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About Kiwi Pumps

Established in the year 1999, “Kiwi Pumps” has carved a respectable niche for itself as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Submersible and Mono Block Pumps. These products are known for their compact designs, accuracy, fine finish, high performance, efficiency, durability, reliability and precision engineering.


Our 3” Submersible Pumps have established a benchmark in this industry. We achieved an ISO certification in the year 2003 and again repeated the feat in 2006. An IS mark was provided to our 4” pumps by the Bureau of Indian Standards in the year 2003. In the year 2006, the Indian Council for Small and Medium Exporters awarded the pumps with the Niryat Shiromani Puraskar. The practices adhered to by the industry on an all India level have achieved the Jamnalal Bajaj Award from the Council for Fair Business Practices under the small and medium industries category in the year 2006.


40-60% of our products are exports. We put great value on our clients as they are the fundamental aspect behind the success of the company. The success of the company is determined by strict adherence with high standards of quality and qualified professionals. Employees are provided with great scope to improve and develop their human and professionals skills at the firm. We maintain a lead in the industry based on the innovations made by the firm and progress continually in a driven manner. Moreover, we pay great importance to the safety of the environment in the processes related to our enterprise. Our company is in service to this society and takes part in many activities regarding the same. Some of these are Public Private Partnership activity, relief and aid during floods and earthquakes and Check Dam projects in villages. All our business practices are appreciated for humility, accountability, integrity and honesty.


Our company looks forward to expanding into new areas of development. We act upon any new challenge with gusto. It is very important for us to maintain an ongoing optimization and technical improvement project in the firm. The pumps manufactured by us are high performing and are capable of lasting for a long period of time. Proper solutions are provided to the customers based upon the experience of our engineers, technicians and sales persons. Research and experiments are a way of life at our company, which professionals aiming to obtain water from great depths. Improvement of the quality of life is the main motivation behind all our endeavors and we leave no stone unturned to ensure that all the clients are optimally satisfied. 


About the Company

About the Company

KIWI PUMPS was incorporated in the year 1999 as a small scale unit. Domestic Pumps were manufactured in the beginning. Within a short span of time, V-4 Submersible pumps were introduced into the market. Kiwi Pumps was the first unit to manufacture V-3 submersible pumps in India. Again, it was KIWI PUMPS to introduce V-4 submersible pumps using investment castings made of stainless steel in India. Recently, the unit has introduced V-6 submersible pumps using Stainless Steel bowl and impeller in radial & mixed flow model. Fair Trading, punctuality as well as the capacity in supplying high quality products in short time are the main characteristics of KIWI PUMPS


KIWI PUMPS was promoted in the year 1999, arising from the separation of previous company with 15 years experience by a team of highly motivated, quality conscious and technology-savvy brothers. The promoters are competent, innovative and independent.



KIWI PUMPS believes in technology which creates value for itself and for those who choose us. With this in mind, Kiwi pumps has initiated number of new works and results are:

  • Introduction of V-4 submersible pumps with brass components for the first time in India in the year 2000.
  • Introduction of V-3 submersible pumps for the first time in India, in the year 2001.
  • Introduction of V-6 submersible pumps with Investment Casted Stainless Steel Bowl and impellers in Radial & Mixed flow varieties.
  • Introduction of V-6 submersible pumps with Investment Casted Stainless Steel Bowl and impellers in Radial & Mixed flow varieties.


Kiwi pumps manufactures pumps & markets in specific brand name. Our main brand name is FIGHTER and other brand names are:

  • KIWI
  • URO – II
Kiwi Pumps have registered all the above brands.
In addition the company supplies to other leading manufacturers of pumps in the brand name requested by the party.

The company will create the brand image & it will be synonymous with KIWI PUMPS.

Development Work

Producing technology implies anticipating new solutions, forseeing new uses and discovering alternative applications and materials. Kiwi Pumps has always sought to be innovative, interpreting and defining it into new dimensions and new functions. The company looks for new development works keeping in view the latest trends in the world. Computer Aided Design is carried out in the new developmental works and in modifications. Help of technical consultants is taken to develop the new products with an aim of achieving the best possible Quality & to suit the customer’s requirement.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Kiwi Pumps mission is to make significant contribution to the life quality enhancement by producing innovative submersible pumps that work with improved performance while ensuring a high degree of reliability.
Kiwi Pumps will follow fair business practices & develop intimate customer relationship. Kiwi Pumps will strive to improve whatever is done & how it is done. Will continue to earn & be worthy of our customers’ trust.

