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Power Panel

Power Panel
We are offering power panel which includes capacitor panels, power capacitors, power monitoring & scada systems.

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

All power capacitors are designed by well qualified & experienced team in USA, & manufactured under the supervision of Spregue who are the pioneers & a well brand name in capacitors.

All capacitors can be used for the applications

  • Automatic power factor correction
  • Fixed power factor corrections individual
  • Group fixed power factor correction
  • Capacitor banks are tuned & detuned
  • Harmonic trap applications

Capacitors are Self healing type with self disconnector & categorized in three types G-VAR, X-VAR & S-VAR

, a new type excellent capacitor in cylindrical aluminium cases suitable for general applications. Capacitor is filled with special protection gas,so there no risk of fire caused by spurting of leaking oil. Dry design for ecologically sensitive applications & insurance follow up. The capacitor have losses 0.25W/KVAR, useful life, temp. range is -35C to 55 C. As per IEC831-1(2), EN60831-1,2, VDE0560-46,47, GB12747-91, CE. This capacitor scan easily handle inrush currents upto 200 times rated current. After a long drying with high vacuum to eliminate moisture all the active element. The capacitor is impregnated. The case is filled with special protective gas & sealed,Imported from Germany.

X-VAR, this also the same in construction like G-VAR having losses 0.2W/KVAR temp. range -25 deg C to 45 deg C. As per IEC 831-1(2) CEI EN 60831-1/2.

Application Area:
APFC Panel, Fixed capacitor banks, Harmonic trap applications,according to test conducted by CESI Italy the normal design life of Capacitor is 10 years, capcitors usually has 3 years warrantee, non toxic components are used in capacitors.

S-VAR: A new type capacitor imported from USA constructed in rectangular Al case have been designed for special application having life more than 10 years. Losses less than 0.5W/ KVAR. Wide working temp. rang between -40 C to 70 C, having di-electric medium-thermosetting polymer resin, fully antiexplosive designs & UL, CSA & CE approvals.

Capacitor Panels

Capacitor Panels

Introduction: Compact sized, Wall Mounted, Floor Mounted or Channel Mounted, may be customized & auto controlled by Micro processors, 4 to 16 stages switched capacitor panels like APFC panels, PCC panels, MCC panels etc. Suitable for all small & heavy installations, readily available from 21 to 100 KVAR. Customized versions up to 1000 KVAR also available.

Applications: All consumer using a 3 ph, 415/440 Volts, 50Hz supply either from electricity Board or a DG set, mainly service industries like Hotels, Hospitals, Industries, Railways, Commercial Complexes, Corporations, Government Buildings, Telephone exchanges and individual motors loads of 30 ph & above.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduction in current drawn from Electricity Boards supply or DG set: Reduced energy bill and increased extra availability of power.
  • Reduction in losses by reduction in current: Enhances life of conductor’s, motors, transformers by reduction in heating losses.
  • Optimum uses of power drawn: Automatic switching of capacitors for desired VAR (Reactive Compensation and maintains the system power factor close to unity.
  • Digital control of switching Through Microcontroller Based Relays of capacitors to maintain unity power factor: Avoids leading PF, thus ensures proper Compensation of Reactive(KVAR) & Active(KW) Power.

: Indoor & outdoor as per Customer Requirements. Adequate size of fuses or MCB's used for easy fault isolation and eliminates frequent switchgear replacement costs.

Controller: Intelligent Micro controller based relay offering 4/6/12 stage switching.

Capacitors: SVAR/GVAR/XVAR, are provided in the panel with 5/2/3 Years Guarantee, accordingly. we always prefers to divert the Capacitors at Load side, which helps to improve the voltage level at at motor terminal & reduction in Cable Losses. Compact switching kits are manufactured as per the customer load needs. Finally company team provides perfect solution for power factor correction & Improving the Power Factor to unity (1.00).



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