeds, and Bakery Ingredients to various customers across the globe.

Keventer Agro exports a variety of mango pulp, specially the Alphonso and Totapuri species, which confirm to the highest quality standards. The manufacturing process meets every requirement of "Good Manufacturing Practice" and conforms to the "General Principles of Food Hygiene". Products conform to the EU and FDA regulations on Pesticides Residue and Microbiological Standards. In no time, Keventer Agro has emerged as India's leading exporter of Mango Pulp supplying to companies in Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.

Metro Diary

Beyond the Obvious By now, Keventer Agro Ltd. had amassed for it self accolades from far and wide. Their expertise in the AGRO industry stirred a desire to venture out into the Dairy sector and repeat history.   Thus was born Metro Dairy in the year 1994. India's first dairy project in public private partnership, it emerged as the market leader in the category leaving behind acclaimed dairy named like Mother Dairy, Kwality Walls to name a few. A three-way joint venture was signed between West Bengal Milk Federation, Keventer and NDDB, forming 'Benmilk Keventer Limited' to enhance milk supply in Kolkata.   The initiative had a strong backbone of:

  • An ultra-modern, state-of-the-art plant - the most modern plant in Asia.
  • Fully equipped with complete automation and very high level quality and state-of-the-art control systems allowing a churn of 4,00,000 litres milk per day.
  • The fully automated plant restricts any hand touch right from the time milk is brought out from tankers till the point milk is finally packed.
  • World Bank funded the project under Operation Flood, Phase III with the objective of providing fair treatment to farmers and eliminating middle men.
Having earned laurels in the milk industry, the Keventer Group extended its Midas touch to the ice-cream category in 1998. In a handful of years, established itself as the reigning market leader. Highly affordable, yet superlative in quality, the brand bought to life the very essence of the company - "Attracted by price, retained by quality". Small wonders that it soon began to adorn every household refrigerator. A delicacy then had become regularity now. The effects started to show in the back-end work station where the storage capacity of the plant had to be amplified eight times since the launch of the product. Currently 20,000 litres of ice cream is produced per day.

Today our Milk unit commands 40% of the market share in the pouch segment in greater Kolkata. While the ice cream unit is the frontrunner with 55% market share.

Corporate Governance

Within the limits of its philosophy, Keventer Agro Ltd. has set a certain code of corporate governance. The specific code of conduct attempts to set forth the guiding principles on which the company operates. Keventer Agro Ltd. is always careful to maintain transparency in company’s each and every policy. The Company is committed in all its actions to the interest of the countries where it operates and is engaged in activities like export, sales, promotion, development et al.
Philosophy of the Code

  • Adherence to the highest standards of honest and ethical conduct
  • Proper and ethical procedures in dealing with actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships
  • Compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulation
  • Addressing the misuse or wastage of Company’s assets
  • Highest amount of confidentiality outside and within the Company in certain matters

General Standards of Conduct All directors, members, core management are supposed to practice good judgement, ensure interests, safety welfare of customers and employees. They should behave honestly and diligently while discharging from duties. The employees and the official should treat every matter with utmost care.

These rules are stringent and applicable in certain areas like:
  • Office premises during working hours
  • Offsite locations where business is being conducted whether in India or abroad
  • At all Company sponsored business, export or import procedures and social events or at any other place where they act as representatives of Keventer Agro Ltd.

Conflict of Interest Conflict of interest occurs when the personal interest of any member from the senior management team comes into direct encounter with the interest of the organization. This conflict can arise in numerous situations. The conflict therefore should be handled maintaining specific guidelines as per the rules.
Conflict of Employment The members of the core management are entitled to devote their full attention to the business interest of the Company. The members are hence prohibited to get attached to any kind of activity that hampers their profession and performance and responsibility.
Business Interest Conflict Business Interest Conflict is a major concern for any organization. Keventer Agro Ltd. has set proper guidelines for members of the Board of Directors and the management staffs so that their actions or decisions do not affect the interest of the Company in anyway.
  • Ability to influence the Company’s decisions should be judged properly
  • Member’s access to confidential information is barred in certain cases
  • Member’s access to the other entity, and the nature of the relationship between the Company and the customer, supplier or competitor should be considered in determining whether a conflict exists
  • Additionally, the members of the management team or the board of directors should disclose to the company any interest that they have which may come in conflict with the Company

Applicable Laws The Directors of the Company and the Core Management must comply with applicable laws, regulations, rules and regulatory orders. They should report any inadvertent non - compliance, if detected subsequently, to the concerned authorities.

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