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Bale Openers

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Made of rigid construction, the machine helps to open the cotton in an excellent way and prepares for better blending. It serves as the first cleaning point of high efficiency and has provision for extraction of dust liberated. Large mixing chamber with two cylinder cleaners having independent adjustable grid sections help optimum results. Machine is provided with photocell control and independent drive to beaters and lattices.

Step Openers

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A. Feeding Unit with Beater: High capacity reserve box provided with photocell control. Material In-feed regulated by separate gear motor. Gentle opening by delivery rollers is supplementary by efficient cleaning in grid section.

B. Super Step Cleaner: Six robust beaters take care of effective cleaning with good opening free from fibre rupture. Adjustable grid section below beaters and fine dust removal through special hood at the top of the machine. Equipments designed for high production and simple maintenance.

C. Krischner / Porcupine Beater: Best machine with gripped and effective trash removal. Feed rollers are spring loaded and striking edges are hardened. Adjustable grid section in two parts. Machine is built for High production and easy maintenance.

Pre-Openers & Double Magnet Traps

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Pre-Opener: The Pre-Opener is very effective Cleaning Machine for all types of Cotton at the Pre-Cleaning Stage. The Three Beater roller opens the tufts and removes a large proposition of heavy Impurities. The Machine is Equipped with Micro-Dust Suction System.

Double Magnet Trap:
A Magnetic Separator offers basic protection against Magnetic Metal Particles that are not entangled is the tufts .The Magnet is fitted in the Material Transport Duct. Two sets with 2 magnets are fitted in an angled section, so that the tufts come into contact with them. The Magnets should be manually cleaned regularly.

Primary & Secondary Filters

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The discharge of waste carried through condenser and exhaust fans is separated in two stages through primary and secondary filters. Cellar construction is no more a necessary thus eliminating laborious waste removal from the underground chambers. Waste automatically gets collected in fleece form in trolleys below Primary Filters and left over fly’s further collects on filter fabric in Secondary Filters, thus liberating dust free air. Each primary can handle exhaust from upto 4 fans and Secondary designed to take care of discharge from the Primaries. Entire installation works on Negligible Power and Low Maintenance.

Double Roller Cleaners

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This simple machine is recommended for good cleaning with gentle opening. It is suggested to be positioned after the bale opener and followed by a powerful condenser of the next cleaning machine. Material is drawn through the machine by suction and gets sufficiently opened by the two beaters. Whilst small tufts pass through the outlet in the higher plane, heavier tufts remain longer enough to get further opened and cleaned, till they get reduced to smaller tufts. Guide plate directs material to the first beater and deflector plate helps transfer the material to the second beater. Independent grid sections provide adjustment for optimum results.

Condensers & Gravity Traps

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Condenser: Inbuilt fan handles air capacity of approx. 60 cubic meters per minute. Suction from both ends of cage ensures efficient dust removal.

Gravity Trap:
Removes almost all foreign matter, which is heavier than the tufts. It can be fitted into any duct with a Constant Air Current. The machine is maintenance free and does not need Electric Power.

Chute Feeds

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A Filling chute with feed table and condenser at the top, a reinforced step cleaner with automatic material /waste discharge and with the electrically programmed control system. The feed table delivers material periodically into the Step Cleaner. The Step Beaters are Fixed Bars, which hold the waste within range of the beaters as long as necessary for gentle cleaning of the fibre stock. The Condenser draws the material from the top most Step Beaters, dedusts it and throws it into the filling chute, which leads it back to the Step Cleaner again. This process is repeated until the Optimum Cleaning of the given material.

Willo Waste Openers

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MBK 533 operates with three independently adjustable air steams. It operates on the two-trunk systems with continuous regulation of the web of tufts. It guarantees outstanding card sliver uniformity, since the regulation is by means of Pressure Transducer. MBK 533 is very flexible and easy setting adjustable and trouble free working. Environmental friendly with positive exhaust air microdust removal and very low working noise and will have clean work place.

Micro Dust Removers

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The Micro Dust Remover is used for dust removal from cotton. Dedusting is an important process in a spinning mill. A good dedusting leads to considerable reduction in the micro dust accumulation in the Rotor Spinning, resulting is lower thread-breaks and also to avoid moiré effect. In case of Ring Spun Yarns, end breakages at the spinning will be considerably lower. Mahendra offers unique and excellent micro dust removal efficient Machinery.

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