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Acids And Salts Medicine

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Our decades of experience in the production of high-purity chemicals and our ultra-modern production plants mean that you always get what you have ordered: premium quality.

Our wide product range for Salts and Acids not only adheres to standards like ACS or ISO – but sets them !

This is possible due to our proven Quality Management Systems allover the company:

Every single step in providing you with your needs –from the production, purchase and storage of our raw materials, through production, filling and analysis to storage and despatch of the finished goods – is subject to the most stringent controls and fully documented – giving you peace-in-mind when you use our products.

Decades of experience with highly purified chemicals together with our state-of-the-art production and filling facilities ensures, that what you order is what you get.

Caustic Alkalies And Lyes

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In its sales range Merck offers sodium and potassium hydroxide tablets as well as sodium and potassium lyes in various concentrations with defined quality. The different qualities are a guarantee of the highest quality of the potassium content in the sodium hydroxide and the sodium content in the potassium hydroxide tablets.

Analytical Reagents Chemical

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Our analytical reagents are not only specified in accordance with the American ACS standard but also with Reag. Ph Eur. Our products therefore meet the specifications described in the reagents part of the American Pharmacopoeia, as well as those of the European Pharmacopoeia.

Analytical reagents from Merck therefore meet the authoritative quality guidelines for pharmacopoeia analysis worldwide:

Salts Analysis Gr

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Salts for Analysis GR

In most analytical laboratories, salts for analysis are used in solid or dissolved form. Their use ranges from digestion reagents and complex-formation reagents through to neutralization reagents.

For qualitative and quantitative analysis, Merck offers an extensive range of salts of the quality grade "for analysis GR".

The quality of the salts for analysis GR is determined by their analytical purity (exact knowledge of content, exact knowledge of trace contents).

An outstanding feature of our salts for analysis GR is their reliable quality.

Inorganic salts for analysis GR are manufactured at Merck under stringent conditions and are analyzed by state-of-the-art methods.
The Certificates of Analysis contain batch-related analytical values
as well as data on minimum shelf-life.

On the basis of their natural properties, many salts are prone to caking due to their hygroscopicity, which makes the exact dosing of salts difficult.

We aim to improve the free-flowing characteristics of various salts for analysis GR – without influencing their chemical purity. For the user this means that the salt becomes well dosable, by applying a slight mechanical effect if necessary.

Laboratory Equipment

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The Extran® product range includes cleansing solutions for every conceivable laboratory application.

In a laboratory there are normally many different types of cleaning problems that conventional household cleansers cannot deal with adequately. This is because, on the one hand, so many types of material are used – glass, quartz, metal, plastic, rubber, porcelain etc. – and on the other because there are numerous types of residue to remove, some of them extremely cleanser-resistant.

In an analytical laboratory there are, for example, quite different residues that occur than in an organic-preparative lab, a biochemical lab, a clinical chemical lab or nutrient media preparation room.

In practice, a difference is made between manual and automatic cleansing; both have different requirements with respect to the cleansing agent used.


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Dyes are used in microscopy whenever cell and tissue components in human, animal and plant material have to be visualized. Microscopic dyes are used mainly in histology, cytology and microbiology but also in analyzing textile fibers, paper and other technical products.The Certistain® dyes for microscopy are analyzed chemically according to strict specifications and tested for their functional performance.

Hemacolor8-Kopie Hematology Medicine

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Classical staining methods are used for all types of hematological materials where the overview and details of the specimen are of interest. Apart from the commonly used staining solutions and dye mixtures fast staining kits and staining foils are offered for comparable results.

For detection and classification of leukaemias convenient enzyme cytochemistry kits are offered.

Kongorot Histology Medicine

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H&E staining (hematoxylin & eosin) is the standard staining method in histology. A huge number of special stains are used to demonstrate the single parts of the tissue sections. Therefore a couple of special staining procedures are used in daily routine such as PAS, trichrome and silver methods, fat stainings. For a long time it was state of the art to use self-prepared staining solutions in histology labs. Nowadays it is becoming more and more of a standard to use the ready-prepared solutions and kits for special stainings as well.

Osteosoft Liquid Medicine

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A lot of steps and different reagents are necessary to bring a specimen from the original condition onto the glass slide under the microscope. Fixing reagent - to preserve the state of the material - a good and sufficient fixation is necessary. Embedding media - in histology a couple of different reagents are used for histoprocessing and embedding, so that the specimen can be cut later. The dyes, staining solutions and staining kits bring the color to the target structures in the specimen. In some cases it is necessary to check the differential diagnoses to find the final result. Immunohistochemistry is one of the methods used. The tools for diagnostic work are different immunohistological kits and primary antisera. Mounting media - the slides are mounted with different types of media, depending on the method and the reagents used. Other histo/cyto reagents - such as decalcifier solutions or immersion oils belong to that group.

Gr" Solvents

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GR grade solvents can be used for extraction purposes, for quantitative organic analysis and for other applications not involving spectroscopy. Guaranteed metal concentrations at the time of the application also enable sensitive flame photometry analysis to be carried out.

Solvent Management Systems

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By selecting the solvent management system you gain:

Ease of use Environmental friendliness through reduced waste Higher safety - steel does not break Better quality Improved profitability


The use of solvents in chemical laboratories has to be regarded from a number of different viewpoints. Apart from any economic considerations involved, environmental aspects (e.g. disposal, optimisation of quantities used) and the specification of quality requirements for the solvent concerned (prevention of repeat analysis) are having to be taken much more into account.

Tailor-made solvents for the laboratory meet all of these requirements without compromising on the economics involved.

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