Our Values

The values at Kiwi Pumps is carrying out its mission are:

  • The importance is treating it personnel.
  • Human Resource enhancement.
  • Innovation.
  • Environmental Protection.
  • Social Responsibilities.
People are the center of the company’s activities. Respect for the individual is a fundamental & indispensable value.
Kiwi Pumps believes in the high standards & quality of the people and consequently ensure the success of the company. Kiwi Pumps provides ample scope to the employees to develop & improve their professional & human skills.
Innovation has great importance at Kiwi Pumps. The growth of Kiwi Pumps is because of Innovations is able to maintain its leadership in the pump industry. Innovation drives the development, progress on a continuous basis.
Kiwi Pumps adopts systems such that the environmental protection is taken care in all its activities.
Kiwi Pumps is SOCIALLY RESPONSE Company & involves in number of activities that are of service to the society. It has taken part in the Public Private Partnership activity, Check Dam projects in the villages and has come to the aid in tragedies such as Floods, Earth Quave etc.

In total, Kiwi Pumps conducts the business professionally with honesty, integrity, accountability & humility.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be among the global leaders in manufacturing high quality submersible pumps.There are number of manufacturers in the area of pumps in India & abroad we would like to grow not just with quantity but QUALITY and would like to become one among the best in manufacturing submersible pumps. Only the quality products will make Kiwi Pumps as a GLOBAL LEADER.



Kiwi Pumps always looks for new areas of application & development. Any new area of application is a challenge that is acted upon. The on going technical improvements and optimizations are very important.

  • We think. Innovative.
  • We never stop learning. From the customer, the market, suppliers, thinkers and others.
  • We are transparent. In the way we work, in what we can, what we can't.
  • While we are premium in our pricing and services, if a product challenges us we take it up.
  • While we are premium in our pricing and services, if a product challenges us we take it up.
Kiwi Pumps result in the best price-performance category over the life cycle period of the pump. The experience gained is available at the hands of engineers, technicians, sales personnel as a database and helps in offering the proper solutions.
At Kiwi Pumps everything revolves around the life of those who choose us and of those who work with us. Because water is our element and, through water, we bring to the surface the competence and reliability, the research and the experimental which every day distinguishes the work carried out by our team. Only by doing so, without forgetting that we are actually working in order to improve the Quality of life, can we completely satisfy the needs of those who turn to us.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

  • In business, there are two main factors to be considered i.e. quality parameters and business parameters which are interdependent. At KIWI, we do not compromise quality aspects to achieve business goals.
  • The business policy adopted by KIWI PUMPS is transparent in nature. Quality requirements, timely delivery, service on priority are the parameters followed.
  • In general consumers want to satisfy their requirements and our dealers/ distributors provide the data & help in selection of appropriate pumps, keeping in mind price, performance and long life of the product.
  • All the advertisements of KIWI'S products in technical magazines provide information on variety, quality, service and data which is not appropriate are not at all printed.
  • Kiwi Pumps procures & supplies the material and product against proper bills and payments are made by cheques. All the taxes such as Sales Tax, Income Tax, Service Tax, Excise Duty etc. are all paid promptly.
  • Prices of the products are fixed keeping long term perspective and the same are not changed without informing and giving sufficient time. Undue advantage is not taken by the company.



Kiwi pumps represents for innovative products & Inspired people. At Kiwi Pumps, empowerment of individuals has taken the front stage and could achieve more by working together than any person could ever achieve alone.
In Kiwi Pumps, a necessity was felt to develop smaller diameter borehole submersible pumps to replace jet Pumps which are less efficient and the life cycle costs to the customer was high. This idea took shape in developing 3” borehole submersible pumps which are not very costly & at the same time more efficient compared to the Jet pumps.
Kiwi Pumps has designed, developed the advanced engineering solution, i.e. 3” borehole submersible pumps and used non contaminating water as the cooling medium for the motor. It was an instant success, through out India. At present, a number of companies are manufacturing such pumps.



