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TEFC Motors

Ours is a coveted firm that is engaged in trading a wide range of TEFC Motors. The motors we offer are manufactured using latest machines and tools at the premises of our vendors. Clients can avail motors from us of various brands in different sizes and technical specifications. These brilliantly performing motors are capable of performing well even under tough conditions.
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Siemens Motors

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Siemens Motors

Product Description:
 We are engaged in offering Siemens Motors.

1LA9 Series – Frame 63M – 132M

2 – Pole0.18 – 7.5KW
4 – Pole0.12 – 7.5KW
6 – Pole0.75 – 5.5KW

  • Aluminium alloy – light weight housings
  • Maintenance free double sealed pre-lubricated bearings
  • Inverter Grade Durignit IR 2000 winding as a standard
  • Conforms to CEMEP agreement of the EU
  • Motors 1.1kw – 7.5kw in 2 & 4P stamped EFF1
  • Frame 90S/L have dual mounting holes at NDE
  • All 1LA9 motors can be used at an SF of 1.15 when utilized to class F limits
  • Low noise Levels

New IE2 & IE3 Series:

The New 15:12615-2011 is based on the International Standard IEC 60034-30 (2008) which defines New Efficiency Classification for single speed, three phase, induction motors.

The IS: 12615-2011 covers single speed, three-phase, 50Hz, cage induction motors that:


  • Have rated voltage < 10000V
  • Have a rated output 0.37kW
  • Have either 2,4 or 6 poles
  • Meet frame size to output relation as stipulated in IS:1231 (for outputs covered by IS:1231)
  • Are rated on the basis of either duty type S1 (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodic duty) with rated cyclic duration factor of 80% or higher
  • Are capable of operating direct on-line
  • Are designed for operation on virtually sinusoidal and balanced voltage conditions as defined in 7,2,1 of IS\IEC 60034-1,
  • Designed for an ambient temperature not exceeding 400C and altitude not exceeding 1000m
  • Have degree of protection 1P44 or superior
  • Have method of cooling 1C411 in accordance with 1S 6362\ IEC 60034-6
  • Have service factor not exceeding 1.0

The Efficiency classes defined are:

  • IE1-Standard Efficiency
  • IE2-High Efficiency
  • IE3-Premium Efficiency

The IS:12615-2011 also stipulates that for motors to be classified as "Energy Efficient", these must meet at least IE2 efficiency values.

Two case studies are given on page Sand 6, showing savings through 1E2 and 1E3 range of motors over 1E1.


1SEO Series – Frame 160M – 315L


2 – Pole9.3 – 18.5KW
4 – Pole9.3 – 160KW

  • On-line greasing facility as standard
  • 63 series bearings as standard
  • Specially designed low noise fan
  • Conform to IS:12615-2004 EFF1 requirement
  • Dual mounting holes at NDE for Frames 160M/L, 180M/L, 225S/M, 280S/M & 315S/M
  • Side mounted box and/or larger T box possible
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Product Description:
We are engaged in offering ABB TEFC Motors.


Heavy duty design

The electrical and mechanical design of ABB motors offers high performance values in all mounting arrangements, protection class and applications.

Insulation scheme

ABB low voltage motors employ a unique polyamide based class F insulation scheme rated for 1550C with temperature rise limited to class B. The advanced insulation of our motors gives high electrical and mechanical stability.


Motors are wound using high quality round enamelled wires conforming to IS:13730. To ensure long life, the stators are impregnated with a solventless resin resulting in good thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength.


Ventilation circuit has been optimally designed based on aerodynamic and acoustic considerations.

Frequency converter drive

ABB motors are suitable for frequency converter drives with minimal changes. Special attention is given to mechanical features of the motors for reliable operation at an extreme speed range in variable speed applications.

Low noise levels

ABB motors are the result of the special efforts made to minimise electromagnetic, airborne and structural noise.


ABB motor housings are provided with deep longitudinal fins designed to give maximum cooling surface area. Integral feet ensure that the frames are rigid and vibration resistant.
Installation flexibility Dual mounting holes are provided for installation flexibility.

Polyurethane paint

ABB motors are painted with P.U. paint, which provides an excellent finish to the motor and protection against corrosion due to its anti-corrosive properties.

Voltage range for extra versatility

ABB motors are matched to the standard voltage applicable in India i.e. 415 V. However, motors for 200 to 550 V can also be provided on request.

Easy connection of terminal box

Flexible orientation of terminal box with liberal sizing is in-built in the design, which enables quick and easy connections.

