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Laptop-Desktop Motherboard-Chiplevel Course Training


Introduction to Motherboard & its make

Tools used for M/B & Laptops servicing
Basic Electronics THT& SMD (Resistors,Capacitor,Diodes,Inductors,)
Types of IC’s (Vrm's, Regulators, Amplifiers, Power, charging & other Dual, Quad, Pga, Bga)
Using of Tools practicals
Architecture of Motherboard (slots ISA/EISA/VESA/PCI/AGP/PCI-X)
Memory slots (Ram) (168/200/240/244 pin sdram, ddr, ddr1, ddr2 pin voltages/speed)
RomBios (different types quad, dual)
I/O devices (comport, parallel, usb, soundcard, video card, lancard pin voltages)
IDE/ PATA/SATA connectors/pin voltages
Important supporting Ics (Northbridge, Southbridge, super i/o, multi i/o, Clock Ic)
CPU pin voltage
Troubleshooting of Dead motherboard
Troubleshooting using Debug card and codes
Dead Motherboard Troubleshooting
Power Failure of Laptop Troubleshooting
No Display for Motherboard & Laptops Troubleshooting
Peripherals Not Detecting to Motherboard
Charging Failure in Laptops
Keypad /Mouse pad/Touch screen failures & its Troubleshooting in Laptops
Laptop Display Testing & Repairsetc.

Chip Level Mobile Phone Training Service


we conduct computerized mobile phone repair course starting from basics up to chip level service. We also conduct online mobile phone repair classes through video conferencing facility .

We have trained people from NOKIA, SONY ERICSON, LG SAMSUNG & MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES like FLEXTRONICS, ONCOM WIRELESS, ON COM TECHNOLOGIES. Our students are working in authorized services centers of leading mobile phone manufactures & mobile phone service providers .


The details of the course contents are as follows .

WE TRAIN PEOPLE ON CHIP LEVEL SERVICE & REPAIR OF MOBILE PHONES from basic mobile phones to latest touch screen mobile phones of all makes & manufactures like NOKIA, SAMSUNG, SONY ERICSON, PANASONIC, SIEMENS, FLY, BIRD, LG, even chinese dual sim & TV MOBILE PHONES.
Desoldering of components
Check of voltages in a battery of a mobile phone
Use of SMD rework station
Triggering of batteries
Assembling & disassembling of mobile phones

Chip level servicing of components:
Power amplifiers (pf), audio IC(Cobba), CPU (Mad), Power supply IC (Cont), Charging Control IC (Chaps). Rf Signal Processor IC( Hagar). Also well versed with SMD components replacement (Capacitors, Diodes Resistors, LED's). Rebelling & repair of ball grade array ICs (BGA).
Hardware problems:
Battery, charging, water damage, network, display, Ringer, buzzer, audio incoming & outgoing, insert sim card, total dead etc.

Software problems:
Contact service, hanging, partial dead, network, unlocking, Flashing various software like USR, twister, tornado, griffin, UFS, Uni Box for color, camera, blue tooth, infrared enabled mobile phones of Nokia, Samsung, Panasonic, Ericson, Sony, Siemens, LG, Motorola & many more

Chip Level Pc Computer Motherboard Training Service

Chip level computer motherboard repair course.
This course covers starts from the identification of mother boards.

Troubleshooting various problems related to motherboard like:
No display
No sound
Heating of CPU
CPU Fan problems
Ram related problems
Bay or slots problems
Chip set problem
Input out put IC problems
North & south bridge identification
Checking of tracks on the mother board
Checking of various components like Mosfet, BIOS, Jumper Switches, USB slot replacements,
Mother board soldering & fixing of Micro BGA ICS
100 percent track tracings
Replacement of all ICS on the motherboard
Repairs of SMPS & power supply modules on mother boards
Repairs & training on various makes of motherboards like INTEL, ASUS, GIGABYTE, TOMATTO, MERCURY, AMD, CYRUS

Computer Hardware Network Course Training Service

Introduction Computer

History of Computers
Types of Computers
Overview of PC / Block Diagram
Assembling of New Computers
Detail Description Identification & Description of Computers parts


Types of Memory
Memory Modules & its specifications

Processor Types & Specifications

Buses & its types
Speed Rating & over clocking
Physical packages of Processor
Generation of Processors & comparison

Storage Devices

Floppy Disk
Hard Disk Storage (Partitioning,Formatting, Installation Operating softwares Windows7, XP Professional, Vista, other Application Softwares & Troubleshooting of software problems its solutions).
Optical Storage / CD DVD Assembling and its Specifications.

Mother Board Architecture

Form Factors
Motherboard components & its functions

BIOS & Installation

BIOS Basics
CMOS Setup Specification
Installation of Windows

Networking Fundamentals
Types of Networking
Media & Cabling
Basic networking concepts
The OSI model
Network adapters
Introducing protocols
Network cabling and devices
Internetworking components
Remote and WAN connectivity
Troubleshooting hardware components
TCP/IP fundamentals
TCP/IP addressing and subnetting

Part B

Identifying network operating system features
Network clients
Directory services
Accessing and managing resources in a Windows network
Monitoring and troubleshooting a Windows server
Fault tolerance and disaster recovery
Routine maintenance
Installing Windows Servers
Troubleshooting network connectivity

Home Study Courses In Mobile Phone

Kss infotech pioneer in mobile phone repair of chip level courses. Has launched a new mobile phone course for home study in the form of CDs. The CDs has information like soldering videos, desoldering videos, repair videos, assembly, disassembly videos, schematics, service manuals, how to install software etc.

