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Two Wheeler Garage Equipment

Catering to the demands of automobile industry, we offer quality range of two-wheeler equipment. Our range includes hydraulic lift, two wheeler repair equipment and general workshop accessories. Our range of hydraulic washing lift enables water jet to reach every corner of automobile enhancing easy washing. Our two-wheeler repair equipment such as pneumatic panel board is provided with in - built complete pneumatic system with best ergonomics for pneumatic guns, blowguns and service tools.  

Our range of two-wheeler equipment includes:

Two Wheeler Garage Equipment
Nitrogen Generator
Approx. Price: Rs 55,000 / Piece

Nitrogen Generator

Item Code: N2-20L
Nitrogen saves money as its dosen't expand or contract with variation in tempture like air which lead to more stable air pressure. keeping your tyre well inflated with right pressure increase the tyre life by up to 30% while improving the milage by 10%.
Nitrogen increase safety, just filling your tyre with Nitrogen reduce the chances the tyre faliure by 50% as Nitrogen filled tyres are put under less stress because they don't overheat & pressure does not fluctuate when tyre heats up or cool down. This leads to stronger, safer tyre over its useable life.
Nitrogen is most convenient as most of the drivers does not check the tyre pressure on regular intervals which is generally not required in case of Nitrogen as it maintains stable pressure for long periods.

Two Wheeler Repair Equipment

We have been engaged in offering two wheeler repair equipment that find wide application in the automobile industry. Our range includes power pack, pneumatic panel board, pneumatic hangers, tool trolley, tool boards, battery charger, spark plug cleaner & tester and pneumatic waste oil collector trolley.

Power pack



  • Many lifting ratios viz., 1:1 through 1:9 to suit individual requirements
  • An article of super craftsmanship, this is the heart of the lifts
  • Automatic or Manual models.0
  • 1 Ph./3 Ph. Motor (by choice)
  • Geared pump, needle valve, solenoid switch operated (optional)


Pneumatic panel board



  • In - built complete pneumatic system with best ergonomics for pneumatic guns, blow guns and service tools
  • This aesthetically designed vertical member can be used in tandem with hydraulic lift anywhere and anytime at a service workshop
  • Own - lighting arrangement for proper illumination of work area and tool board
  • Portable and modular to facilitate future expansion
  • Big company logo on top to maintain corporate identity


Pneumatic hangers



  • In - built pneumatic system complete with a lubricator to ensure improved gun life
  • Very simple yet sturdy structure
  • Double hose reel to enable two pneumatic guns to operate at a time
  • Additional span to service two motorcycles side by side
  • Additional blow gun point provided for general cleaning


Tool trolley



  • Saves floor area by utilizing vertical space
  • These multi - use trolleys store safely most items used at your shop - in a neat organized way
  • The shop looks tidy and smart
  • Some trolleys, as shown here, are designed to keep dismantled parts safely. Oil drip trays provided to avoid oil spillage on the floor


Tool boards



  • Systematic arrangement of and easy approach to each tool improves job quality
  • Ergonomics every detail, imparts a feeling of efficiency to the mechanic's mind
  • Inventory control made easier


Battery charger



  • State-of-art solid state electronic circuit
  • Charger Top PVC lined to protect against electrolyte spillage
  • Distilled water botties and hydrometer provided as standard
  • Battery charger and testing unit
  • Cut-off and trickle charging circuit
  • Four models to choose from
  • 2 To 6 batteries charged at a time
  • 0.25 Amp & 0.50 Amp or 0.75 Amp & 1.00 Amp charging current


Spark plug cleaner & tester



  • State- of- art solid state electronic circuit
  • Dielectric testing under simulated condition of high voltage (10- 12 kv) and high pressure (12-15 bar)
  • Spark plug cleaning with stand blasting - system which does not interfere with automobile combustion


Pneumatic waste oil collector trolley



  • Oil collecting tray prohibits oil spill
  • Compact and mobile - moves up to the bike in service, anywhere at the workshop
  • Transparent Measuring Jar on top: - Gives objective reading of oil consumption - an indicator of the engines performance in a motorcycle, particularly between 1st and 2nd service. Shows condition of the oil; contaminated oil can be discarded right away

Two Wheeler Repair Equipment

Automatic Chain Cleaner Machine
Approx. Price: Rs 32,500 / Piece

Automatic Chain Cleaner Machine

Our range of automatic chain cleaner machine has gained wide appreciation for its international quality standards. Provided with twin chamber type, one for cleaning and the other for greasing enables two chains to be cleaned at the same time. Occupying less floor area (61cm x 38cm) the device adds life to the motorcycle chain during service. The greasing chamber made of stainless steel sheet enables thermostatically controlled grease heating and melting.



  • Total cleaning of chain in motorized movement with high pressure jets of kerosene or diesel (your choice) aided by set of built - in brushes to remove all dirt and grease efficiently
  • Twin chamber type - one for cleaning and the other for greasing - enables two chains to be worked at a time
  • Greasing chamber is of stainless steel sheet. Thermostatically controlled grease heating and melting
  • Dripping area leaves a smooth coat on the chain

Digital Tyre Pressure Kits

We are engaged in the manufacturing of digital tyre pressure kits such as digital pressure gauge and analog pressure gauge. Rugged in design, our digital pressure gauge has microprocessor based automatic operation, for filling speed and cut off at preset pressure. East to calibrate, our array of analog pressure gauge has marking in both psi and kg/cm2.

Digital pressure gauge


  • Preset (desired) and Actual pressure indication in glowing digital 12 display at panel front
  • Increase / decrease and actual pressure indication in glowing digital display at panel front
  • Flat tyre key
  • Weather-proof


Analog pressure gauge


  • Markings both in psi and kg/cm2
  • Least count 1 psi and 1 kg/cm2
  • Big 6 to 18 inch dial (15 - 45cm)
  • Easy to calibrate

Digital Tyre Pressure Kits

Engine Workstation

Engine Workstation

We are a renowned manufacturer and exporter of two-wheeler equipment such as engine workstation. Designed with the assistance of our engineering excellence this workstation enables optimum engine servicing at 3D X 360°, always at mechanic's eye level. Provided with overhead lighting arrangement, the workstation has lockable cabinet for the safe-keeping of engine in service.



  • Choice of exploded view or special tool board at eye level
  • Pneumatic gun mounting bracket
  • Double airlines (lubricated and dry)
  • Lockable cabinet for safekeeping of engine in service
  • Drawer space for hand tools, drawing , service manuals
  • Overhead lighting arrangement
  • Custom - built jigs for every brand and model
  • Engine Jig
  • Nylon fixture for non - ferrous and polished parts
  • Valve spring compression holder

General Workshop Accessories

Meeting the demands of automobile industry, we offer a wide array of general workshop accessories. Our range includes pneumatic tool, filter regulator with pressure gauge, bench grinder, compressor and exhaust blower. Designed in compliance with international quality standards these accessories have gained wide appreciation for optimum utility and reliability. We also custom design these general workshop accessories as per client specific requirement.


Along with this, we also offer a wide array of:



Roller Seat

Compression Tester

Oil Can

Helmet Stand

PU Coiled Hose

Surface Plate



Battery Hydrometer

Pneumatic Tool

PU Coiled Hose


Magnetic Stand


Special Tool Kit


General Workshop Accessories


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