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a herbomineral broad-spectrum antifungal cream, which is an innovative formulation based on the science of ayurveda. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of chakramarda, tankan, neem and karanj help to eradicate infection. Coolant and anti-inflammatory properties of raktachandan and neem control buring sensation and inflammation. Jasad bhasma being potent astringent, controls the oozing and provides topical protection. Anti-pruritic property of neem takes care of excessive itching. The incorporation of haridra in the herbal preparation offers regain of the skin’s original complexion, which is hampered in various skin ailments.

Rapid Relief Roll On


Herbal topical Formulation, which is enriched with analgesic aromatic oils useful for an acute relief of headache.
Gandhpuro oil is anti-inflammatory, counter irritant and analgesic. Gets easily absorbed through the skin.
Hareechaha tel is used as a counter irritant in inflamed joints, sprains and rheumatic and inflammatory conditions. Useful in neuralgia, congestive headaches and cold, eases respiration.
Nilgiri ka tel is rubefacient and stimulant.
Lavang ka tel acts as local anaesthetic and antiseptic. It is used to relieve pain in sore muscles and arthritis.
Kapoor is applied externally acts as a rubefacient and mild analgesic. And also used as a counter irritant in humans for inflamed joints, sprains and rheumatic and inflammatory conditions of the throat and chest.
Pudinah ka phool is counter-irritant and local analgesic. And has mild local anesthetic and antiseptic properties.