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Air Polishing Systems

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bicarbonate jet cleaner with stainless steel endpiece of the whitening handpiece. The nozzle is structured specifically to produce an extremely fine high-precision jet for effective yet gentle treatment.

turbodent s is based on innovative digital technology and is designed for simple and hygienic use thanks also to its exclusive clean function. This function enables a complete cleaning programme to be activated in the water and/or air circuits.


Product Code: Turbodent

Air Polishing Systems

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the easyjet pro opens up new outlooks to turbine couplings. Just a simple click and your turbine becomes a skilful prophylaxis unit.

easyjet pro has the same important features as mectron table top units:
- a constant powerful powder jet
- an easy handling
- a total reliability.

shape and balance also enable a good handling and a controlled precise powder jet direction.

technical characteristics

- incoming air pressure between 2,3 – 3,2 bar
- incoming water pressure between 0 – 3 bar
- only 125 gr.

Product Code: Easyjet Pro


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safety devices

safety valve- it opens when the pressure reaches from 2. 7 to 3 kgf/cm or from 265 to 294 kpa

anti-vacuum valve - it works the same way if the safety valve, relieving the pressure inside the chamber in case of vacuum build up.

door gasket - in case the pressure goes beyond 3 kgf/cm or 294 kpa, the door gasket will detach from the edge of the door making a loud noise.

fuse-it’s purpose is to protect the building electrical wiring against peaks of energy. The fuse used is the 20 glass. Aglf-quick action 10a/250v for 127v and 6a/250v for 220v.

Endo Xp Dental Equipment

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features :

  • used with contra- angles 1:1, 4:1, 10:1, 18:1, and 20:1.
  • adjustable torque in accordance with used contra angle
  •  reverse system with warning alarm
  •  compatible with all the existing rotating file system in the     market
  •  autoclavable accessories (wire, micromotor, cradle and     irrigation system)
  • for the apex locator features you can measure the     longitudinal of the root and the conditions (blood,     anesthesics, hipoclotito etc)
  •  able to find with precision the apical and time measures.
  •  comfortable, ergonomic, security, digital display and     warning alarm.

    Intra Surge

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    • exclusive! World's only surgical unit with light.
    • exclusive! Automatic handpiece recognition - no re-programming needed.
    • exclusive! Records maximum torque used at each step - beneficial for immediate loading implants.


    Product Code: 300 Plus

    Kavo Dental Equipment

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    external spray, 
    • intramatic system, 
    • transmission 1:1, 
    • 5000 - 20000 rpm adjusted on the air motor, 
    • resists over 2000 sterilization cycles in autoclave at 135�c

    Kavo Extra Torque Dental Equipment

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    2- hole borden connection, 
    • friction grip, 
    • single spray, 
    • 350,000 rpm, 
    • air consumption 34-37 ni/min, 
    • torque 10n, 
    • resists over 1000 sterilization cycles in autoclave at 135°c.

    Product Code: 606

    Kavo Pedo Head Dental Equipment

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     2- hole borden connection, 
    • small head, 
    • friction grip, 
    • single spray,
    • 4000000 rpm, 
    • air consumption 37 to 42 nl/min, 
    • torque 10 n, 
    • resists over 1000 sterilization cycles in autoclave at 135�c

    Kavo Unik Straight Handpice Dental Equipment

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     external spray.  
    • transmission 1:1.  
    • better asepsis.  
    • intramatic system, 
    • 5000 - 20000 rpm adjusted on airmotor, 
    • resists over 2000 sterilization cycles in autoclave at 135�c

    Kavo Unik Turbine Dental Equipment

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    with a clean conception, the unik high speed instruments line stands for its torque and minimum noise and vibration levels. All instruments work with a pressure of 2. 2 bar
    (32 pounds/inch 2) and are autoclavable up to 135�c.  
    the lubrication should always be done with a single product: kavo unispray.

    • 2 hole borden. O single spray.
    • speed range 350,000 rpm.  
    • pressure of 2. 2 bar.  
    • ergonomic shape - an extension of the dentist�s hand,
      allowing an easy access to the posterior teeth, 
      thus guaranteeing higher comfort and lesser fatigue.
    • better asepsis.


    Power Torque

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    • standard head.
    • multiflex lux connecton.
    • push button auto chuck.
    • 1 port spray
    • 3rd generation cellular optics with 5 year warranty.
    • 370,000 rpm


    Product Code: 646B

    Schulz (Air Compressor)

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    Observation: * Noise level when installed at the    acoustic cabinet at 1 m distance.
    Applications         Dental practices
    • Piston
    • Oil free
    • Single phased 110 or 220V
    • Cast iron compressor unit
    Equipped with
    • Thermal protection relay
    • Reservatório com pintura interna anticorrosiva fabricado de acordo com a NR13
    • Gabinete acústico opcional

    Product Code: MSV 18/250

    Starlight Pro Dental Equipment

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    with the new starlight pro mectron offers one of the most innovative and efficient led curing lamp. To check its power output, the new charging station includes a radiometer. But further on the evolutions involve the electronics of both handpiece and charger.

    in only 105 gr of technology, starlight pro offers:
    - safe and efficient polymerization.
    - the best ergonomics (portable / light / handy).
    - long autonomy (lithium battery without memory of the charge state).


