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Embroidery Saree


Embroidered sarees is a passion in the states of colour - Gujarat and Rajasthan. The highlight of the embroidered saris here is vibrant colour contrasts, rich patterns and sparkling mirror work. The craft of threads seems to pervade all aspects of life here, then be it their costumes, shoes, household hangings or trappings for their domestic animals. Especially famous are the embroidered indian sarees of Kutch and Jaisalmer, renowned for their unique colours, styles and stitches. Kumkum Sarees is the best embroidered sarees shop with unique collection of designer embroidery sarees, silk embroidered saris, embroidered indian sarees designed with kundan work, sequins and much more for party wear.

The word Embroidery comes from the Anglo-Saxon word for “edge”, but the technique itself was being used long before that. The term was first applied to decoratively stitched borders on medieval church vestments. But over time it came to cover all stitched decoration on any textile fabric. It is an art of hand weaving which is done with the help of needle. It also known as needlework.

Exclusive Bandhani Saree


Bandhani sarees are popular for their vibrant colors and beautiful designs. The word ‘Bandhani’ comes from the Hindi word ‘Bandhan’ which means tying. Bandhani work is mostly done in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Every Bandhani saree goes through a rather difficult and time-consuming process. First the cloth is tied at several places. This is done by holding up a small part of the cloth and tying it up several times with a thread. It is done so that when the saree is dyed, the tied portion stays as before. A Bandhai saree is tied at around a hundred places. The tying up is done keeping in mind a design. The cloth is then dipped into dye for a five to ten minutes. It is then taken out and dried. If more colors or an elaborate design is to be made, the saree is then tied again according to the design to be formed and then dipped into a different colored dye.

Exclusive Dress Material


KumKum Sarees offers an unmatched range of appealing Punjabi Suits, Fancy Fabrics, Stoles, Scarves, Dupattas and Unstitch Dress Materials at most affordable prices. Starting our journey in 1990’s, with the manufacture of Pure Silk Ladies dress materials and fancy fabrics, we have gone from strength to strength to emerge as one of the leading names in our area. All our products are available in attractive designs and patterns to choose from. Our impeccable quality, unparalleled designs and strict commitment towards client satisfaction has helped us to discover a huge clientbase spread at every corner of the globe. We are regularly exporting our products to many countries of the world including Dubai, Canada, Singapore and Indonesia.

Traditional Bandhani Chaniya Choli


Traditional Indian cholis, bandhani Chaniya Choli and shop traditional Chaniya cholis. Formal chaniya choli in silk, silk material chaniya choli, silk fabric shop from KumKum Collection, India.

The contemporary fashion scene seems to be looking back into the past for inspiration. The Chaniya-Choli, an old favourite is all the rage—even finding favour in the fashion streets of Europe. Designers today, by juxtaposing old and new have succeeded in creating a most versatile dress code for the nineties.


In ethnic wear a garment that is giving strong competition to the salwarkameez on the fashion charts in the 90s is not the sari but the chaniya-choli. The chaniya or ghagra as it is often called has very strong traditions that date back to nearly 1500 B.C. with the coming of the Aryans in India. The Vedas (coming from the root word vid which means knowledge) have given indications in classics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata that the chaniya-choli was the favourite outfil for the women of that era. In a popular episode of the Mahabharata, naughty Lord Krishna known for his mischief in his childhood is believed to have hidden the chaniya-cholis of Radha, his friend, and the gopis (young girls) while they were taking a dip in the stream. The garba or dandiya raa.s a popular dance of Gujarat which is performed with sticks during the nine nights of Navratri prior to the Dusshera festival, requires the ladies to wear the chaniya-choli. It is the swirling movements of the dance that need a more flared garment. The sari being quite restrictive is not suitable.

Gujarati Gharchola


The Gharchola is a saree traditionally woven for a Gujurati bride’s wedding and is traditionally bought for her by her bridegroom. The Gharchola generally has a square of gold thread, with a small ethnic motif or an auspicious symbol like a lotus or a peacock embroidered in gold in the center. The Gharchola has intricately woven zari designs within the square.

The Gharchola sarees may be woven and dyed anywhere in Kutch, but the final red color is given in Jamnagar. This is because there is an old belief in Kutch which says that the waters of Jamnagar have auspicious properties which when used for dying a bridal Gharchola saree will produce the most brilliant shade of red that a bride can ever have for her wedding ceremony.

Ladies Kurti


Bollywood style designer indian kurti - unique indian kurtis for women - it’s the latest in indian fashion! If you are looking to buy the designer kurtis (tunic) to match with your jeans, trousers or salwars, simply browse through our collection below and purchase in retail at wholesale prices. Whether you want short kurtis or long kurtis, these are the latest trend in indian fashion and are suitable for all sizes …

ladies kurti is one of the the most liked garment not only among gents but also among ladies. Women’s kurta popularly known as kurti is a stylish and gorgeous clothing. It is a loose long sleeved shirt, from shoulders to the knees or something nearby it. The size comes in varying lengths. Some kurtis are as long as to knees whereas the length of some of the kurtis are up to waist only. The arm width of the sleeve don’t change from shoulders to wrist.

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