Product Range:

  • Type: Three phase squirrel cage induction motors
  • Output: 0.18 -500 kW; 0.25- 675 hp, according to IS:325
  • Frame size: 71 to 400
  • Voltage: 415 V; 220 -550 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz; 25 -60 Hz
  • Duty: S1 S8 according to IS:325
  • Ambient temp: -200C to 650C
  • Insulation: Class F/ H
  • Main dimensions: Foot mounted according to IS:1231 Flange mounted according to IS:2223
  • Enclosure: Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC)
  • Cooling: IC 01 41 (TEFC)
  • Degree of protection: IP 55 (TEFC/ TESC) IP 23 (SPDP)
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Bharat Bijlee Motor

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Bharat Bijlee Motor

Product Description:
Features: EFF1 (High Energy Efficient Motor)

Motor Division - Energy Efficient Squirrel Cage TEFC Motors

The BBL range of energy efficient motors Type " MH" are from 1.1 Kw ( Frame 90S) to 18.5 Kw ( Frame 160L). Use of these motors can lead to substantial reduction in energy costs. The payback periods are in the order of 3 to 6 months depending upon the usage. Even replacing existing motors with EE motors in power intensive industries gives paybacks within 1 to 2 years.

Salient Features of Energy Efficient motors:

  • Efficiency higher or equal to I.S. 12615
  • Near uniform efficiency from 50% to 100% of full load.
  • Insulation class F. Temp, rise limited to 70°C over ambient of 50°C
  • Voltage variation: ±10%, Frequency variation: ±5%, Combined Variation: ± 10%
  • Enclosure: IP55
  • Efficiency Class: As per CEMEP / IEEMA standard, motors with higher efficiency levels have efficiency class'eff2' (Improved efficiency) and 'eff1' (High Efficiency). All BBL Standard motors conform to efficiency class 'EFF2'
  • The efficiency of these motors are higher than or equal to the values specified in IEEMA 19-2000. IS 12615 is under revision and the draft standard has the values of efficiency as specified in IEEMA 19-2000
  • The performance of 2 and 4 poles are given. Performance of 6 and 8 poles are available on request

EFF2 (Standard Energy Efficient Motor)

Salient features of TEFC Standard Motors:

  • BBL motors can be continuously overloaded by 10% or can be used upto ambient temp. of 55°C. Temperature rises will be as per Class F
  • All motors are with degree of protection IP55
  • All motors upto 160L frame are designed for 50°C ambient
  • 2Z Bearings are std. upto 180L frame which are filled with high temperature grease Suitable upto 140°C on line regreasing provided from 225 Fr onwards
  • SKF or equivalent make bearings are used. These are directly procured from the Bearing manufacturers
  • Terminal boxes are large and can be rotated in steps of 90°
  • T Box location can be changed from RHS to LHS at site by reverse assembly in frame Sizes 90 to 160L
  • Motors are dynamically balanced with half key
  • All foot mounted motors are with integral cast feet
  • Outer bearing covers are integral with end shield / flange giving improved IP55 Protection.
  • V Rings are used in IP55 motors. No reduction in efficiencies as compared to IP44 Motors
  • Additional anti tracking protective coating of air drying varnish is applied on the winding overhangs
  • Cooling fans are of aerodynamic design resulting in low noise and are bi-directional
  • Std. Motors are suitable for mounting with any shaft orientation

Product Range:

  • Standard motors 0.12 KW (Frame 63) to 132 KW Type `MA' (Frame 315M)
  • Energy Efficient Motors 1.1 KW (Frame 90S) to 18.5 KW Type `MH' (Frame 160L)
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Crompton Greaves Motors

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Crompton Greaves Motors

Product Description:
World class motors available now in india, aluminium body, light weight, low vibrations & noise and superior efficiencies. This range of motors produced by bcg is backed up by unmatched service by CGL.

Powering productivity with motors

  • The lt motors division of crompton greaves is the largest manufacturer of low tension motors in india offering a range of ac and dc motors ranging from 0. 18kw to 450kw in various standard and customized configurations which meet the exacting demands of the industry. The division has manufacturing facilities in ahmednagar and goa plants.
  • Energy efficiency level 2 as per is:12615
  • Energy efficiency as per cemep standards prevalent in Europe
  • 'V' seal arrangement up to 355 frame – easier assembly of bearing housin
  • Integral bearing cover with end shield up to 225 frame
  • larger terminal box for accommodating bigger aluminium cables
  • Sophisticated cnc machines, most advanced manufacturing technology &
  • Test plant - improved reliability

Ensuring high technology manufacturing

These modern plants are maintained in world class condition with regular infusions of the latest technology so as to ensure the highest quality of throughput. A team of dedicated professionals ensure that customers get the benefit of a range of trouble free products and services based on superior mechanical and product design.


