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Natural Honey

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Natural Honey

Natural Honey

Natural Honey is nature's nutritive sweetener, it also contains bioactive components (Phenolic compounds ranges from 71.7 to 202.6 μg/g, Flavonoids and organic acids etc.), due to these it has Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant properties. Therefore it is used in Folk-Medicines.

While the most commonly available honeys are made from clover, alfalfa, heather and acacia flowers, honey can be made from a variety of different flowers, including thyme and lavender. It may be use as a Natural Sweetener in various Food Products like ice-cream and milk products etc.
Honey Standards


  • PFA (Grade A): Specific Gravity at 27
  • Degrees (Min.): 1.37
  • Moisture % (Max): 25
  • Reducing Sugar % (Min.): 65
  • Sucrose % (Max): 5
  • Ash % (Max): 0.5
  • Fiehe’s Test: Negative
  • Pollen Count (Max)    : 100000
  • HMF MG/KG (Max): 80

Types  of Honey

Rapeseed / Mustard Honey

  • White to light amber (18-85)
  • Generally crystallized, enjoyable qualities and a low acid content

Eucalyptus Honey
  • From extra light amber to amber
  • Medicinal value, mostly organic in nature

Lychee Honey

  • White to light amber (18-85)
  • Slightly acid in nature

Sunflower Honey
  • Very attractive golden yellow colour
  • Reminiscent of the sunflower blossom

Karanj / Pongamea Honey
  • Extra light to light amber (35-85)
  • Medicinal value

Multi Flora Himalayan Honey
  • Varies from white to extra light amber (18-50)
  • High medicinal value

Acacia Honey
  • Almost colourless to white (9-34)
  • Extremely heavy bodied

Wild Flora Honey
  • Extra light amber to amber (35-114)
  • Rich medicinal values and organic in nature

Multi and Mono Floral Honey

  • Available in all hues from extra light to amber (35-114)
  • Wide range of specialty honey

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