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Multipanel X-Ray Film Illuminators
Illumination is provided by specially imported, high output fluorescent tubes of the correct colour coordinates.
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Multi-Panel X-Ray Film Illuminators

Multi-Panel X-Ray Film Viewer Sliding (available 4/6/8/12 Panels)

  • Multi Panel X-Ray Viewing System consisting of suitable X-Ray Film Illuminator.
  • Facility to park all panels on one side and both side as per requirement.
  • Each Panel having the film holding clips in two rows for different sizes of films (maximum 6 films of size 17x14 can be hanged/fixed/displayed on each Panel)
  • Size full for teaching, conferences, seminars, display and mass reporting.
  • Convenient to handle the bulk work.
  • Facility for each Panel with pre-hanged films to bring by sliding before the illuminator for viewing.
  • Stmdy & Heavy Duty Floor Model.
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