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Photovoltaic System

Photo Voltaic Solar Panels


We exports Photo Voltaic Solar Panels.

  •  Silicon Poly Crystalline Technology
  •  Manufactured to international specifications and standards.
  • Approved by SEC, ISPRA, UL, IECQ, RDSO, DOT, DGS&D, ONGC and COAL.u
  • 10 years warranty.

Excellent Features

  • High Performance
  •  Maximum reliability and minimum maintenance
  •  Resistant to water, abrasion, and hail impact
  •  Lightweight anodised aluminium frame with edge sealant around the laminate.

Reliable Components

  •  Series connected Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
  •  Toughened High Transmission Glass
  •  Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Encapsulant
  •  Anodised Aluminium Frame
  •  Weather resistant Frame seal

Junction Box

  •  Hinged weather-proof lid
  • Captive screws
  •  Three cable gland entry points
  •  One cable gland (Standard)


Building integrated PV, Corrosion protection, Domestic lighting, Domestic Power, Grid connected

Power Plants, Medical Refrigeration, Navigational aids, Offshore Power, Railway Signalling, Rural

Electrification, Solar Lanterns, Street Lighting, Telecommunications, Telemetry, Water Pumping

  •  Figures specified are at standard test conditions of 100 mW/cm2 insolation (Am 1.5) at 25o C temperature.
  •  All electrical specifications to 5% tolerance.

Pragati (Solar Power Solution)


Pragati stands for the solar power solution initiative undertaken by our organization for the rural development through Tata BP Solar systems. The focus lies on offering to the masses various solar power solutions such as solar lanterns, solar street lights, solar home lighting system and solar vaccine refrigerators, each one powered by solar energy. This is aimed to eradicate the electricity problem prevailing in the remote and rural areas across the globe by utilizing the renewable source of solar energy.

Solar Fencing System


Our clients can avail from us an extensive range of Solar Fencing System, which is manufactured as per the market requirements. Available in various technical specifications, this system is appreciated for optimum functionality and low maintenance. We offer our range in customized finishes as per the detailed specifications provided by our clients.


Easy construction

  • Power fence is erected to target species only
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting because of minimal physical pressure
  • All domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically
  • Makes strip grazing and back fencing easy
  • Encourages additional subdivision, giving increased production
  • Modification of system to control a variety of animals is very easy
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Discourages trespassers and predators
  • Not harmful
  • It gives a short, sharp but safe shock to the intruder without being fatal
  • Perimeter protection

Solar Inverter System


With our expertise in the respective domain, we are involved in offering a wide range of Solar Inverter Systems. Known for high performance, the system functions to change direct current (DC) from a battery to alternating current (AC). The system has the capacity to withstand 100 watts to as much as 8000 watts, which is suitable to be used to power a vast variety of personal or small business projects.

Sunbank Tata Bp (Solar Power Packs For Banks)


We offer Sunbank from Tata BP based upon highly advanced technology. This range is specially designed for offering highly reliable cost effective power solution for rural banks. It is used in banks situated in the remotest corners, where there is no supply of electricity. The computer systems in these banks are attached to the solar panels that make use of free, endless energy of the sun.

Tejas Tata Bp (Battery Backups)


Avail from us a varied range of Tejas Tata BP, which is widely used in several areas of application. This system offers longer service life and battery backup. Manufactured using finest quality material, our range of Tejas Tata BP is available at industry leading prices. The key specifications of our range of Tejas Tata BP are tabulated below:


Sanchar Tata Bp Solar (Telecommunication Applications)


Avail from us technologically advanced Tata BP Solar Sanchar that is specially designed for Telecommunication applications. This typically power loads of 1 W single wireless terminals to 4 KW and above. This range of system is best suited for remote telecommunication applications and is highly appreciated for optimum performance in several applications including:

  • Rural pay phones & single subscriber telephones
  • Base terminal station
  • Digital & analogue microwave repeaters
  • Domestic satellite
  • Telemetry systems
  • Fiber optic repeaters

Solar PV Power Generating System


We are involved in offering a designed to requirement range of Solar PV Power Generating Systems. Manufactured in tandem with international quality standards, this system is known for excellent performance. The system is used for generating electrical power by converting solar insolation into direct current electricity and there by converting into AC Power. This is done by using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.

Suraksha Tata Bp (Solar Solution For Roads And Highways)


TATA BP Solar is continously innovating to give more value to your money. these high quality products are backed by excellent nationwide sales and service support

Water Pumping Over View


We put forth for our clients a comprehensive range of Water Pumping Systems, primarily a pumping system powered by a solar panel system. Known for its easy installation, minimum maintenance requirement and serviceability, it is widely globally and has revolutionized the agricultural industry. Some of the remarkable features of our range of Water Pumping Systems are as follows:


  • Surface and submersible types
  • Up to 2HP rating pumps
  • Can lift water from depths up to 166 ft. (50 m) and deliver up to 1,35,000 litres / day
  • Position manual tracking
  • Over 2000 systems installed all over India


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