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Agriculture Products

Our range of products include Bio-95, Stim Rich, Pest-A-Side, Cattle Feed Concentrate and Pet Wash.

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What is Bio-95?

Bio-95 is neither a fertilizer nor pesticides. It works as positive catalyst for pesticides and increases the effectiveness of pesticides and micro nutrients. With the use of Bio-95, one can reduce the cost on pesticides.

How to Use

Add Bio 95 while spaying pesticides, fungicides and micronutrients. Add 8 ml of Bio-95 with 15 litre of spay solution. Read directions given on label carefully.


It increases the effectiveness of pesticides/insecticides/fungicides and reduces amount of dosage per usage.
 Helps to reduces expenses on pesticides .
Helps to increase crop yield.

When should Bio-95 Concentrated be used?

Bio-95 Concentrated should be used at the time of spraying any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides i.e. whenever you spray anything on your field you can use Bio-95 in order to increase its effectiveness.

Can Bio-95 Concentrated be used on any crop?

Yes. Bio-95 Concentrated can be used with all pesticides, insecticides & herbicides used for any crop.


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Stim Rich

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Stim Rich

What is StimRich ?


StimRich is an herbal based systemic, biologically active liquid concentrate, which is prepared from the fermentation of marine algae. It is combination of protein, Cysteine precursors, amino acids (5%), folic acid (0.1%), organic acids, enzymes, vitamins with chelated secondary micronutrients and plant growth promoters like auxins, cytokinins and Gibberellic acid. Ingredient of StimRich makes plant vigorous, healthy and productive at all stages.


How does StimRich act?

When sprayed on leaves, it is readily absorbed and transmitted to other parts of the plant. The proteins are in the form of simple amino acids which can easily be utilized by the plants. StimRich improves the physiology of the plant and it has tonic and growth promoter effect.



When sprayed after stress conditions, it expedites the recovery of treated roots.
 Rich roots are developed as StimRich makes nutrients available for roots.
 It prevents crops from diseases during its essential stages like germination, flowering, fruiting, maturity and harvest.
 Helps leaves to expand as a result of cell enlargement that in turn results in more photosynthesis.
 It helps to reduce flower and fruit drop through controlled abscission.
 It has synergetic effects with plant growth regulators (Gibberellic acid and Auxins).

Can StimRich be used on any crop?

Yes , it can be used with all types of crops.


When to Use StimRich?

StimRich is essential at all stages of crops and can be used: When stress occurs due to heat or water.
During important growth stages of crop.
To reduce flower and fruit drop.
With other products for synergetic effects.


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Why Pest-A-Side ?


Biofit Pest-A–Side is a unique Herbal formulation for an effective control of larvae, mites & sucking pests. It is the combination of Indo–German formula made of herbal extracts, (min. 15% w/v) of medicinal plant species such as Kariyat, Acorus, Piper, Centella, Shahteera & Adhitora spp etc. with Neem.

How does Pest-A-Side act

Biofit Pest-A-Side paralyzes the pest and protects crops from pest attack. The active ingredients of Pest-A-Side restrain the sensory receptor of mouth-parts in pest, which results in disorientation of normal activities like intake of food. Neem inhibits the normal growth and development of insects that results in biological impairment of their lifecycle.


Benefits of Pest-A-Side

Pests cannot develop resistance towards the product.
 An ideal product for Integrated Pest Management Program .
 It is purely herbal product, which does not cause any harm to plants, humans, animals and beneficial insects.
 Certified by Natural Organic Certification Association (NOCA).
Product of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) approved laboratory.

For which crops Pest-A-Side can be applied?

Pest-A-Side can be used for all types of crops.


What is the prescribed dosage per pump?

Recommended concentration is 30 ml for 15 liters of water .

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Cattle Feed Concentrate

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Cattle Feed Concentrate

What is Cattle Feed Concentrate (CFC)?


CFC is a food supplement for livestock. It consists of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics which supplement nutritional requirement of your livestock. It helps to keep your animal healthy and productive, which eventually results into profitability of farmers.



CFC increases milk yield per animal by 500-1000 ml per day.
 It helps to increase lactation period and sustained milk production even under stress conditions.
 It helps to increase fat percentages in the milk and ensures protein rich milk.
 It increases fertility .
Incorporation of minerals and vitamins improves the resistance power of livestock especially during pre and post calving period.
MOS helps to control Aflatoxin and acts as an immunomodulator to prevent Mastitis & other infections, thus ensures healthy pets .
Presence of Vitamins ensures better metabolism and probiotics helps in proper digestion and absorption of nutrition in the body.

How to Use

Adult cattle- 10 to 15 gm per day Calf/goat/sheep- 5 to 7 gm per day Poultry– 300 gm per 1000 kg of feed


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Pet Wash

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Pet Wash

What is Biofit Pet wash?


Ectoparacites (example: some mites) are minute insects that grow on the body surface of pets and suck their blood making them less active, low in energy levels and prone to diseases.
Biofit Pet Wash is an Ayurvedic product which helps to remove ectoparasites and keeps them healthy and productive.

How does Biofit Pet Wash act?

It removes ectoparasites thereby keeping animals healthy and active.
 It has excellent cleansing, rinsing and deodorizing properties which keeps pet’s skin clean and shining.
 It makes hairs soft and glossy.
Helps to increase milk production of cows and buffalo.


Very effective against ticks, mites, lice etc.
Being herbal product it is not harmful to animals, human and nature.
t doesn’t cause any kind of allergy or irritation to pets.
It helps to stop multiplication of ectoparasites.

When to Use Pet Wash?

Pet Wash should be used on regular basis whenever you bathe your livestock or domestic animals.

How to Use:

Add 5 ml Biofit Pet Wash in 10 liter of water Bathe the animal with the solution Sponge or scrub to remove excess water Rub solution on animal's body & leave it for some time. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate the coat and skin. Then again bathe your animal with plain water


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