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Havells Digital MCCB


MCCB-Digital Specification: Conforms to IEC: 60947-2 / IS: 13947-2 & EMI/EMC - IEC: 61000-4-2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Utilisation Category: 'A' Type: Digital (micro processor based)

Features :

bullet True RMS sensing - Accurate and close protection. bullet High repeat accuracy - reliable protection. bullet User friendly multiple adjustment option - flexibility and versatility. bullet Time delay on overload & short circuit faults - discrimination. bullet Built in adjustable overload / short circuit sensing. bullet No external power required for basic functioning of the release. bullet Built in operation-check function with Field Testing Provision.

Havells Panel Board System





Specification :

  • Conforms to IEC:60947-1 & 2 / IS:13947-1 & 2,
  • IEC: 60439 / IS:8623 & IEC:60529 / IS: 2147


Type :

  •   'G' frame panel boards upto 400A
  •   'A' frame panel boards upto 800A


Features :

  • CPRI tested Busbar section upto 50kA
  • Ready made & customised solutions for load management.
  • Modular construction & compact size provides economy of space, time &   cost.
  • Designed for floor mounting / wall mounting.
  • Specially designed shrouded busbar provides safety.
  • No. of ways option permits future system expansion.
  • Easy add on modules to house various devices offers simplicity &   flexibility.
  • Elegant & sleek in appearance.

Havells By-Pass Changeover Switch


Specification :  Conforms to IEC: 60947-1&3  /  IS: 13947-1&3


Utilisation Category :  AC-23A


Type :  Double Break



  • Robust and reliable mechanism provides total disconnection.
  • Quick make and break operation, independent of the operating speed   enables the switches to open and close under stringent conditions.
  • Nylon 66 FR Grade, switch housing provides excellent mechanical, di-electric and thermal properties.

Havells Motor Starter Control Gear


Specification : 

  • Conforms to IEC: 60947-4-1 /
  • IS: 13947-4-1


Utilisation Category : AC-3



  • Protection against overload & single phasing.
  • For agricultural application with wide voltage band coils.
  • Ambient temperature compensated (-5oC to 55oC).
  • Deep drawn / fabricated sheet steel enclosure duly phosphatised and   powder coated.

Havells Switch Disconnector Fuse



Frame Size Current Rating (Amps) Execution Type of Fuse
1 32,63 DP, TPN, FP  
2 100,125 DP, TPN, FP


3 160,200,250 TP N, FP  
4 320,400 TP N, FP  
5 630,800 TP N, FP  
’32-800 isolator version’

Specification: Conforms to IEC: 60947-1 & 3  /  IS: 13947-1 & 3


Utilisation Category:  AC-23A


Type: Front operated, Double Break


  • Front operated, positive isolation switch mechanism.
  • Multi Break arcing contacts per pole.
  • Stationary Fuse Links prevent loosening of fuses.
  • Handle with Padlock, Door interlock and defeat mechanism facility.
  • Add-on auxiliary switch.
  • Available in open execution and in sheet steel enclosure.

Havells Busbar Chamber System


Havells busbar chamber system is designed for safe, reliable & economical distribution of power to various loads as per the requirements of the system. The modular construction of the bus bar chamber provides for compact & easy add-on modules on the basic unit for system expansion (if the need be). These can be wall mounted and can also be made suitable for floor mounting by using optional pedestal set.


range :
the busbar chambers are available for 100a/200a, 250a/315a/400a & 630a/800a current ratings with short circuit withstand capacity of 25ka, 35ka & 50ka respectively.

these are offered in 4 way, 6way & 8 way in four pole configuration.


specification :

  • fully application oriented as per
  • is:8623/iec 60439 (panel sub assemblies)
  • is: 2147/iec60529 (degree for protection)


application :
the busbar chambers find wide application in power distribution in areas namely :

  • construction site
  • shop floor
  • multistoreyed complexes
  • building installation etc.


features :

  • readymade & customised solution for safe power distridution
  • modular/compact design provides economy of space and cost
  • simple and efficient system configuration
  • easy, flexible and time saving installation
  • shock proof design
  • elegant & sleek in appearance


the busbar chamber is fabricated using sheet steel (crca) of 1. 6mm thickness and epoxy powder coated to give superior & lasting finish. The bus bar sections are made of etp grade copper & dull tin plated and the bus bar supports are made of dmc (dough moulding compound). The neutral bus bar is fully rated.

in bus bar chambers upto 200a, the bus bar layout is in a single layer (i. E. One by the side of the other & duly separated/supported on the bus bar support). Whereas in bus bar chambers of 250a / 315a / 400a / 630a / 800a, the busbar layout is in form of stack (i. E. One bus bar behind the other duly separated/supported by bus bar support). All have detachable end plates enabling them to be extended easily with the connection of another chamber. Full top and bottom end plates are detachable.

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