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MBF Humic Acid


HUMIC ACID 12% is a unique preparation derived from Leonardite Humic Acids. It is classified as a nutritional Organic Chemical activator. It is most suitable for foliar application to enhance the growth of plants, fruits and flowers. It should be applied at critical stages like plantule establishment, pre-flowering, fruit growth, as well as at times of climatic stress. Excellent results are obtained in case of seed/root dip treatment with HUMIC ACID12%.


Humic Acid - 12% Color-Dark Brown pH 10-11

HUMIC ACID 12% acts as a bio-catalyzer and bio-stimulator to perform various functions as under:
» Increases seed germination rates and viability percentage.
» Penetrates the cellular membrane, stimulates plant enzymes and several physiological process in cell size.
» Accelerates cellular division and hence increases vegetative growth.
» Facilitates absorption of foliar fertilizers and herbicides.
» Has high cation Exchange capacity, therefore chelates with macro and micro nutrients and offers greater availability of nutrients to the plants, hence allows to reduce dosages by 25-30%.
» Accelerates photosynthesis.
» Increases plant respiration.
» Stimulates development of Microflora population in soils.
» Increases the brix level.

HUMIC ACID 12% being highly water soluble, is specifically recommended for foliar application offering rapid absorption by the plant making it a fast release product.

Application Rate

» Foliar Spray: In ratios of 400 ml per acre at actively growing and reproductive stages. (dilution 1:500)
» Seed Treatment: 5-10 ml / kg of seed (dilution 2:100)
» Seedling / Root Dip: 2 ml per liter of water

MBF Neem Fighter Insecticides


Importance of Neem based Insecticides

Continuous use of chemical insecticides & pesticides in the field of Agriculture has shown many worst effects on the environment & entire human life. Though there is considerable increase in production due to use of chemical insecticides everybody is against its use. Also as chemical pesticides kill some essential insects like honeybee, silkworms etc., balance of ecosystem is getting disturbed. Many pests as well as other insects and worms can be controlled with the use of MBF Neemfighter. The problem of storage can not be solved only with the use of chemical pesticides and also due to repeated use of chemical pesticides insects and pests are becoming resistant to these chemicals. The best alternative for these chemical pesticides is only MBF Neemfighter. MBF Neemfighter is easily soluble in water. Repeated use of MBF Neemfighter reduces the new pest attack. Reduction in use of chemical pesticides reduces the stress on the environment. If MBF Neemfighter is used with other pesticides it increases the efficiency of that pesticide.


Directions for use

Use MBF Neemfighter (10000 ppm) 1 -1.5 Lit per Acre with Mist blower. With knapsacks or other pumps dissolve 5ml
MBF Neemfighter in 1 Lit of water and use 200 Lit of this dilution for spraying of 1 Acre of land on whole plant.

Spraying of Neemfighter According to Plants

» Grapes- Pomegranate : After fruiting for control of blight, mealy bugs, scrapping, snapping etc spray MBF Neemfighter after each 10 days.
» Lemon, Citrus, Orange : Avoid chemical sprayings so that beneficial insects won't die. Use only MBF Neemfighter spraying.
» Flowers & Greenhouses : Insect attack here can be controlled with the use of MBF Neemfighter.
» Cereals & Oilseeds : Insects & pests can be controlled with spraying of MBF Neemfighter before and after flowering.
» Cotton : In the initial stage spray MBF Neemfighter after each 15 days. If pest attack is severe spray MBF Neemfighter with Chloropyriphos otherwise spraying in each week will be sufficient.
» Vegetables : Mix MBF Neemfighter in 5:1000 proportion with water & spray for 10 days to control pest attack and continue spraying afterwards also.

MBF Sulphur


MBF Sulphur is a secondary nutrient, which plays important role in plant nutrition. MBF Sulphur is also useful in plant protection. MBF Sulphur acts as a protectant fungicide following decomposition to elemental Sulphur. It acts as an insecticide / miticide by absorbing oxygen in the vicinity of insects and by softening the wax of scale insects.


» For Horticultural crops: 3ml per litre of water
» For Other crops: 2ml per litre of water.
Before pruning on grapes and as dormant spray on apples: 15ml per litre of water (this spray may destroy foliage)

Label Claim

We claim MBF Sulphur as Secondary nutrient, apart from our claim it may act as fungicide, miticide and insecticide. MBF Sulphur is also claimed for the treatment or remediation of heavy metals from waste waters. It precipitates heavy metals from contaminated water and makes water heavy metal free by allowing them settled.


MBF Sulphur is alkaline. It cannot be mixed with any fungicides, insecticides, oils and fertilizers. Check labels of other products before mixing. Perform jar test before mixing with other pesticides.

Shelf Life

Two years from the date of manufacture.


MBF Sulphur mixes readily with water. Pour the correct quantity into partly filled spray tank then add the remaining water while agitating. The spray mixture should be kept agitated before and during spraying and spraying after stoppage.


Application of MBF Sulphur should not be made if rain is expected within 6 hours of application.


Store in a cool, dry place, avoiding temperatures below 2°C and above 35°C

Directions for use

» Time Of application: Application should not be made during hot sun.
» Application during this period may result in leaf scorch, browning, leaf drop or fruit russett.

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