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Plodder Machine

Simplex Plodder

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Simplex plodders offered by us are widely used in manufacturing soap cakes and detergent cakes. Mass or noodles that look like ribbon are fed in the feeder that goes through the thrust carrier plodding giving fineness for the adore of soap. Our range is equipped with cooling and heating arrangements and has a production capacity of 20 kg/hr. to 1000 kg/hr.

Duplex Plodder

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Duplex plodder offered by us is basically used for manufacturing toilet soaps. Our range comprises two plodders that are placed in tandem and are connected by a vacuum chamber. Their beginning stage is for final refining of the product through refining screens of different mesh and forces the soap mass through a perforated disc. This process converts the mass into noodles in several length and thickness. The noodles go to vacuum chamber, where these are driven by the main extrusion worm. Our range also consists of vacuum chamber that is heated to prevent condensation and is generated through a vacuum pump. Following are the salient features of our range: • Capacity: 150 kg/hr. to 1000 kg/hr • Efficient

Twin Worm Plodder

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We offer a wide range of twin & twin worm plodders that are basically used for manufacturing toilet soaps and synthetic detergents. Single worm plodders are substituted in toilet soaps through duplex vacuum plodder; single - worm or twin – worms twin duplex vacuum plodders. In upper side fine screens, coarse screen are seen as per the industrial requirements. The mass forced through perforated disc with fine/coarse screens and transformed into noodles. Subsequently, these noodles fall into vacuum chamber and then in by the main worm screw for final product duly compressed and will come out in two slugs. Our range is widely used when extra ordinary refining is needed for certain products and has a capacity of 250 kg/hr. to 2000 kg/hr.

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