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Large Dia Core Drilling Service

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the company had executed large dia core drilling for bulk sample giving 8" dia core in chandrapur coalfield for m/s rtz and again 8" core to m/s videocon in their new coal lease in talcher coalfield and earlier for 6" dia cores in west bokaro colliery of tisco.

Deep Tubewell Drilling Service

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  1. the co. Has been doing extensive work of hand and deep tubewell drilling with or without supply and installation of casing pipe; hand tubewell and submersible pumps and has a rate contract for the same in ecl & bccl.
  2. it has done extensive hand tubewell work in the present jharkhand state and is a registered contractor of phe' deptts. Of bihar, jharkhand, west bengal, railways and many other states. It has been doing extensive turnkey work of gravel packed deep tube wells including supply and installation of submersible pumps in ncl and ecl.
  3. the company is having a turnkey maintenance and operation contract for water supply from damodar river bed tubewells to ecl colony at sanctoria.

Blast Hole Drilling Service

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the company has been doing very extensive work of blast hole drilling in open cast mines of ecl, bccl and for some other parties with the help of their dth rigs.

Drilling For Coal Service

The Company is the biggest private sector diamond drilling organization working for exploration activities in coal sectors under CMPDI Ltd., Ranchi (a Central Govt. Undertaking responsible for exploration for coal and planning of coal mines in the entire country) and was having running Rate Contracts with it continuously for several years from 1982 for drilling upto 1000 mtr. Deep holes in Raniganj & Jharia Coalfields. It has worked practically in all the subsidiaries of Coal India, like ECL, BCCL, SECL, NECL, CCL, NCL and in Collieries of IISCO & TISCO etc. In NEC i.e Assam Coalfields where the strata is very very soft; the company has successfully drilled vertical and inclined bore holes upto 500 mtr. Depth. It has developed capacity to drill 1300 to 1400 mtr. Deep holes in NQ size. Besides Govt. Undertakings, all big Private Sector Companies like TISCO, Jindal Strip, Jindal Power, Videocon, Indalco etc. have selected it for exploration of their newly allotted coal leases in various coalfields. It is continuously working in TISCO's coal mines for last 2 decades, drilling upto 700 mtr. Deep coring holes.

Drilling For Minerals Service

The Company has also done extensive core drilling work in  mineral deposits also:-

  • LIME STONE:About 2000 mtr. of vertical hole drilling in Yerraguntala, AP., for Texmaco's Cement Plant in 1975-776. 5300 mtr of vertical and inclined holes upto 326 mtr. Depth in Haryana for Phoenix Cement Project in 1999-2000 and several other similar works.
  • IRON ORE: 2500 mtr. in Gua Iron Ore Mines of IISCO in 1990 under NMDC; 700 mtr. in Orissa Mining Corpn. at Gandhamadan in Keonjhar Dist. Orissa; 1500 mtrs. in Noamundi Iron Ore Mines of TISCO; about 40000 mtrs. in Mankarnacha, Baliapahar, Noamundi, Joda, Khondband, Banspani, & Katamati Iron Ore Leaseholds of TISCO, Jamshedpur; 200 mts. of Non-Core Drilling with sample collection at Khasjamda Iron Ore Mines for Monnet Ispat Ltd.; 500 mtrs. of Core Drilling at Kodakala Iron Ore Mines for Bhushan Ltd. etc.
  • ZINC: 3000 mtr of vertical and inclined core holes and 430 mtr. Of non-core holes in 2 instalments for M/s BHP Minerals of Australia in Rajasthan and Haryana in 1999-2000.
  • COPPER:: 2000 mtr. in vertical and inclined holes in Jharkhand and Rajasthan for M/s Phelps Dodge of Canada in 1999-2000.

Drilling Under Multinational Companies Service

The Company has worked for all the big Multinational Mining Companies coming to India like BHP Minerals of Australia and Phelps Dodge of Canada mentioned above and also for the giant Multinational Mining Company M/s RTZ doing 6500 mtr of non-core and HQ core drilling work in Chandrapur Coalfield in 1998 and earned 10% i.e about Rs 10 lakh early completion bonus.

The Company has drilled holes upto 220 mtr depth throughout in clay and silt in Kathmandu for a research project. "Paleo Studies of Kathmandu Lake Project" undertaken by a Japanese company M/s Nissaku where we had to give 100% core recovery in such soft formation and were paid in US$.

Drilling From Confined Space And Tunnels Service

The Company has a specialization for drilling core and non-core holes at all angles including vertical upward holes from underground galleries in coal mines and tunnels in River Valley Dam Projects. In coal mines it is done for exploration of upper and lower seams and mostly for drainage of water logged workings of upper seams and adjoining mines to prevent danger of inundation. Burn side safety apparatus is used to prevent sudden inrush and to have controlled drainage of water. Sometimes large dia holes of 250 mm are drilled for water and sand stowing ranges. The deviation of hole is very very important in these drainage holes as they must join in the target gallery and more than 150 mtr. Deep holes have been drilled without deviation.

Holes For Scientific Investigation Service

The Company has worked for IIT, Kharagpur, CMRI and School of Mines for drilling in underground coal mines in various Coalfields for Scientific Research Projects and on surface for CMPDI.

