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    About Us

    Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd was founded by Mr. V. P. Koradiya, belongs from a farmer’s family, having vast experience in Agriculture & dehydration business, The journey started in the year of 1992 were Indian Dehydration Industry was rising up

    With Vision to cater better with consistency in quality with food safety and over 3 decades of experience, leaded us to establishing two new plant with state – of – the – art production facility, Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd was established in 2003.

    Today Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd one of the leading producer and exporter of dehydrated and spices products, more over our region Mahuva which is second largest belt of onion grooving area in India, which provide us best verity onion available for dehydration in India

    Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd located geographical opportunity of being in the center which is waste growing region of Peanuts, Cotton, Cumin, Sesame, Coriander, Onion, Fenugreek, Fennel, Celery and Garlic.

    We have an opportunity to serve our clients with farm to fork; with vision to cater the authentic test from industries till single customer level

    We built a new production facility under the name of Maharaja Pickles and Spices in the year 2011, where we produce all types of Spices, Instant spice Mixes, Seasonings, pickles and spices blends for industrial as well as regular culinary use, with world class facility with highest food technology and safety.

    At Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd & Maharaja Pickles and Spices we monitoring crops from seeds to shipping, thanks to our experience in Agriculture which provides us to choose right time and breed to produce best quality products.

    Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd & Maharaja Pickles and Spices is equipped with all kind of resources which can meet increasing demand in International Market right from state of the art production facility to world wiled logistic, distribution and fully customized solutions

    Why Us?

    Investment with strategy in Tomorrow’s world class technology:

    Maharaja Dehydration Pvt Ltd is strategically located across 15 acres of land in village Umaniyavadar at midst town of Mahuva in state of Gujarat, Western part of India. In 200 km surrounding area which is India’s globally known for Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Fenugreek, Fennel, mustard & Sesame Seeds are grown in abundant.

    Our Major investment with constructed world class two manufacturing facility according to food safety standard in regulation with food safety norms, Contraction covers raw material storage, processing area with zoning system and finished goods storage in cold storage and ambient conditions.

    we have two separate manufacturing Facility each for Dehydration and spices to make sure from any Cross contamination. A state-of-the-art processing facility for Dehydration of vegetables and spices are set up with fully automatic plant in consideration with minimal human touch.

    In addition to this we operating our in-house Laboratory to ensure food safety with testing facility of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters

    Experience plays critical role at all stage:

    Thanks to our all round experience staff and management working together to produce products with expertise, which directly benefiting to our customers, expertise like right quality choice of raw material at lowest market, customization from seeds to shipping and many others that pays back that worth for customers.

    Management belongs from enthusiastic and innovative farms family gives more back force and choice of right time and right crop, which collectively make our procurement best out of market availability, our professional team is capable to assure the quality of production, and years of experience helping to indulge into more innovation that need of tomorrow’s world.

    Quality Assurance

    We say “Quality is a about what we live and we survives” we ensuring the quality from raw material till final produces

    Thanks to our experience team and the exceptional nature of weather, we manages whole process from seeds to delivery of finished products

    Ensuring the complete quality control and traceability thorough and regular quality check of each raw material batch till each final product’s lot, and quality check during whole process with our in-house laboratory

    We arranging third party inspection and testing of products according to customers need, We follow ADOGA, ASTA, ESA and BIS standards

    Research & Development

    “Necessity is the mother of invention” – thanks to our in-house laboratory and experienced staff we keep close watch with new technological development and implementation right from the farm to the finished product

    Our constant hard work towards getting full satisfaction of our customer, the outcomes are with innovative ideas for complete solution with fully customized products

    We caring out continues monitoring of finished goods, packing materials and storage conditions and their effect of the product, where the outcomes are towards cost effective and better serving with standards.

    At Maharaja Pickles and Spices, we specialized with savory ingredient solutions, our major developments are in the different dry form of savory test that emulsify with any kind of application

    Developing the path towards making the best of savory test in the cuisine of your plate with full food safety and quality.

    To,Maharaja Dehydration Private Limited

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