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About Minocha Enterprises Private Limited

Established in 1992 after having many years of experience in resin distribution and a vision which identified Plastics, it’s Compounds & more from the final product. Earlier, the company was incepted in the year 1950 as Minocha Button Stores, a family run business in New Delhi- India for trading house for Polymer Componds & Masterbatches.


We can offer the following solutions-

We offer a wide range of Color Masterbatches, Black Masterbatches, White Masterbatches, Additives Masterbatches, Special Masterbatches, Polymer Compound & Blend, Flame Retardant Masterbatches, Plastic Masterbatches, High Loading PVC Masterbatches & etc.

Masterbatches as future thrust area, made way for the foundation of Minocha Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (MEPL).

Today. with a lot of perseverance and dedication towards quality and customer satisfaction, MEPL is considered as a pioneer in Masterbatch & Compounding activities and offers a wide range of products and services covering every gamut of the plastic processing industry.

We provide our customers with a range of Color Master Batches that is high on various quality parameters. With the help of our efficient R & D unit, we are capable of providing customized products to our customers in terms of color shades. These products are used in various industries such as cement, fertilizers and food packaging, among others.

Products We Offer

Products We Offer

High Performance Pet Masterbatches


MEPL has its forte in Masterbatches for PET. We can offer a resin as will as dustless powder based PET Masterbatch. Our market's famous PET masterbatches are:


MINOCOL: Resin based PET Masterbatches with addition percentages of up to 3%.


MINOBATCH : High concentrated Resin based PET Masterbatch with addition percentages of 0.2% to 0.3%

MINOMICRO : High Concentrated Dustless Powder form Masterbatch. with addition percentages of 0.1% to 0.2%


A wide range of Colors are available ex-stock. Applications are Pesticides, Pharma, Fridge bottles, Cosmetics, Edible Oil, Beverage and Food Packaging etc.


Color Master Batches For Commodity & Engineering Plastics.


We offer Color Masterbatches not just for your basic Styrenes, Polypropylenes and Poltyethylenes but can offer a specific resin based coloring solution for engineering polymers such as: PA6, PBT, PC, PMMA, ABS, SAN, PES, PPS and many more!


Special Effect Master Batches


Here are some SPECIAL EFFECT M B we can offer to make you product stand-out:


  • Glitter
  • Fluorescent
  • Marble
  • Pearle scent
  • Metallic
  • Frost


Multi-Function Masterbatches : Combi-Batch


Many a times one would just like to have a simple “ready to use” / “all in on package” designed as per their requirements. Its not easy trying to find a compounder who has the expertise to make the blend you’re actually looking for. Leave your worries to us and let us formulate it for you. We can offer the following combi-batch packages: Color & UV / UV & Anti-Oxidants / Color & PPA, ETC. OVER 50 combinations are available. MEPL has the capability to provide a product bound to perform each timely.


Additive Master Batches


Color aesthetics are just not enough to get your polymer performing how it really should when your customer wants to achieve more from the final product.


We can offer the following solutions:

  • UV Masterbatch for commodity & engineering plastics
  • Anti-Oxidant Masterbatch
  • Slip Master Batch
  • Anti-Block Masterbatch
  • Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch
  • Flame Retardant Masterbatch
  • Optical Brightener Masterbatch


Polymer Compounds & Blends

  • Glass / Talc / CaCO3 filled PP
  • Talc / CaCO3 Filler PE
  • Glass filled ABS / PC / SAN / PS
  • PC/ABS Blends: PMMA/ABS Blends : etc.
  • Flame Retardant Compounds


These compounds can also be offered in the color and additive of your choice of we could recommend suitable compound that has everything in it.

Our Brands

Our Brands

  • MINOCOLOR™ – Color Masterbatches
  • MINOCOLOR™ - Mineral /FlameRetardant / GlassFilledCompoundsfor Polypropylenes
  • MINOFIL™ – Mineral Filled Compounds
  • MINOLON™ – Glass Fiber Reinforced Engineering Plastic Compounds
  • MINOLOY™ – Polymer Alloys and Blends

Applications And Markets

Applications And Markets

We serve the needs of plastic processors from all segments and industries. Some of the areas you will find our expertise and products in are :

Consumer Packaging

Shampoo bottles, PET Bottles for water, soda and cola, Pharmaceutical bottles, Caps, etc use our innovative and economical MinoColorTM and MinoBatchTM PET Masterbatches.


Interior, Exterior and Engine components made from our reinforced plastics, compounds and masterbatches


Consumer Electronics:

Televisions, LCD’s, Computer Monitors, Cameras, Mobile Phones, Washing Machines, Dryers, Steam Iron Bodies, etc made from our reinforced plastics and pre-colored resin and additive packages.



Meter Boxes, Meter Bases, Connectors, Switches, Switch Plates, etc use our proven MinoLeneTM, MinoLonTM and MinoLoyTM products.



We add color, durability and strength to your Toys, Containers, Stationary, Furniture, etc with our Color Masterbatches and Compounds.



Technical Support

Technical Support

Our Technical Support and R & D team are experienced and trained professionals who provide expert guidance. We take a hands-on approach to service and our professionals are readily available to provide the right material and processing recommendations for your product or application.

Majority of our products are used by OEM in Automotive and Consumer Appliance Industries for a variety of applications. Hence, we understand Just in Time inventory and Lean Manufacturing schedules.

Our Technical Marketing Representatives are supported by a dedicated team of customer support experts who ensure prompt delivery, keeping your machines running without any delays.

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