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About Mecpro Heavy Engineering Limited

At MECPRO we underline everything with the sheen of quality. With its in-house Research and Development centre (recognised by the Government of India), Mecpro has been able to develop several innovative designs, processes and technologies in various areas. Some of our major breakthroughs are as follows :

  • The vessels are so designed that the rated capacity of the plant is easily attained in practical operation.
  • Every effort has been made to reduce to the minimum the energy consumption of the plant.
  • The converter for the hydrogenation reaction is designed for attaining any desired selectivity in hydrogenation. 
  • Continuous type of deodorisation equipment is provided for the highest possible steam economy, reduction of colour and reduction of odour.  
  • Design and layout of the blending and packing section in our plants is such that manual labour is reduced to the minimum.
  • Electrolytic cells are designed for low electricity consumption, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing space requirements.
  • Lower stripping steam usage translates to lower motive steam consumption by the vacuum system
  • Short residence time of the oil at an elevated temperature in the prestripper column ensures better oil quality.
  • The dripping zone is extended to the end of the extractor to send less solvent to the meal desolventiser.
  • The same water flows in series from one condenser to another making for lower water and power requirements.
  • Stirrers of the desolventiser-toaster are carefully streamlined to present minimum resistance
  • Recirculation of waste water reduces effluent and water wastage
  • Air and solvent purification reduces pollution and hexane loss.
  • Usage of Computer Aided Designing (CAD) in plant development.

Our Team

Our Team

Mecpro has skilled & focused team of professionals who cater to the clients exact requirement while ensuring prompt and timely service delivery. As a financially sound & proficient organisation, we can count on our reliable team of over 300 personnel. We invest in up-gradation of skills of our people by re-training them in emerging technology, thereby imparting better quality in all our deliverables.

Mecpro is headed by a recognized technocrat, Mr. Rajan Skhariya, who has received numerous accolades for his innovation and quality oriented ness. He is complimented by Mr. Rajiv Arora, who manages and co-ordinates the diverse operations at Mecpro. The Mecpro management forms a formidable team that is driven to take your business to the next level.

Feathers in Our Cap

Today, Mecpro, has the trust of over 150 satisfied customers and they are Mecpro’s reference point both in India and abroad.

Some of the prestigious projects namely, Tata Oil Mills Co. Ltd., National Dairy Development Board, Indian Oil Corporation, Bhatinda Chemicals Ltd., Mantora Oil Products Ltd., Kanpur Edible Ltd., Millars India Ltd., Blue Star Ltd.. These are the milestones achieved during our journey to success.

Mecpro has been instrumental in operational consolidation and improved cost competitiveness of our customers overseas like Farzat Alimentary Co. Ltd., Syria, Sibahi & Arbou Co., Syria, South Baghdad Power Plant, Iraq, Misr Oil & Soap Co., Egypt, AFEDCO, Egypt, Nile Oil Co., Egypt, Eonchem Technology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, Padma Oil & Agro Industries, Bangladesh.

Kanpur Edible Ltd.
Millars India Ltd.
South Baghdad Power Plant, Iraq
Misr Oil & Soap Co., Egypt
Nile Oil Co., Egypt
Eonchem Technology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Padma Oil & Agro Industries, Bangladesh

Our Strengths

One of the imperatives of a long term business relation is 'commitment to quality'...we  understand this and as the result have adopted Total Quality Management for our production process. The raw materials are procured from the reputed suppliers and each level of the manufacturing process is monitored. Only after our products are tested against heat treatment, harness etc., do we consider them ready to be delivered.

Why Us?

  • We adhere to the international standards of quality. 

  • Our products are technically advanced and designed for optimum performance.

  •  We can customize products as per the specifications of the clients. 

  • Our products are durable and reliable. 

  • We plan our manufacturing process strategically to meet the stipulated time frame.

Services And Activities

Services And Activities

At every stage of engineering, manufacturing and installation, Mecpro strives to achieve the optimum balance between price and quality. Mecpro offers turnkey solutions that have an excellent price/performance relationship.

Mecpro offers plants for Solvent extraction, Cotton seed processing, Delinting & Dehulling, pre-treatment and conditioning, oil milling, vegetable oil refining, de-acidification, hydrogenation of vegetable ghee, industrial hard oil, margarine and fat splitting plant, fatty acid distillation, glycerin plants, stearic acid plants, soaps and detergent and other special equipment.

Our operations are based on to Total Quality Management. The ISO Certification is a proof that all aspects of our company, are working continuously to provide the highest quality products & services to our customers.

Mecpro is a company driven by a excellent quality in all its endeavors. Mecpro provides a truly effective integration of services, such as in-depth studies, planning, conceptualization, execution, technical assistance and support to deliver the most comprehensive solutions.


Mecpro’s Zero effluent refining process

Here no neutralization or washing are done.  Even degumming is not done – only conditioning is carried out.  So the water, soap, acidific water resulting from washing is not discharged and so no effluent treatment plant (ETP) is needed.  The gums are removed during the bleaching stage using the twin bleaching technology.  Here in the first stage the bleaching earth is used to remove the colour from the oil.  The spent earth from here is used for conditioning for the fresh crude oil.  The earth absorbs the gums and as its absorption capacity is 20%, thereafter it does not absorb any of the oil.  So there is no oil loss in the spent bleaching earth.  After the second stage the bleaching earth is discarded.

Layer esterification

This is a process for converting free fatty acids (FFA) into triglycerides and some amount of diglycerides.  For this glycerine is added to the oil to the extent of about 4% of the FFA weight.  The FFA as well as 40% of the glycerine added is then converted into oil through esterification.  The FFA that would sell for Rs 26/kg is then converted into oil that would sell for Rs 42/kg, at the cost of some capital equipment and 4% of glycerine at Rs 26/kg.

No catalyst is required in this process.  Any FFA escaping is fed back into the system.  It can be used for biodiesel to improve the profitability of the plant.

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