KIWI PUMPS specializes in manufacturing borehole submersible pumps of 3”, 4”, 6” & 8” and horizontal openwell submersible pumpsets. Our specialties are:

  • Borehole submersible pumpsets from 0.5 H.P. to 60 H.P.
  • Horizontal Openwell submersible pumpsets from 0.5 H.P. to 10 H.P.
  • 4” borehole submersible pumpsets manufactured as per BIS Standards.
  • Flow rates of pumps vary from 10 L.P.M. to 2500 L.P.M.
  • Manufacture of SS pumps for salt manufacturing units.
  • Leading manufacturer of 3” borehole submersible pumpsets in India.


Career Opportunities » JobsKIWI PUMPS offers job potential to the interested to work as a team. Varieties of areas such as Production, Quality Assurance, Assembly, Testing, Accounts & Administration are available for the experienced & qualified personnel. Interested personnel may get in touch with the company.

Be a Kiwian! Our compensation packages are competitive and we provide a comprehensive suite of healthcare, time-offs, higher education benefits to our team members. Most importantly our consistent, profitable growth rate provides our employees with stability and an environment to achieve personal career goals.

We are always very glad to hear from experienced mechanical or electrical Sales Engineers from within the industry, or those from outside that feel that they have something to offer this progressive and expanding company.

In the first instance please forward your C.V. to our offices marked ‘Marketing’ and for the attention of Mr Jayesh Patel.
Sales Engineer



Sales Engineer


Desired Profile


BE / Diploma






Job Description


  • Promote our products to end users, dealers, panel builders

  • Negotiate with the buyers

  • Achieve sales and collection targets

  • Understand the various processes and requirements in various Industries

  • Candidate must have experience in submersible pumps marketing Knowledge and Skill




Knowledge and Skill


  • Diploma or Degree in Engineering with Electrical

  • Strong selling skills

  • Aggressive & self motivated

  • Highly customer focused


Mimimum Experience


2 Years






Winning Strategy

Winning Strategy

  • Kiwi Pumps was promoted in the year 1999, arising from the separation of a previous company with 15 years experience by a team of high motivated, quality conscious and technology- Savvy Brothers. The promoters are competent, innovative and independent. Two realities with years of experience in the sector, the integration of the technical and production know-how has permitted the creation of precious synergies, that still constitute an important point of force, to the advantage of the company.
  • In particular the decentralization of production towards a network for the supply of semi-finished products and intermediate materials has allowed maintaining great elasticity in production and at the same time guarantee the product quality in line with the best standards in the sector, preserving a high degree of personalization of the product according to the needs of particular demands.
  • The partnership connection that was established with third party networks, together with shrewd management of the stock has led to a reduction in the time between reception of the client's order and satisfying the request to minimum.
  • Main focus of the company was & is to manufacture QUALITY PUMPS which will consume less energy, have long life, easily repairable. To achieve the above set goals, good quality raw materials are used; inspection at various stages of production is carried out; final product is tested for performance and packed properly & dispatched the material so as to reach the end customer without any damage.
  • To achieve the above results consistently, the company has adopted ISO 9001 system in the year 2003 and the same has helped the company, immensely.
  • The company has also obtained IS mark for its products from Bureau of Indian Standards, giving the confidence on QUALITY of the product to the consumer.
  • Transparent policies are adopted in carrying out the business with different distributors / dealers which again has given good potential to expand the business.

Management Team

Management Team

Kiwi Pumps is a partnership firm. All the activities are looked after by Jayesh Patel & Ramesh Patel at the top of the organization.

Marketing, customer related issues, procurement & day to day management is looked after by Jayesh Patel. Developmental activities, Production & Quality related aspects are looked after by Ramesh Patel.

All the departments are headed by managers who will take care of the departmental activities based on the overall policies of the company

Top Management:
has created basic infrastructure facilities for manufacturing quality products.

has put in place Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2008 System Standards.

has created Quality Circles in the organization to solve the Production, Quality related issues.

