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Oil Testing Kits

MINIMAC offers economical, quality and easy Oil Testing Kits for the use of maintenance personnels. These testing kits cannot match the accuracy of a lab result but can of-course help you draw an idea of your oil quality and take further action. 

Oil tests which can be observed are Solid Particle Contamination (NAS / ISO Class), Moisture Content (PPM Level / %age), Kinematic Viscosity (CST), TAN / TBN Value. These kits are readily available at best price in the market. We also offer training on kit usage. 

Millipore Patch Testing Kit ISO and NAS

Approx. Rs 10,000

Millipore Patch Testing Kit ISO and NAS

This kit is required for checking the nas / iso cleanliness class of oil sample. It is designed as per iso 4406 standard. Results can be drawn in nas class using comparitive chart of nas - 1638 (1999) format.

MOQ: onwards

Visgage Oil Test Kits

Approx. Rs 2,000 / onwards

Visgage Oil Test Kits are hand-held devices which can show kinematic viscosity of oil. The range of operation is 0 - 460 cSt. 
The operation principle:  Based on comparison of speed of SS ball through a tubular path of sample oil to that of a reference oil at 100 CST.

Testing time : 2 minutes

Accuracy :- 95% (depending on human reaction time).

General Hydrogauges

Approx. Rs 2,000

Hydrogauges is a hand-held device used for testing water percentage in oil. The readings are obtained in %age and ppm levels of moisture in oil. The range of operation is 0. 05% to 5% moisture.

Principle of Operation : Amount of hydrogen gas released from water molecules present in oil sample due to its reaction with sodium reagent; increases the pressure of the air-tight chamber. The pressure increase calliberated as %age of moisture in oil thus gives the desired result.

MOQ: onwards

Offline Laser Particle Counters

Approx. Rs 10,000 / onwards

We offer most economical and reliable Offline Laser Particle Counters from Europe. These are easy to handle and very accurate instruments useful for industrial and laboratory applications.

Karl Fischer Moisture Measurement Equipment

Approx. Rs 5,000 / onwards

Karl Fischer Moisture Measurement Equipment

• Volumetric Titration.
• Easy to operate fully automatic Karl Fischer Titrator.
• Dispensing unit for uninterrupted operations.
• LCD display screen for user friendly operations
• Result in Percentage, PPM and mg of H2O
• Supports two methods for factor:Water and DST
• Factor mode: Calculates the Average Factor
• Range: 50 PPM to 100%
• Parallel port printer interface.