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About Kriti Group

Kriti has cherished the trust of its customers by walking that extra mile to integrate modern technology in its production facilities and processes to deliver a high quality product each time. The company conducts its business ethically, honours commitments and is continually adopting new environment friendly initiatives.Kriti has cherished the trust of its customers by walking that extra mile to integrate modern technology in its production facilities and processes to deliver a high quality product each time. The company conducts its business ethically, honours commitments and is continually adopting new environment friendly initiatives.

The group has three main businesses:


  • Kriti Industries (India) Ltd The manufacturing unit houses comprehensive extrusion and moulding facilities. The products are sold under the brand names of Kasta which has sub brands like Khushali, Koresil, Krystal and are used for agriculture, micro irrigation, construction, infrastructure and telecommunication purposes.
  • Kriti Nutrients Ltd.The unit has a state of the art manufacturing setup which includes solvent extraction plants, vegetable oil refinery, lecithin plant, effluent treatment plant, fluidized bed boilers and an in-house tin and jar manufacturing facility. It uses best quality, Non GMO soyabean seeds with a high nutrient content to manufacture a premium quality product range. The range includes refined soyabean oil, Superhypro meal, Defatted soya flakes and lecithin used for human consumption, cattle feed, poultry, aquaculture, confectionary, dairy product, industrial applications and pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Kriti Auto Engineering and Plastics Pvt. Ltd. It is an auto component manufacturing division, which produces moulded plastic components for automobiles. The customer list includes the leading automobile manufacturers of India.

The company has a group of professional and dynamic people who work collectively to compete effectively by accessing their own skills and harnessing those of others.Kriti Group today, is one of the most trusted and respected enterprises with its brands commanding equity and ranking high on consumer preferences. It has its vision set high and is assiduously endeavouring towards achieving the same.



Kriti undertakes to dedicate itself and all its resources to achieving global excellence in the present sectors of operations and seeking growth via divsersification. We adopt the following as our mission objectives:

  • Cherishing mutually satisfying relationships
  • Encouraging innovation through creativity
  • Constant technological upgradations to maintain superiority
  • Inculcating team spirit amongst the workforce and ensuring their development through professional improvement in their capabilities and welfare for them and their families
  • Contributing to the social and economic upliftment of the underprivileged in the society and in making the nation stronger
  • Honesty in approach, transparency in work and dealings
  • Adoption of green technology to conserve environment and reduction of our carbon footprint

Kriti shall stand out in whatever it undertakes by achieving excellence in transforming a basic need into a new experience. To realize this vision, we dedicate ourselves to..


  • Encouraging creativity and valuing new thoughts.
  • Using appropriate technology.
  • Lending a helping hand to society's developmental needs.
  • Being honest and forthright in our approach.
  • Being in harmony with the natural order.
  • Customer focus with world class quality and cost-effective products


  • Knowledge and creative thinking of our people.
  • Continuous development of new products.
  • Largest range of plastic pipes and fittings in India.
  • Reliable quality and product performance.
  • Long term business relationship.
  • Presence and awareness of developments in all types of extrusion, Injection molding, blow molding techniques for thermoplastics
  • Reputed presence in soya meal and refined oil.

Chairman's Message

Kriti has traversed many milestones since its inception as Kasta in the year 1983. At each milestone of this journey, Kriti has endeavored to service it’s customers whereby they feel benefited. The company has added value by offering superior quality products and services consistently.

Our focus has been on building modern plants with state of art technology, sales with strong distribution network and continuous product up gradation by our team in close association with our key customers. Today we cater to customers in Food, Feed and Confectionery for soya products. We also provide extruded and moulded plastic products for agriculture, horticulture, infrastructure and for FMCG and Automobile industry.

Kriti’s marketing network is spread deep down from large to small towns in over 15 states of India. Kriti’s products are exported to almost all countries in South East Asia, China, Japan and Europe. Kriti is planning to extend its reach to individual customers to enhance its B&B share in total business volume. It is also planning to add newer Food products for its retail sales network. Having introduced Inline drip systems, Kriti is increasing its product offering for agriculture, horticulture and infrastructure segments. Kriti also plans to introduce new products for providing comprehensive plumbing solutions.

Kriti Group demerged into two different entities, Kriti Industries (India) Ltd. and Kriti Nutrients Ltd on 1,January 2010. This was done to give specific focus to each business, specific to its requirement.

Kriti is in an exciting phase of its journey and is poised to leap miles ahead. We are looking to your continued support in this journey.

Shiv Singh Mehta


A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"

That single step was the setting up of a single screw extruder imported from Battenfield Germany, for manufacturing Rigid PVC Pipes in a small shed, 32 Kms from Indore in Madhya Pradesh with a capital of Rs 0.2 million taken from MPFC in the year 1983.
  The brand ‘Kasta’ was a success and led to expanded capacities and a dealership network of over 100 dealers. Strategically leveraging its’ relationship with the farmers, in 1992, a 200 tonnes per day Solvent Extraction Plant was established where the company became buyer of seeds from the farmers who were purchasing company’s rigid PVC Pipes. The same year the company went public with an initial issue of Rs 48.3 million at a premium double its share value.   In 1995 a new range of injection moulding products was added to the basket. The range of offering of the RPVC pipes increased steadily from diameter of 63mm to 316mm.
The company added a 50 tonne edible oil refinery in the year 1998, whose capacity was increased to 70 tonnes within 2 years. This earmarked the successful launch of the brand ‘Kriti Refined Edible Soya Oil’ and further expansion of the capacity to 120 tonnes.   With the advent of the telecom revolution a new range of institutional customers were added for the supply of co-extruded internally lubricated HDPE telecom ducts for laying Optical Fiber cables. The company subsequently started manufacturing large diameter HDPE pipes of 450mm. diameter for potable water supplies & sewage disposal.   In 2001, the company received the ISO 9000 certifiation , was processing 15000 tonne of plastics annually and added a 2 tonne per day Lecithin plant in the soya division.  The company was constantly expanding its plastics’ range and not only catered to customers in M.P.,Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra but also many leading institutional customers & government departments.

The year, 2004 was a landmark year when the company moved out of Madhya Pradesh to Ranjangaon, Pune and put up new state of art facilities for moulding for white goods & the automobile industry.In the subsequent year the company received a certificate for second highest sales of soya oil in India and also the ISO 22000 certification and many more opprtunities.

In 2007 Kriti became the pioneer in manufacturing and exporting Super HyPro Soyabean meal, Value added soya flakes and speciality lecithin.   In 2010 Kriti demerged its businesses into Kriti Industries (India) Ltd. and Kriti Nutrients Ltd. This was done to give specific focus to each business with its unique requirements.   Today the company has its presence in over 15 states in India and exports in countries of Western Europe and South East Asia. There is a constant focus on bringing in new products in the market in order to fulfill each need of the customer.