Commercial Policy

Commercial Policy

Kiwi Pumps warrants its products free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for which its products were designed. This warranty is for a period of 12 months from installation or 15 months after shipment from the factory, which ever comes first. This standard warranty applies unless specific warranty conditions are granted by Kiwi in writing. If its product should fail through defect in workmanship or material within the stated warranty period, Kiwi must be notified in writing within the warranty period of such defects and shall have the option of requiring return of parts or product to its factory for verification of any claim.

The warranty is in lieu of any other liability for defects. KIWI MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND NO WARRANTY THAT ITS PRODUCT SHALL BE APPROPRIATE FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, nor are there any other warranties, expressed or implied, by operation of law or otherwise. This warranty does not cover any expense ( Labor, lost production), incurred in repairs or alteration made outside the Kiwi factory without prior authorization, not does it cover in any way the performance of equipment which has been revised or altered by others. The customer is wholly responsible for establishing the suitability of the product for his particular application and for operating conditions, which do not exceed published product limitations. Kiwi shall not liable for damages or delay resulting from or related to defective products, nor for consequential, special or contingent damages for breach of warranty.


Order Changes

In the event an order is changed after acceptance by Kiwi the following applies.

  1. Changes to an order are subject to factory approval.
  2. Changes made to an open order may extend the ship-date.
  3. Changes to an open order may affect the product price.
  4. Changes to the product ship-date by the distributor may affect the price.
Published Prices And Shipment
  1. The published prices for all Kiwi Products are subject to change without notice. All price exclude sales, excise, use or other taxes, all of which are for customer’s account.
  2. Prices are Ex- Works (Manufacturing Facility).
  3. Special Quotations may be obtained from Kiwi for products not covered by published prices. Validity of quotations will be stated on each quotation or Proforma. Quote to accompany order or quote number should be stated on order.



Kiwi Pumps, Rajkot, India appreciates your visit to our website and for your interest in our products, namely submersible pumpsets.

The contents in this website is arranged under the power & responsibility of and is represented by Jayesh Patel & Ramesh Patel (Managing Partners).

Kiwi Pumps is arranging and updating the contents of this website in due diligence. Nevertheless all data contained in this website are for general information only and do serve as substitute for the exhaustive and specific advice of our staff in respect to any decision made in deciding to place a purchase order.

Kiwi Pumps is providing the information on this website ‘as is’ and without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including (but not limited to) any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, or non-infringement. While the information provided is believed to be accurate, it may include errors or inaccuracies. Coypright

Kiwi Pumps is not responsible for the contents or website that is maintained by third parties and therefore waives its liability for any links from this website to other website.

Data Protection

Kiwi Pumps assures that any personal information provided by visitors to this website will exclusively be used for processing their relevant inquiry.

Our Brands

Our Brands

Kiwi pumps manufactures pumps & markets in specific brand name. Our main brand name is FIGHTER and other brand names are:

  • KIWI
  • URO – II

Kiwi Pumps have registered all the above brands.

In addition the company supplies to other leading manufacturers of pumps in the brand name requested by the party.

The company will create the brand image & it will be synonymous with KIWI PUMPS.

Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities

KIWI PUMPS is social responsible company. Its products are of high quality, high efficiency and reasonably priced items. The pump designs are based on use of non-polluting water filled motor design. Motors are easily rewindable allowing many years of useful life after carrying out the rewindable work. With the prices of raw materials & metals increasing at very high rate, it makes sense to reuse the resources we have, to the best possible extent.

Kiwi Pumps, since inception has fulfilled its obligations to the society by taking active part, in charities & other people oriented projects. Some of the activities are:

  • Private public co-operation in developing & maintaining plantation of trees in the plot allotted by the municipal corporation for an initial period of 5 years.
  • Contribution to Tsunami relief.
  • Contribution to Earth Quake affected personnel.
  • In general, Saurashtra region of Gujarat receives very less rain and draugh conditions prevail very often. To overcome this situation, a novel method:
    CHECK DAM CONSTRUCTION was carried out in villages with the participation of villagers in terms of money & labour. This has helped storing of rain water and also improving the water level below the ground. These check dams have helped in increasing the availability of drinking water, increase in yield of crops and also increase in number of crops in a year.
  • Girls to Boys ratio is disturbing in Gujarat and is a Social problem. To create awareness “Beti Bachao” hoardings are made at BUS DEPOTS in Gujarat.
  • To improve the mental status & physical status, Art of Living helps to a great extent. Programs are arranged for personnel working in Kiwi Pumps as well as outside public.

Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

As a responsible company, involved in manufacturing submersible pumps for agricultural & domestic use, KIWI PUMPS accepts that concern for the environment is an integral part of its business strategy. KIWI PUMPS will take all necessary actions to protect the natural environment and prevent pollution in achieving its business aims.

To achieve the above objective, KIWI PUMPS will:

  • Kiwi pumps manufacturers electrical submersible motor of the pumping system with non contaminating water filled design.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legalization and standards.
  • Handling & Storing material and products without risk to individuals and the environment.
  • Promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials.
  • Maximizing energy efficiency and promoting better use of energy.

Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development

"We get things moving". Of course, that applies literally to us as a pump manufacturer, but also in its figurative sense to the KIWI PUMPS team. We are in constant motion to improve established designs, to increase the benefit to the customer by innovative product, service and quality, but mainly to make innovations with new ideas, securing further advantages on the market for ourselves, proving our competence and securing and increasing our market success.


Above objectives can only be achieved if the whole team stands behind this ambition, regardless of which job each one is doing.

KIWI PUMPS offers a dynamic, professional and diverse work environment with full freedom to work. Kiwi pumps offers individuals with an opportunity to participate in a dynamic, multi disciplined world class company.

We are driven by curiosity and GOD seems to have blessed us with common sense, simplicity, integrity and a compelling desire to stay away from routine works.
Employee Motivation:

In any business, to be successful, CUSTOMERS are to be satisfied. To do so, employees have to be active & enthusiastic participants. The company maintains good human relationship with all the employees by taking care of various requirements.


The employees are trained at frequent intervals in different areas such as:

  • Productivity.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Quality Circles etc.

which are all going to enhance the CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Employees Recognition:

All the employees work in a free atmosphere and there is no POLICING of the work. This gives great freedom to the employees and they are also proud to be a part of such a company.


Suggestions by each of the employee are welcome. Discussions are held on such suggestions and decisions are taken to implement useful decisions. Based on the nature & quality of the suggestions, rewards are given while meetings are organized. The self esteem of each of the employee increases by such acts.

Social Benefits:

Even through the unit is very small unit, social benefits are given to the employees. Some such examples are :

  1. Accident insurance: Rs.10 Lakh for marketing personnel and Rs 1 lakh for workers Medical Benefits.
  2. Medical benefits: All the workers are covered by ESIC scheme for medical purposes.
  3. Dresses: Office staff & workers are provided with dresses.
Fair Business Practices:

The company follows FAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES by adopting transparent system of working. The pricing, discount structure etc. are all common to each & every distributor/ dealer. Such a policy has helped the organization in smooth functioning of the unit.

Ethical Standards:

The company bills all the products sold to the distributors / dealers / direct customers in rear cases and follows all the tax rules & Regulation. All the taxes are paid in time. No cases have come up at any time w.r.t such non compliance.

Courtesy Towards Customers:

The unit exists because of the customer & every one in the organization shows highest level of curtesy towards the customer. All the people take care of the customer requirements at the highest possible level.

Export Market

Export Market

Kiwi Pumps started marketing in the state of Gujarat in the first year of incorporation. Slowly area of operation was extended to the surrounding states such as Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. In 2003, Marketing was extended to Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Orissa, Kerala & Goa. In 2006, marketing was extended to West Bengal & North East regions. Thus our products are marketed in a number of states in India.
Along with expansion in the production & marketing network in India, export potential was explored as the demand for pumps is very high in other countries. Indirect exports have been initiated in the year 2005 and few pumps were sent to New Zealand.

In the year 2006, direct export has been done to Middle East countries, African countries and the feedback from the customer was encouraging. In the year 2007, more efforts are made to export and the efforts are successful as export orders are received from more countries.

Please contact us for your export requirements; we regularly export pumps, motors and other spares around the globe both by sea and airfreight. We offer a complete service to include export packing and all documentation.

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