Chip level mobile phone course:

Chip level repairs of mobile phone course on CD now we are professional mobile phone repairs trainers. We are currently training people from various countries for online training from USA ( Texas, Wisconsin, Atlanta, Florida), UK ( London, Derbhishire), Dublin(Ireland), South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Syreia, Bangaldesh, Nepal, Srilanka.

It has videos for disassembly, how to open handset pics, how to Repair videos, how to solder & desolder video clips, problems related clips. Software loading clips all problems upto Nokia n70, n90, d500, latest color & camera repair hints solutions, service manuals, schematics.

The cost of the CD is US $ 300.00 (or its equivalent Indian rupees) which can be paid by western union or money gram money. On purchase u get one year free email support for any problems u face in repairs through emails.

Chip Level Pc Mother Board Repair Course

Home Study /Self Study /Distance Learning Course.
THE CDs/DVD contains videos on repairs, schematics, removal & fixing
of ICS, tools used in repairs & troubleshooting.
The cost of the CDs /DVD is US $ 500 or its equivalent Indian rupees only.
Do u want to order for the course CDs then. Please make the payment.
Through your credit or debit card using the paypal gate way.

Manpower Placement Consultancy Service

Excellence in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals for Senior Management, Middle, Junior Management Level,skilled manpower. Our specialization in understanding company needs, and providing candidates with relevant experience and skills to meet your needs. Our mission is to recruit responsible people in respect of vacancy and company needs. Today's highly competitive world requires experienced, skilled and hardworking professionals to get an edge in the rat race. We partner you in this endeavour for providing professionals in following fields.

Medical Transcription Course

Medical Transcription Course is a course. Medical Transcription provider brings to you a promising and challenging career. Medical transcription is one of the fastest outsourcing products. Medical Transcription has a promising future. The advantage in this field is that you don’t need any formal qualification. This career option even lets you work from home and set your own hours.

The course duration: 4 months daily 3-4 hours

The training is conducted by professionals in the field of medical transcription .the course contents which includes as follows.

Dynamics Of Medical Vocabulary And Word Structure:

Word Dynamics Body Dynamics, Medical Instruments & Equipment, Medical Specialties & Specialists Diagnostic Medicine, Abbreviations, Anatomy and Physiology Diagnostic Medicine, Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Drug References & Instruments details, DRUG LISTING - generic alpha, name brand cross-reference, plus 200 of the most commonly prescribed drugs.

We emphasize that practical experience is the best teacher, and hours of dictation by specialists of all styles and difficulties, is just about everything you will encounter in the work place, and the Companion Key are used to compare your work against the actual transcripts, one report at a time.

Mobile Phone-Pc Repair Service

We conduct computerized mobile phone repair course starting from basics up to chip level service. We also conduct online mobile phone repair classes through video conferencing facility.

We have trained people from Nokia, Sony Ericson, LG Samsung & Multinational companies like Flextronics, On com Wireless, on com technologies. Our students are working in authorized services centers of leading mobile phone manufactures & mobile phone service providers.

Software Development Service

Each  application is designed to be simple to install, easy to use, and affordable. Reducing this time, by even a few minutes, would more than pay for the cost of the software.  specializes in creatively and cost-effectively developing complex software and systems that run smoothly, freeing clients to maximize profits by focusing on their distinctive core competencies.

In Information Technology we are "master mechanics", applying state-of-the-art technologies and healthily industry practices to develop complex, high-performance turnkey systems. Under one umbrella, the company provides a seasoned team with expertise in UNIX and Windows/NT applications, database and network design, distributed systems, and security. We do offer Consulting Services which help our customers to define and plan comprehensive strategies for their application of information technology. We excel at delivering solutions for professional digital media development, advanced software application programming and user centered interfaces that are technically robust and elegantly rendered.

We provide consultancy on SAP(ORACLE, SYBASE, AS400, Data warehousing, Web Based applications (JAVA, J2EE, .NET, PHP, ASP, VBSCRIPT, DREAMWEAVER, FLASH) by highly skilled & experienced professional from the IT industry.

Training In Cgfns And Nclex-Rn Certification Program

Training in CGFNS & NCLEX-RN Certification Program
The CGFNS Certification Program is designed specifically for first-level, general nurses educated and licensed outside the United States who wish to assess their chances of passing the U.S. registered nurse licensing exam, the NCLEX-RN® examination, and attaining licensure to practice as registered nurses within the United States.

The program is comprised of three parts: a credentials review of the nurse's education, registration and licensure; the CGFNS Qualifying Exam, a one-day qualifying exam testing nursing knowledge; and an English language proficiency exam. Upon successful completion of all three elements of the program, the applicant is awarded a CGFNS Certificate.

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