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Eye Cosmetics

Khojati Sada Surma


khojati sada surma is ideal for maintaining health of eyes in young children below 10 years of age. It is made from pure 100% surma ground with gulab jal and neem extract.

Khojati Surma No. 13


Khojati Surma No. 13 keeps eyes healthy by keeping them, cool clean and refreshed, speciall during the Summer season.

Khojati Surma No. 9


This is a stronger, more effective version of Khojati Surma No. 13.

Khojati Surma Uttam Black


This Surma is the only Black Surma which contains Mamira, which is very beneficial to the elderly. Regular application can help prevent cataract formation. It is also indicated in the inflammation of the cornea. In advanced stages Khas White Surma is to be applied 15 minutes before applying Uttam Black Surma.

Khojati Surma Noor-Ul-Ain


Khojati Surma Noor-ul-Ain gives a mild cooling effect and can be used by anyone above the age of 12 Years.

Khojati Delux Surma (With Almond Oil)


Bring back the Sparkle in your Eyes with Khojati Delux Surma, Jet-Black microfind powder made with pure Almond Oil. Dark and Lustrous with no smudge or spread with a mild astrigent effect.

Khojati Surma Neem Special


Khojati Surma Neem Special contains special Neem extracts. This Surma is slightly strong and is recommended for people above the age of 20 Years.

Looloo Roshan - E - Zulf


Now give your hair a cool refreshing feeling. Presenting LooLoo Roshan - E - Zulf Herbal hair Tonic. This specially formulated hair tonic contains the natural goodness of valuable herbs like Bramhi, Amla and Lemon.

Bramhi rejuvenates the hair from its roots while, Lemon acts like a natural astringent and Anti-Dandruff agent. Coupled with this is the goodness of the best quality natural Menthol to give your hair that cool, lustrous sheen. Extremely Useful for Headache & Stress.

Toop Anjan - No Jalan, No Thakan


khojati toop anjan is made from the purest natural ingredients based on unani principles of medicine. The pure ghee (toop) helps strengthen weak tissues of the eyes and fortify eyelashes.

khojati toop anjan is extremely cooling and soothing to the eyes and provides relief in case of eye strain due to tv viewing, working on computer and long hours of work. It also works as an antidote to eye irritation due to pollution and dust particles.

Must Be Cool - Herbal Eye Balm


pure colourless kohl made exclusively from pure ghee and enriched with almond oil, cools and soothes over strained eyes due to tv viewing and computers.

magic of vitamin 'e'

natural vitamin 'e' rejuvenates the tender skin around your eyes, increases blood circulation thereby reducing dark circles.

the pure cow's ghee nurtures eyelashes.

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