Drilling For GEO Service

It is the biggest organization doing diamond drilling along with various hydro geological tests in the holes for geo-engineering investigation at proposed dam sites and for other surface and underground structures for the last 20 years. These holes are both vertical and inclined and upto even 300 mtr deep and various hydro geological tests like lugeon, lefranc, injection fall off, pumping and recovery, interference, long duration pumping test etc are also done in some of them.

  • Since 1980 the Firm has been almost regularly doing such work at one or the other dam sites in UP Himalayas (present Uttranchal) including drilling from barges in rivers at some places. It has worked at Chilla Dam on Ganges near Haridwar, lakhwar Dam on river Yamuna near Dakpathar, Srinagar Dam on river Alaknanda near Srinagar, Maneri Bhali Dam on Ganges near Uttarkashi, Vishnu Prayag Power House site near Joshi Math, Kotli Bhel dam on Ganges near Rishikesh, Jamrani Dam on river Gola near Kathgudam, Chamgad dam on river Sarju near Pithoragarh etc and for the last 2 years for Bansagar Canal constn Divn, Dist Mirzapur(UP).

Large Dia Hole Drilling Service

The Company is the biggest contractor for large dia non-core hole drilling and has Rate Contracts in ECL, BCCL and SECL for drilling upto 24” dia and in TISCO upto 12” dia holes in their coal mines for various mining purposes like installation of water and sand stowing ranges, submersible pumps, lowering of cables and for ventilation.

The Co. has drilled 28” dia holes on turnkey basis including supply, installation and grouting of 22” dia casings in different collieries of Singareni Colliery Co.Ltd in 1992 for dewatering of underground water logged old galleries with heavy duty submersible pumps and was again called to do such work in other collieries in the year 1996-97.

Drilling, Grouting And Guniting Service

The Company has been doing drilling, grouting and guniting work in dams and mines since 1980 and has executed several important and emergent assignments.

  1. Curtain grouting and groutability tests at Chilla Power House, Khodri Power House, Lakhwar Dam and Jamrani Dam under U.P. Irrigation has been very successfully completed where huge quantity of cement grout was used. We are regularly executing drilling and grouting work in almost all the NHPC projects in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and North Bengal.
  2. Guniting to stabilize hill slopes in Khodri Power House and Lakhwar Dam Site have also been completed by us.
  3. Consolidation by grouting of a free flowing fault zone in a drift under drivage in Ghanshyam Colliery of ECL including fixing and grouting of 30 mtr. long anchor bars in holes in the year 1995-96.
  4. Stabilization of strata after complete collapse of long wall face in Jhanjra colliery (ECL) in 1997 and stabilization of coal pillars to prevent collapse of long wall face in Khottadih Colliery in 1998.
  5. Recently completed the entire drilling & consolidation and curtain cement grouting in Bakreswar Dam of West Bengal Power Development Corporation where quite a few thousand bags of cement was grouted.
  6. Recently completed consolidation of Kari and Chatkari Jore beds in BCCL by cement grouting.

Emergency Rescue Work In Mines Service

The Company is always called for drilling to deal with any serious accident or emergency in coal mines. It planned and executed entire work of rescuing 65 miners entrapped underground due to inundation in Mahabir Colliery near Raniganj in 1989 by drilling a 30" dia. hole with casing round the clock on emergency basis and talking out the entrapped miners one by one through this hole. It did very fast drilling for pouring liquid nitrogen in the holes to deal with big underground fire in Kendra colliery where 56 miners lost their lives and again similar work in Kottadih colliery to prevent fire at longwall face and also in Gajlitand colliery at the time of inundation in 1995 where a large number of miners lost their lives.

World Bank Funded Projects Service

This Company won all the 4 tenders of drilling for World Bank Funded Project for preparing feasibility report for control of underground mine fires in BCCL coal mines involving drilling of UX, SX, PX, HX and NX non-coring holes with supply and installation of different sizes SX, PX HX, NX and BX diamond drill casings in the same with cement plugging of casing ends. It completed 15% extra work amounting to a total of 28000 meters of drilling with value of Rs.5.85 crores in record time of about 9 months in 1995-96. The work was supervised by Foreign Consultants M/s. GAI-METCHEM.

Complete Exploration Including Surveying Drilling Service

The Company has carried out the complete geological exploration including topographical surveying, geological mapping, core drilling, core logging, sampling and preparation of geological report for Jindal Strips and M/s. Jindal Power for their new coal leases near Raigarh (M.P.); IISCO's Tasra Block in Jharia Coalfield; Indalco's Talabira Block-I, Sambalpur, Orissa and based on our reports substantial mining is already being done. We have very renowned and established parties as our associates for geological and analytical works.

Mining Works Service

  1. In addition to various types of drilling works, we have also executed mining works like drifting and shaft sinking in coal mines and adit driving in dam projects.
  2. Drivage of 2 Nos. about 400 meter long drifts with continuous support with steel arches and G.I. sheets worth about Rs.1.1 crore in IISCO's Jitpur Colliery in 1984 and again a further similar work in this colliery in 1991.
  3. Sinking of 90 meter deep and 5.5 meter finish dia. vertical shaft with full concrete lining at Kalidaspur project of ECL in 1987-88 and several other works in Moonidih Colliery and Adit work at some Dam Projects.
  4. The above Projects were executed entirely with our own machinery.

Coal Drilling Job Service

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