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Scaffolding Fittings

Scaffolding Fittings

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We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of wide range of quality scaffolding fittings. 

We also offer world-class steel coupler. It is mostly used to connect lines of hydraulic or pneumatic systems without any fluid loss. Available in various dimensions our designed couplers can be categorized as:

  • Fixed/Right Angle Coupler (Drop Forged) – It is a one piece forged coupler applicable for connecting two scaffold tubes at right angles to each other. Rigid and rugged in nature it give maximum safety in load bearing applications and is available in galvanized or paint finish.
  • Swivel Couplers (Drop Forged) – It is used for connecting two scaffold tubes at any angle to each other. Designed for maximum safety, it is available in galvanized or paint finish and is also used for cross braces connection of scaffold tubes.
  • Fixed/Right Angle Coupler (Pressed Sheet Metal) – It is a sheet metal pressed coupler used to connect scaffold tubes at right angle to each other. Designed to withstand distortion as well as slipping, it combine pressed components, EN-8 eye bolts and rivets for maximum strength.
  • Swivel Couplers (Pressed Sheet Metal) – It is used for connecting two scaffold tubes at any angle to each other. Available in galvanized or paint finish, it is mainly used for ledger bracing.
Other salient features of the scaffolding accessories are as follows:

  • End finish square cut or beveled
  • Delivery condition black (self colored)
  • Outside protective coating

Trench Strut

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Trench strut are a popular method of support in the construction industry. Struts eliminate the need to use Timber as supports and gives a much more flexible application when a temporary support is required.

  • The struts are made of steel tubing, consisting of an inner & outer sleeve.
  • The Outer sleeve as a Base plate attached and the inner sleeve has a head plate. The trench strut head and Base Plate are shaped to attach to timber cross struts.
  • Adjustment is made by a screw thread, collar and pin which forms part of the outer sleeve.

H Frame

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Entire assortment of precision engineered H-frames are manufactured under the surveillance of quality team which ensures of the products as per the global standard. Made of quality material using cutting edge technology, the range is widely appreciated for durability, high performance, long service life, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and others. With gaining expertise in the industry since our inception, we facilitate our clients for customized solution as per client requirements.

Post Shore

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The push-pull prop has a double collar, which enables the walls and columns to be accurately plumbed. Used in conjunction with column boxes for speedy erection and ease of alignment.

Description Size (mm) Mass (kg)
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
Prop Swivel Foot
1 676 - 3 124
1 981 - 3 352
2 590 - 3 962
3 200 - 4 876


Having experience of more than 2 decades, we have gained expertise in manufacturing precision engineered props in adherence to industry standard. These products provide the ideal and the most economic method of support for all kinds of slabs, beams, formwork, wall & columns. These also find application for a wide variety of applications in general building construction and repair work. Tabulated below are sizes of props offered by our company:
  • 3.20 - 4.87
  • 2.59 - 3.95
  • 1.98 - 3.35
  • 1.75 - 3.12
  • 1.04 - 1.82
  • 2.50 - 4.50
  • 2.00 - 3.60
  • 1.60 - 2.90
  • 1.00 - 1.80
  • 0.70 - 1.30
  • 0.50 - 0.80
  • 0.25 - 0.50
 Painted Prop (Heavy Duty)
Size Weight (Kg)
1 16.80
2 18.50
3 19.70
4 21.20
Outer Pipe - 3.40mm
Inner Pipe - 3.00mm

 Painted Prop (Light Weight)
Size Weight (Kg)
0 9.25
1 14.20
2 14.75
3 16.80
4 20.20
Outer Sleeve - 3.40mm
Outer Stem - 2.40mm
Inner Pipe - 3.00mm

Galvanised Prop 
Size Weight (Kg)
0 11.20
1 17.20
2 18.90
3 20.10
4 21.80
Outer Pipe - 3.40mm
Inner Pipe - 3.00mm

PROPS with tube diameter X Thickness as per customer requirement can also be supplied.


  • Prop Sleeve
  • Prop Nut
  • Locking Pins

Scaffold Equipment

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Cuplock system is a combination of top cup, bottom cup and ledger blade. Quick fastening of horizontals. Four horizontals can be fastened at one time with firm clamping action of top cup making the joint rigid. A unique node point connection allows up to four horizontal members to be connected to a vertical member in one single action without the use of nuts and bolts or wedges. Cuplock system can be used for all forms of access and support structures in the building and construction industries, shipbuilding, offshore construction and industrial maintenance.


We provide scaffolding materials on rental basis to Big construction houses and glass fixing works, etc as per the requirements. With our wide setup for manufacturing as well as rental stock, we deliver any of the scaffolding materials in minimum time. We can also manufacture scaffolding items as per clients specific designs for customized use. Available in various finishes like painted, galvanized, etc scaffolding items can also be supplied in any specific coatings required by customers.

Screw Jack

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We specialize in manufacturing ISO qualified base jacks using high grade material. In addition, with adeptness of our diligent workforce, we also offer the range with customized solution as per client specifications and requirements. Following stringent quality management system, the finished product is passed through various quality tests prior to its final dispatch. We offer various products under the category with various specifications. These are as follows:

Product Name: Adjustable Base Jacks (Solid)

  • Specifications: Dia Sizes: 34/36/38 mm
  • Thread: 4 TPI Acme (Rolled Thread)
  • Safety Lock: 150mm
  • Base Plate: 150*150*6 mm
  • Nut:  Malleable Cast Nuts

Product Name: Adjustable Base Jacks (Pipe)
  • Specifications: Dia Sizes: 34/36/38 mm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Thread: 4 TPI Acme (Rolled Thread)
  • Safety Lock: 150mm
  • Base Plate: 150*150*6 mm
  • Nut:  Malleable Cast Nuts

Product Name: Universal Jacks
  • Specifications: Dia Sizes: 34/36/38 mm
  • Thread: 4 TPI Acme (Rolled Thread)
  • Fully Threaded

Product Name: Adjustable U-Head Jack

Specifications: U-Head is to hold timber beams securely in place. Adjustable U-Head offers 500mm of rolled threaded tube that can be adjusted by a double handle collar nut.

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