Polyester Yarns

Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Polyester Yarns such as Industrial Polyester Yarns Twisted, Polyester Dipped Yarns and RFL Dipped Polyester Yarn from Faridabad.

Industrial Polyester Yarns Twisted

The industrial Polyester Yarns Twisted that we offer is applicable for Knitting, braiding on rubber hoses. Size of paper tube as  94mm ID, 290mm length for 8 spindle hose lines. 

Polyester Yarn Specification:

  • 1000 D, 1500 D, 2000 D ,3000 D, 4000 D


Polyester Dipped Yarns

We offer Polyester Dipped Yarn for Knitted, Braided  rubber hoses as Radiator hose ,railway brake hose pneumatic hose,rock drill hose , Silicon hose  and for other R-3, R-6 hoses.

Polyester Dipped Yarn Specifications:

  • 1000 D, 1500 D, 2000 D, 3000 D


RFL Dipped Polyester Yarn