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Natural Foliar Fungicide

Natural Cumacin

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Cumacin is a natural Foliar fungicide cum bactericide. We have expertise in pertaining services for flowering crops and plants like cotton, cumin, groundnut, bananas, cereals, grapes apple, mango, coffee and many other where cumacin chemical is used. The mode of action of the product is protease inhibiter in biosynthesis. The product is recommended to use 10 ml per 15 liter water and for the best result spray regularly after 20 days. With the facts of 2010, registrations patent in around 133 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France and many more.

Disease Spectrum

Broad spectrum fungicide with special strength against: Alternaria spp-. Biumeriella spp.. Botryosphaeria spp., Botrytis spp.. Cercospora spp., Curvularia spp., Erysiphe spp., Exobasidium spp.. Fusarium spp., Helminthosporium spp.. Hemileia spp., Leptosphaeria spp., Monilinia spp., Mycena spp.. Mycosphaerella spp., Phakospora spp.. Podosphaera spp.. Puccinia spp., Pyrenopeziza spp.. Pyrenophora spp.. Rhizoclonia spp.. Rhynchosporium spp-. Sclerotinia spp.. Sclerotium spp,, Septoria spp,. Uncinula spp,, Venturia spp,. Xenththomonas Spp.. Psudomonas Spp,. Ervinia Spp., Spp* etc.

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Natural Seedar

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We are one of certified processors, traders and suppliers of a wide range of Fungicides that include Natural Seedar. Our fungicides are sprinkled or scattered over flowers, vegetables and standing crops for protection from harmful insects and germs. We make our all insecticides and germicides using qualitative raw ingredients, which are offered to us by some renowned vendors. These insecticides are widely appreciated for its compositional accuracy, purity, high performance and long shelf life. We have developed a modern packaging division for safe packing and labeling of our all fungicides.

Specific properties:


  • Purity
  • Accurate composition
  • Long expiry period

Payment Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit)

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