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Occupational Therapy In Chennai

Sensory Integration Therapy

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We provide our customers with Sensory Integration Therapy that works by controlling the sensory stimulations and eliciting an ‘adaptive response’ as per the child’s brain functions. It involves various sensory inputs, such as - Tactile (touch), Proprioceptive (body position sense) and Vestibular (body movement sense). The therapy is highly effective in treating children with poor sensory integrative functions.

Group Therapy

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We are engaged in Snozelen Therapy that incorporates Multi-Sensory Environment that provides gentle stimulation of the primary senses. It has been designed to suit individuals of all ages for improving their communications skills, building understanding and solve trust issues. The treatment is aimed towards providing a comprehensive solution for connecting cognitive, perceptual, behavioral, physical and various other conditions that are essential for providing a sense of empowerment to the individuals.

Handwriting Improvement

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A beautiful and legible handwriting not only has its benefits in daily life but also aids in enhancing the confidence. We are also engaged in conducting courses and workshops on helping individuals improve their handwriting. These systematic sessions use various worksheets that are useful for practicing and systematically improve the handwriting at each step.

Behaviour Modification Therapy

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We are engaged in offering highly professional Behavior Modification Therapy for troubled pre teens and adolescents. Unlike adults, children and teens are not set in their ways, hence, these therapies have proven to be highly effective for youngsters with ADHD, ODD, and other behavioral issues. These structured therapies give direct positive reinforcement for positive behaviors and establishing consequences for negative behaviors. The therapy entails incorporating various specific strategies and actions for addressing many behavioral problems and arming the patients with tools to change negative behaviors.


Communication Therapy

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Communication Therapy offered by us have been specially designed to enhance the communication skills of individuals and raising their self-confidence levels. The therapy aimed towards combining various aspects such as aural rehabilitation, auditory skills, speech reading, speech and voice, pronunciation, and language skills, and telephone communication training. This integrated therapy is well proven to illicit great results and help patients interact better with others and strengthen relationships.

Group Therapy

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We provide our customers with Group Therapy, which is a widely acknowledged therapy for treating various forms of psychological problems and concerns. The therapy works by bringing together a group of individuals with similar problems and focusing on a specific topic or problem area. The interactive process helps the patients to open up, share and talk freely. Such therapy groups have proven to be highly effective for patients deal with problems such as Depression, Adult Children of Alcoholics, or Parents of ADHD Children and many more.

Auditory Integration Therapy

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AIT was designed to normalize hearing. Distortions in hearing can sometimes be a significant contributing factor in the conditions listed above. Individuals with the above mentioned disorders can often have hearing that is disorganized, asymmetrical, hypersensitive or otherwise abnormal.

A.D.L. Training

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Our A.D.L. Training by Dressing Frames are designed for developing manual dexterity of patients by improving the hand and finger coordination. For the same, it used clothing fasteners and four laminated boards fitted with Laces, Buckles, Buttons and Zippers.

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