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Civil Construction And Structural Work


Our organization offer complete solution of interior & exterior furnishing services. We are highly committed towards quality & timeliness. Our civil construction services includes work of plastering & cornice, brick walls, P.C.C & R.C.C work and handling all kind of shuttering & form work etc. we have a team of expert workers who have experienced in the field of civil construction. We are value driven organization; we complete all the requirements at the stage of construction work as per the requirement of clients. We want queries from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Demolition Contractor


We have all the required expertise to render productive Demolition Contractor Services. It involves other process as well like concrete recycling, asphalt recycling, rock crushing and quarry operations. The recycling of concrete includes removal of rubble resulting from construction demolition (bridges, retaining walls and other large concrete structures), which may be stockpiled at the construction site, or somewhere offsite. We also provide recycling of the highway structure, breaking and crushing the roadway into a usable aggregate, windrowing the finished product on the shoulder area, or hauling it to an onsite stockpile. 

Earth Filling Work


Earth filling work is an essential part of masonry services. Earth filling is about the testing of soil, maintaining the earth level for construction through excavation or filling of earth. It also includes removing shrubs, unnecessary plants, checking the water level etc. in short; earth filling is to prepare the earth for construction whether commercial or residential. Earth filling work is the most important pre-construction work as if not done properly, it would inversely affect the overall age of the structure endangering property as well as human lives. We want queries from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Excavation Contractor


Excavation contractors are responsible for laying the groundwork and foundation for commercial and residential buildings, and are also involved with construction projects on highways and other public infrastructure developments. An excavation contractor may be part of a team of construction managers. They can be hired as an individual or subcontractor for an excavation or construction project. The most common types of residential excavation projects include digging land for new house lots or home additions or digging for sewer connections and septic installations. We want queries from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Land Development Works


We offer a superior quality Land development works to our valued clients. Before executing the work, we review the workplace thoroughly like location, transportation facility and other amenities. We also ensure that the material which we use during the development process meet the quality standard.

Poclain Machine Service


We are engaged in offering all type of work with poclain machine. The convenience of sawing and completely removing many openings in one day can not be matched by any other method.   When used in conjunction with other concrete cutting tools, the wire saw is often competitive in removal dollars or unit cost terms.

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