    Product Code: SP-01

    Starlight Pro Dental Equipment

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    technical characteristics

    dimensions: l 198 mm - ø max 22,5 mm
    weight: 105 gr.
    power supply: supplied by a lithium ion battery, which allows recharge and use at any time without memory of the charge state.
    autonomy: 160 exposures cycles, 20 seconds each.
    remaining energy level: an acoustic signal indicates that the residual energy is enough for 6 cycles.
    light source: a 5 w high efficiency led with concentrating optical device.
    wave lenght: between 440 - 480 nm
    average lifespan: 1. 800. 000 cycles, 20 secconds each.

    exposure time: to be set between 10 - 20 seconds. With acoustic signal after 10 seconds and at the end of the exposure cycle.
          - fast function, lasting 10 seconds at the maximum light intensity.
          - slow rise function, lasting 20 seconds with a gradual increase of the light intensity during        the first 3 seconds up to the maximum intensity. Possibility of stopping the cycle at any time.

    optical fibre: ø 8 mm coherent drawn fibres superfused. Sterilizable in autoclave (max. T. 135 °c for 20 minutes - max 500 cycles).

    dimensions: 96 x 120 x 58 mm
    weight: 555 gr.
    power supply: 92-255 vac ~ 50/60 hz - 15 va max.
    recharge time: about 120 minutes. High precision electronic control of the charge level.

    Product Code: SP-04-7


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    the universal treatment unit for left-handed and right-handed people.

    the table, pivotable, immediately to hand, can be mounted either on the right or on the left in accordance with the dentist's wishes.

    • individually pivotable for right-handed or left-handed people with few manipulations and without an engineer: 
    • from left to right, from right to left.  
    • with headrest and backrest concept, always anatomically correct for every dentist and patient.  
    • comprehensive equipment: 2 backrests, 3 headrests, 6 suction systems, etc.  
    • can be easily operated without retraining.  
    • high utility value.  
    • timeless design, attractive shape and colours.  
    • excellent price/performance ratio.  
    • use of proven kavo technology.

    Product Code: 1080 TM

    Swing-Version- Primus

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    the treatment unit for both left- and right-handed people:
    • available as a swinging-arm or table version.  
    • the entry model from kavo: favourable purchase price.  
    • everything directly to hand: the workplace adapts to the dentist and not vice versa.  
    • use of proven kavo technology (progress backrest, one-hand system, stability through floor    mounting, etc. ).  
    • easy operation without retraining.  
    • compact: also fits into small surgeries.  
    • optimal for treatment of children.  
    • fully ccc-prepared.  
    • perfect ergonomics.  
    • red dot design award for the kavo primus 1058 treatment unit

    Product Code: 1058 S

    Torque Controller

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    features :

  • able to set 03 different programs with fixed torque     50n. Cm and 01 program with torque control from     25n. Cm until 52n. Cm
  •  adjustable speed from 100rpm to 35000rpm
  •  peristaltic pump with flow adjust
  •  reverse system with warning alarm
  •  intelligent progressive footswitch with reverse     system and peristaltic pump control
  •  autoclavable accessories (wire, micromotor, cradle     and irrigation system)

    Ultrasonic Scalers

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    mectron control starlight system identifies automatically the type of handpiece connected to the cord (scaler or starlight p led photopolymerizator ) and sets up suitable parameters of functioning.

    feedback system automatic and instantaneous power control in function of the resistance encountered by the insert


    automatic protection control interrupts power and water supply in case of incorrect use of the handpiece and insert tip.

    Ultrasonic Scalers

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    from the evolution of the tested ultrasonic scaler mectron system the new device micropiezo s comes.

    in spite of its small dimensions, micropiezo s incorporates the new digital electronics equipped with a powerful microprocessor regulating all device's functional parameters:
    mectron control starlight system - feedback system - automatic protection control


    Product Code: Micro Piezo-S

    Ultrasonic Scalers

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    piezo smart – smart to handle and smart technology. Ergonomics is the piezo smart’s trump card - it has everything you could demand of a modern treatment oriented ultrasound device yet remains extremely simple to use. The built-in feedback-system and automatic protection control (apc) mean noticeably better performance than the ultrasound systems available until now.
    size (l x p x h)228 x 146 x 146 mm (without handpiece)
    weight0,92 kg
    power-supply unitexternal power-supply unit 100-240 v
    power consumption40 va
    ultrasound frequency range24. 000 - 29. 500 hz
    ultrasound output9 setting
    water supplyfrom bottle
    quantity of waterscale of 10 settings - from17 to 65 ml

    Gentle Ray

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    We offer high quality
     gentle ray

    Hyperion X9 X Ray Machine

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    Hyperion X9

    Schulz (Air Compressor)

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    we offer high quality  Schulz (air compressor)

    Product Code: MSV 6/30


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    We offer high quality swing-version-system

    Table-Version- Primus

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    We offer high quality
     table-version- primus

    Product Code: 1058 TM

    Cordless Handpiece

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    Dental Equipment

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    Endo Cursor

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    Entran Handpiece

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    EyeMag Sport Laser

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    Implantmed Dental Equipment

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    Piezosurgery Dental Equipment

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    Puma Eli Dental Chairs

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    Skema Dental Chairs

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    Skyview Dental Equipment

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    Surgical Handpiece With LED

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