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Resistant Safes

Burglar Resistant Safes

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Our burglary resistant safes are constructed to resist burglar tool attempts. These safes are made to meet specific weight, material, lock and wall thickness guidelines. The main feature of our safe is, all five sides and the door of the safe are armored with a specially formulated barrier material which is encased between strong outer and inner body which can withstand the attacks of sledgehammers, power drill, chisel and a fall from greater height.

Features :

  • A fully-welded, multi-corner bend construction without » single rivet makes the body an integral whole
  • All five sides and the door of the Class C safes are armored with a specially formulated double duty barrier material, offering massive resistance to attacks of sledgehammers, power drills and chisels
  • The higher category of Defender Plus Safes on account of the unique design and special properties of TDR Matrix Barrier also offers resistance to attacks of oxy-acetylene flame, arc-cutting along with Tool Resistance too
  • Class C safes have successfully withstood the one hour fire and impact test carried out by C.B.R.I., Roorkee, India
  • Strong movable shooting bolts on either side are evenly spaced to secure the door behind the solid jamb box. Unique balanced pressure bolt-work ensures safety from attacks by dislodging
  • Automatic re-locking device for protection against attack through keyhole with liquid explosives or mechanically
  • The safes are fitted with Godrej's superior quality, dual-control, high-precision S-lever locks. The locks are protected with a specially designed unique 14 mm drill-defeat shield provided in the door. Can be retro-fitted with imported, superior quality Electronic / Mechanical UL Listed Time Locks with multiple clock movements
  • All steel components are given a thorough twelve-stage anti-corrosion treatment followed immediately by coats of rust-inhibiting paint for more protection
  • Also optionally available at extra cost is the TL-30 labeled safe tested by Underwriters Laboratories, USA — the internationally recognized body for Security standards
  • Defender Plus Safes are also available for usages with a currency slot on the top or side and with a flap door on top compartment to drop the currency
  • Godrej Defender Plus Safes also have the DGS &D registration.
  • T / L solutions on 41 Defender Plus and higher safes only

Fire Resistant Safes

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We offer fire resistant safes under the brand name of Godrej Fire Resisting Record Cabinets (FRRC) for securing valuables from danger of fire that are made from high grade fire resisting material. Their body is quite strong due to being made as double-walled and door is fabricated from superior quality steel which is designed in tongue-and-groove style. Appropriate use of fire-resisting material makes the cabinet as much fire-resistance as 610mm concrete wall owing to this when the ambience temperature reaches up to 1010 deg. C the inner temperature is limited below 177 deg. C.

FRRC can sustain impacts intense fire for a number of hours successfully without leaving any of the articles affected that is kept inside. They are available in 650 Kg dimension weight.

Features :

  • Designed to withstand fire for up to one hour
  • Tested for fire endurance, fire & impact and explosion hazard test (except FR-445) by Under writer's Laboratory, USA (UL 72-class 350 - 1 hour)
  • Listed at Underwriter's Laboratory Inc., USA and Bureau of Indian Standards, Mumbai
  • Tested at C.B.R.I., Roorkee
  • Tongue and groove construction lo prevent hot gases and smoke from seeping in
  • Burglar / theft protection provided with two locks
  • Option for two key locks or one numerical combination lock and one key lock
  • One lockable drawer and one adjustable shelf (FR-1060 safe has two adjustable shelves) to maximize interior storage space
  • Castor wheels
  • Powder coating
  • Safes beyond 1 hour rating can be supplied on special request at an extra cost

FR-445 FR-560 FR-720 FR-1060
Outside Dimensions (mm) H
684 764 924 1264

508 590 590 590

500 590 590 590

OW 953 1109 1109 1109
Inside Dimensions (mm) h 446 560 720 1060

w 345 450 450 450

d 305 355 355 355
Volume (lts.) (approx.)
47 90 115 170
Weight (Kg.) (approx.)
125 160 190 250

Electronic Safes

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We offer a wide range of electronic safety products such as electronic safes that are extensively used for storing valuable articles across various industries. This is made from drill-resistance armour plate and body is appropriately welded in order to ensure sturdiness.

Our models of electronic safes also includes : 

  • Treasure chest

  • E-Swipe safe

  • Rhino electronic

  • Safire electronic

Depository Safes

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We offer depository safes, which are designed to provide complete cash management. Our depository safes are come with front-loading, top-loading and reverse loading hoppers. Our models are designed to allow quick deposits without access inside the safe. Some of our models offer you an additional compartment for cash drawer storage. All depository safes have been predrilled in the bottom for securing.

Some of the features of our depository safes :

  • A 2.5 mm multi-bend body that is fully welded and fitted with a Godrej dual control precision 6- Lever Lock

  • A5 mm thick door

  • Undergoes a seven step anti corrosion treatment that inhibits corrosion and increases scratch resistance

  • An attractive two tone powder coated finish

  • Active shooting bolts on the front side and the rear door edge acts as a continuous bolt on the rear side

Specifications :

D'Cab I
D'Cab II
H x W x D (mm)
691 x 460 x 460
691 x 460 x 460
H x W x D (inches)
27 ¼ x 18 1/8 x 18 1/8
27 ¼ x 18 1/8 x 18 1/8
Number of Shooting Bolts
Number of Drawers / Hopper

Storage Wardrobes

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Wardrobes are the wider and deeper options in our cupboard range. Adjustable shelves, ample hanging space, half locker and a secret compartment are some of the thoughtful features provided.

In our storage wardrobes, you have a choice of two models H and H1. With H1, you get an additional drawer, lockable security and an additional hanging rod.

Specifications :


Hotel Room Safes

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Understanding the safety requirement for valuables in hotels we offer hotel room safes that come under the brand name e-Swipe safe. These are operated by a standard credit card or four digit passwords. Our hotel room safes have other striking features which ensure access of only authorized people.

Specifications :  

External: (H) x (W) x (D) mm
Net Weight (Kg)

Data Safes

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We offer a range of data safes that are widely required across the industries for security purposes. The data safes can sustain temperatures of around 1000°C for 60 minutes rating as per UL-72: 1995 international standards. They are tested for fire endurance and fire & impact for 60 minutes as per IS: 14562: 1998 and also tested for magnetic interference by ERTL, Mumbai which is unique to Godrej data range of safes.

With two 10 lever security locks they provide proper security. They are durable safety equipment owing to :

  • 12-tank pre-treatment unique to Godrej, followed by a high-quality polyurethane paint
  • Multi-functional laminated top blend well with office decor

Fire Resisting Cabinets

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Recognizing the need for valuable fire protection, coupled with the need for easy accessibility of records and office aesthetics, Godrej has designed its fire resisting cabinets. It  provides adequate storage space to keep the bulkiest of ledgers, box files, unwieldy bound reports and other vital paper documents safely and conveniently, All at a fraction of the cost of the loss that could occur due to burnt records.

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