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Company Law

Director Compliance Services

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Application for Director Identification Number (DIN), Digital Signature for Director, Registration of Digital Signature with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Appointment of Directors,  Compliances regarding Remuneration of Directors , Resignation/Removal of Directors, Compliances regarding Board of Directors Meeting and updating the Records of Board Meeting of the Company, Compliances regarding change in the personal details of any director with Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Certification Services

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We offer certification services under Companies Act, 1956 and Rule made there under for proper compliance under the Act and rules.
Under Companies act, 1956 and MCA 21 provision following e–form mandatorily pre certify by digital signature by Professional following are the form
1. e-form 18 regarding intimation of situation of Registered Office of Company
2. e- form 2 regarding allotment of shares
3. e-form 3 regarding allotment of shares other than cash
4. e- form 5 regarding increase in Authorized Capital
5. e-form 17 regarding satisfaction of charges (i.e repayment of secured loan)
6. e-form 32 regarding appointment of Director
7. e-form 23 regarding registration of resolution/agreement with Ministry of Corporate Affairs
8. e-form 24 AB
9. e-form 25 C regarding appointment of Managing Director in public limited company
10. e-form DIN 3 regarding intimation of DIN of Director to ROC/Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Company Registration/Incorporation

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Application for availability of name on behalf of Client, Drafting of Various Document regarding registration of Company such Drafting of Memorandum of Association as per the activities/requirement of each client, Articles of Association, Consent letter of Director, Disclosure of Directors, Power of attorney for representation to us on behalf of client for Registration of Company, appearance before Registrar Of Companies (ROC) regarding any objection raised in the process of Incorporation of Company.

While considering a public company it further compliances as file prospectus with ROC and getting the Certificate of Business Commence Certificate for ROC.

Digital Certification Services

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We offers Digital Certification Services, which includes.

  1. Signing of Annual Return and Balance sheet with respect to MCA 21 filing with Register of Companies

  2. List of past and present member and directors of the company

  3. Transfer of Securities

  4. Managerial Remuneration under Schedule XIII

  5. Incorporation of Company

  6. Certification regarding section 149 of companies act 1956

  7. Buy back of Securities

  8. Declaration regarding section 25 Companies

  9. Compliance certificate under section 383A of the Companies Act 1956 for those companies whose paid up capital is Rs. 10,00,000 or more.


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We are engaged in providing preparation, filing and getting registration of Form 8/17 with regard to Creation of Charges, Modification and Satisfaction of Charges. We also make Petitions and obtain Order from the CLB with relation to late filing of the said forms with the Office Registrar of Companies. Giving Search Reports and advising on the matters relating to the same.

Company Law Board

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We do hereby appear before Company Law Board and draft necessary document regarding following Matter:
1. Petition under section 17 (1) for Change of situation of register Office form one state to another State.
2. Application for extension of time.
3. Application for revival under section 17
4. Petition  under section  43
5. Petition to allow company for immediate inspection of document if inspection is refuse
6. Petition to direct to company to make repayment of matured deposit.
7. Petition to sanction to issue shares at discount.
8. Petition to give consent to issue further issue of shares in lieu of irredeemable preference share.
9. Petition under section 141(1) and (3) of the Companies Act 1956 for condensation of delay relating to registration of charge with ROC.
10. Petition for Rectification of Members on any ground under section 111/111A
11. Petition for Extending the time for delivery of share certificate.
12. Petition under section 113 providing time limit for issue of share certificate.
13. Petition for furnishing copy of trust deed to person requiring it.
14. Petition to direct inspection of register and returns or to furnish copy thereof to the person requiring it.
15. Petition to direct inspection of copies of instrument creating charge  of register of Charge
16. Application for Direction to call Annual General Meeting
17. Application for Direction to call EXTRA Ordinary General Meeting
18. Petition to pass an order  directing immediate inspection of minutes book
19. Petition to pass an order directing copy of balance sheet and auditor’s to the person required it .
20. Petition to pass an order directing to inspect the record by inspector.
21. Petition to pass an order inspection of register maintain under section 303.
22. Petition to grant leave for an appointed of MD whose term.
23. Petition to decide whether it is necessary to appoint Government Director on BOD
24. Petition to prevent change in Board of Director
25. Petition to pass an order  directing a company to make good the default  from its failure  to make returns .

Amalgamation / Merger Services

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Amalgamation / Merger are a combination of two or more companies into a single company, where the shareholders of non-surviving company become shareholders of surviving company.


Presently the amalgamation/Merger of the companies is subject to confirmation of High Court.

Central Government Approvals

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We provide Central Government Approvals either from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi, Regional Directors or Registrar of Companies, depending upon the issues. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is located in Delhi, whereas Regional Directors, Registrar of Companies are located in different parts of the Country. We undertake all the work related to these administrative authorities. Following is the short list of work done by us:

  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi:- Remuneration of a Director in excess of limits specified under Section 269 of the Act and Schedule XIII thereto, giving loan or guarantee to a group Company under Section 295 of the Act, remuneration to professional Director, approval of appointment of relative of a director, etc.
  • Regional Director: - approval of Contracts in which a director is interested, shifting of registered office within one state, etc.
  • Registrar of Companies: - registration of new Companies, Change of name and/or objects, registration of charges, conversion of status of a company, etc.

Retainership Services

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We are engaged in offering consolidated services under Company Law on monthly/ quarterly retainership basis. Our retainership services include, advice on company Law issues, Board Meetings & General Meetings, updation of statutory records and other services as per the requirements.

Consultation On Board And General Meetings

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We are engaged in offering Consultation on Board and General Meetings. We offer these services at the market leading services. Conducting Board meetings and General Meetings require a specialized knowledge and expertise because of legalities involved in holding such meetings. It is important to understand the time limits specified for various activities and as a result, a lot of planning has to go in finalizing a date of the Board Meeting, its agenda and also Annual General Meeting.

Secretarial Audit

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We are among the leading names involved in offering Secretarial Audit to our esteemed clients. We offer these at the industry leading prices. We are involved in conducting Audit which not only covers theses points but also other issues under the Act including provisions of Memorandum and Articles of Association. We offer these as per the market leading appliances.

Scope of Secretarial Audit Report covers following area:

A) Under the Companies Act 1956 and Rules made there under
B) Under the Monoploies and Restrictives Trade Rpatices Act, 1969
C) Under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
D) Under the Securities Contract (Regulation)Act, 1956
E) Under the Water and Air Pollution Control Laws
F) Under Select Industrial and Labour Laws

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