The manufacturing facilities are iso 9001 certified by the BVQI.


The standard motors offered by the division are in compliance with the efficiency level 2 of the proposed revision to isi2615 in india as well as cemep standards prevalent in europe for energy efficient motors.

To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the latest designs have been incorporated for the range of lt motors, ensuring better electrical performance as well as versatility in mechanical features. The division's products are exported to over 30 countries including the quality conscious markets of usa and Europe.


Standard Specifications:
Range 0. 18 kw to 350 kw (frame 63 to 355)
Multi speed options are also available
Voltage 415 v +/- 10 %
Frequency 50 hz +/- 5 %
Combined variation +/- 10 % (absolute sum)
Insulation class 'f' (temp. Rise limited to class 'b' ) as standard

Mounting horizontal foot mounting (b3 ) as per is :1231.
Ambient / temperature 50 c / 70 c
Degree of protection ip55 as per is: 4691
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Marathon TEFC Motors

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Marathon TEFC Motors

Product Description:
Stator frames are made of elegant looking, rugged cast iron enclosure. Foot mounted motors are provided with integrally cast feet. Maximum cooling surface is obtained by quadrangular disposition of cooling ribs. Frame sizes D80- D132M have reversible stator frame housing, offering terminal box position at either Right or left hand side.

For frame sizes D160M-D355L this series offers an unique feature of 3 optional positions of terminal box - RHS/LHS or TOP. For frame sizes D160M-D250M this is obtained by asymmetric arrangement of terminal box position towards D.E. side, facilitating relocation of terminal box without reversing the stator frame. For frame sizes D280M - D355L the TOP position of terminal box is asymmetrically located towards D.E. side while the other terminal box positions are located centrally at side. RHS/LHS position of terminal box is obtained by reversing the stator-rotor assembly. Class ‘F’ insulation system is used. However, motors are designed to operate within class ‘B’ (120ºC) temperature limits thus enhancing the reliability and life. This temperature margin allows the motors to be operated at :

  • Increased load
  • Increased ambient temperature
  • Higher altitude
  • Supply variation greater than normal
  • A combination of the above

However, in order to ensure trouble free operation with long thermal life, selection should be based on normal site conditions as mentioned above.

A.C.low voltage TEFC Sq.cage Induction motor.
Frame Size -80 -355L (designated as 12D80 - 12D355L for Challenger Series)

Output -2 Pole4 Pole6 Pole8 Pole
0.75 Kw - 315Kw0.75 Kw - 315Kw0.55 Kw - 250Kw0.37 Kw - 220Kw
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Kirloskar TEFC Motors

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Kirloskar TEFC Motors

Product Description:
We are engaged in offering Kirloskar TEFC Motors.


  • Four Cornered heavy duty CI motor body with better dampening characteristics. Deep cast fins and more surface area to ensure better heat dissipation.
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled motors free from moisture and dust entry.
  • Top mounted terminal box of large size for easy entry and connection of cables.
  • Terminal board made of non-hygroscopic electrical grade brakelite
  • Stator lamination designed for better performance with winding conforming to IS13730 (part 3). High pressure die cast rotor made of high conductivity aluminum .
  • Better efficiency in varied load conditions.
  • Hardware used of passivated material for better corrosion resistance


  • Machine tools
  • In industries for various applications
  • Agriculture and farming machineries
  • Pumping
  • Air handling equipment
  • Flour Mills
  • Wood Working machines
  • Textile industry equipment
  • Printing machines
  • Material handling equipments

Range and Specifications:
Ratings1HP to 60HP at 3000rpm (synchronous) speed (2-pole)
1HP to 60HP at 1500rpm (synchronous) speed (4-pole)
1HP to 45HP at 1500rpm (synchronous) speed (6-pole)
1.5HP to 30HP at 1500rpm (synchronous) speed (8-pole)

Enclosure : TEFC

Protection : IP55
Duty : S1 (Continuous)
Mounting : B3 (Horizontal Foot Mounted)*
Class of Insulation : F

Ambient :

Temperature : 50C
Voltage : 415 10%

Frequency :

Combined variation : 10%
Direction of Rotation : Either Direction
Altitude Correction : Performance valid upto 1000 meters above


Reference Standard : IS +325
Mounting as per : IS -1231
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