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Storage Type Air Start Unit


Cost Savings up to 30%
Compact and Highly Reliable
Accessible for Easy Maintenance
Walk Away - Protection and Control(Unattended Operation)
Low Noise / Vibration with Special Construction
Accurately regulated output pressure
Built with highest safety standards and incorporates standby safety system
The Airflow is automatically adjusted to cater to any type / Capacity of aircraft to be started

Trailer Tracker


Trailer tracker.

Conveyor Belt Loader


Cost Savings up to 30%
High Reliable Deutz / Equivalent Diesel Engine
Meets latest EPA norms
Standard Conformance to AHM 925
Low Noise Level
Additional safety features incorporated as standard scope

Other Types / Ratings
Different models / Boom Lengths to Suit Narrow / Wide body aircraft
Electric Units with battery as power source in place of engine
Compact units with self propulsion thru' hand controls on tow bar
Conventional towable type units

Trailer Tracker


MAK Group, Worlds's leading Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Manufacturer has come out with a most reliable Tracking System Suitable for Transportation Industry.

The Tracking System is a novel in-vehicle device that constantly monitors and logs vehicle related data like speed, time, position and other parameters. Your vehicle may be a tractor or a truck or a trailer or any of your moving assets.

The System uses the proven technologies like GPS(Global Positioning System), GSM, GPRS(Cellular Technology), State-of-the-art Microcontroller and Internet. Web based system allows you to track your assets Wherever you are 24X7 on a nationwide digitized map.

Dimension : 7.28"(L) x 5.52"(W) x 1.51"(H)
Weight : 1.7 Lbs
Power : 9 - 28 Volts DC
Trailer Tracker Benefits & Features :
Web Based System for easy access & Password protected. You decide When to access and what you retain and / or Download.
See and Visualize the Current Status- whether moving or stopped, MPH, GPS Status and Battery Status.
Increase trailer utilization and efficiency with realtime data.
Data history can be used to schedule and carryout maintenance.
Deters theft of trailers and product, and aids in recovery.
Oversight of fleet control and position may increase productivity and revenue, and allow for fleet reduction.
Cost effective Hardware. We maintain at no additional cost to you after installation.
Low monthly service fees. We offer unlimited queries of each unit (updated every 5 minutes), with more data per query, when compared with our competitors.
Enhance licensing and reporting requirements – electronically.
On demand request through SMS.
Remote parameter setting through SMS.

Truck-Tractor Tracker


Dimension : 7.28"(L) x 5.52"(W) x 1.51"(H)
Weight : 1.5 Lbs
Power : 9 - 28 Volts DC
Truck Tracker Benefits & Features :
Web Based System for easy access & Password protected. Advanced technologies permit users speedy and accurate data.
All data can be exported to your PC or Mainframe in Spreadsheets format.
Current Status - Quickly reveals MPH moving, whether stopped or idle, and for what period of time.
Provides Engine Fault Diagnosis data.
Unit is connected to the Truck Engine port, having SAE J1587 protocol, and it captures data such as.
Engine Speed
Oil Level
Oil Pressure
Oil Temperature
Coolant Level
Coolant Temperature
Battery Voltage
Average and Instantaneous Fuel Economy
100 days of trip data stored without overwriting built-in Memory.
Actual odometer reading from Engine Computer makes for accurate mileage, usable for Fuel Tax reports, Driver HOS and Driver Settlements.
Utilized properly Truck Tracker can enhance:.
Simplify maintenance logs
Record Keeping
On demand request through SMS.
Remote parameter setting through SMS.
Reports :
Online Tracking Report Data
Current Location Map
Idle Truck Report
Online Tracking Route Map
Truck Maintenance Report
Search Truck by Zipcode Report
Truck Engine Data Report
Engine Fault Diagnosis Report
Speed Violation Report
Datewise Truck Movement
Summary by Running Hours
Summary by Date Report
Summary by State Report
Truck Mileage Percentage Report

Truck Tdu


Onboard Trucking Solution :
OS based platform integrated with GPS navigation, engine diagnostic tools and a simple and smart interface, the MAK Truck Data Unit is in a class of its own.

Key Features & Capabilities :
Satellite navigation and asset tracking.
24x7 wireless broadband access.
Smart user interface with instant messaging and POP Mail.
Communication with truck engine diagnostic port for online monitoring and diagnosis.
Print/scan capabilities with touch screen.
Support for USB 2.0 devices/VGA port/mouse/keyboard.
Control and monitoring of MAK Truck APU.
Benefits :
Fleet management.
Automated electronic DOT compliance reports.
Effective dispatch / Driver communication.
Safety records upkeep.
Auto generated IFTA returns.
Instant dispatch of Proof Of Delivery (POD).
Seamless integration with MAK Back Office.
Provides control over the truck and its position, thereby increasing the productivity and revenue.
Efficient utilization of trucks.
Data history will be useful to carry out maintenance.
Gives close watch on current status such as moving or stopped.
Useful to detect a truck traveling outside its normal route.
Password protected web enabled system for easy access.
Eliminates error prone and time consuming paper work.

AC Ground Power Unit


Dc Ground Power Unit


Continuous Flow Air Start Unit


Hydraulic Servicing Trolley


Special-Custom Built Equipments


Air Conditioning Unit

  • Cost Savings up to 30%
  • High Reliable Deutz Diesel Engine
  • Meets latest EPA norms
  • Fully automated temperature control
  • No Pump down cycle
  • Walk Away - Protection and Control(Unattended Operation)
  • Low Noise Level
  • Meets MIL and ARP Standards

Digital System

  • Field Tested Proven System
  • Ensured Safety to Aircraft

Aircraft Cargo Loaders

  • Cost Savings up to 30%
  • High Reliable Deutz Diesel Engine
  • Meets latest EPA norms
  • Walk Away - Protection and Control(Unattended Operation)
  • Low Noise Level
  • Standard Conformance to AHM 933

Other Types / Rating

  • Towable Trailer Mounted Type 15000 pounds Capacity
  • Towable Trailer Mounted / Self Propelled Type 30000 pounds Capacity
  • Any Other Non-Standard types as per Customer Requirement

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