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TIG Welding



Arc welding in inert gas with infusible tungsten electrodes (or simply TIG Tungsten Inert Gas welding) is a process in which heat is produced by an electric arc passing between a non-consumable electrode and the parts to be welded. The weld is achieved by fusing the edges of the parts to be welded, adding material if necessary in the from of rods. In MEMCO Welders the arc is triggered by a high voltage discharge to minimise electromagnetic interference. It ionizes the surrounding gas and allows current to pass. Alternatively, the arc can be triggered by touching the electrode and the part to be welded in a LIFT start process. During the electrode-work short-circuit phase, MEMCO welders reduce current to avoid damaging the electrode. 

Owing to the choice of DC (Direct Current) or AC (Alternating Current) power sources, TIG process can be employed for welding any material. DC is commonly used in TIG welding and is best for welding Ferrous material Nickel, Copper, Titanium and Magnesium Alloys. 

All power sources in the MEMCO range are capable of welding with square wave AC current for cleaner welds. MEMCO square wave limits heating of electrodes and torches to lower levels while contributing to higher welding speeds. MEMCO also optimises arc striking through its AC/DC generators once the electrode diameter is set.

Memco Phantom-DC Inverter For TIG (GTAW)

Memco Phantom-DC Inverter For TIG (GTAW)
(Also suitable for MMA Welding)
  • Phantom 400HF
  • Phantom Pluse HF
  • The most advanced inverter power management in the welding industry. Built-in gas solenoid for pre-flow, post-flow of gas and HF
  • Includes remote ON / OFF system, suitable cooling technology known as PPTT
  • Unique Lift-Arc TIG start, without use of HF
  • Power sources for inverter TIG DC and MMA welding range from 140 Amps to 400Amps are available in HF.

Memco DC Welder for TIG (gtaw)

Memco DC Welder for TIG (gtaw)
(Also suitable for MMA Welding)
  • MTW-A6 series rectifiers are provided with changeover switch from manual to TIG process. This cuts off the initial surge facility not required in the TIG process
  • Fully thyristorised full wave, infinitely variable current setting over the entire range from 10 Amps to rated current.
  • Remote ON/OFF system.
  • Energy saver and upslope/downslope with external Hot Start adjustable time feature.
  • External high frequency unit
  • Automatic current stabilisation,
  • Finger touch control.

H.F. console with pre and post flow for TIG Welding Process including Water cooling System with S.S. Water Tank, Radiator, Cooling Fan and coolant pump.

Memco Genex Engine Driven ARC Welder

Memco Genex Engine Driven ARC Welder
(Also applicable for TIG Welding)

  • High performance, low-consumption Diesel Arc Welder.
  • Extra smooth arc with Arc Force, Hot Start and Anti-Sticking.
  • Allows long cable up to 100 meters without loss of arc performance.
  • Lower maintenance, brushless generator enhances welding capacity as well as engine life.
  • Trailer mounted 2/4 wheels with towing bar. Available also in skid mounting.
  • Air / Water-cooled.
  • Welding kit provided.
  • For TIG and MMA welding process, range of modules available in different capacities - 225 amps, 325 amps, 400 amps and 500 amps.
  • Copper alternator winding, liquid-looped diesel engine for long life and fuel economy.
  • Electric stand also includes hour meter, start / stop switch, battery charging meter, ammeter, voltmeter etc
  • Circuit-protected, two auxiliary power points of single phase 5 amps and 15 amps.
  • Remote control facility available for both current and open circuit voltage for operator to select, based on requirements of the job. Cord of 25/50/100 meters length available.
  • Low engine speed of 1500 rpm and reserve horsepower provides long life and minimum maintenance.

MEMCO Genex Diesel Engine Driven Welding Generator set of 400amps capacity is available with both Engine and Generator mounted on the same frame. The complete assembly is mounted on trailor / trolley of sturdy steel construction with two pneumatic rubber tyre wheels and towing hook for easy mobility. The welding set is adequately protected to resist unfavourable weather conditions. The set is provided with a current regulator and all other necessary controls for the engine and generator.

  • 12 V Battery
  • DC Ammeter
  • DC Voltmeter
  • Hour Meter
  • 5m flexible welding cable with insulated electrode holder
  • 5m earthing cable with clamps
  • Protective mask with coloured glass
  • Chisel for slag removal
  • Hand gloves (One Pair)

AC/DC Pulse TIG Square Wave Welding Equipment

AC/DC Pulse TIG Square Wave Welding Equipment
(Also suitable for MMA Welding)

Power Source WSE-Series - WSE/250, WSE/315, WSE/500WSE series are multi-functional welding power sources with IGBT inverter technology. They are widely used for welding of various kinds of metals including Aluminium, Magnesium and their alloys. They are also suitable for all kinds of rutile and basic electrodes in MMA welding.

Main Functions (WSE-250)

  • Multi-functions: AC TIG, DC TIG, DC pulse TIG and MMA welding.
  • Adjustable: AC TIG frequency, cleaning control, pulse frequency, gas pre-flow/post-flow, up-down time and welding current etc.
  • 2 / 4-step switch function in TIG welding.
  • Stable- Arc circuit guarantees welding stabilisation at low currents while reducing noise levels.
  • Protective functions: Overheat, over-current and under-voltage.

Main Functions (WSE-315/500)
  • Multi-functions: AC square wave, TIG DC, pulse TIG, spot TIG welding and MMA.
  • Single-chip processor control technology.
  • Parameters in panel are set by coordinate-type touch key while a single knob makes the operation simple and clear.
  • There are many adjustable parameters for each of the five welding processes.
  • All parameters under the five welding processes can be stored in a Memory Channel.
  • Protective functions: Overheat, over-current and under-voltage.

Basic Outfit with Accessories
  • Arc welding power source
  • Electrode holder and earth clamp
  • TIG Torch
  • Welding cable (5M) and earth lead (5M)
  • Fast plug

Memco Pulsed TIG Welding Machine

Memco Pulsed TIG Welding Machine
  • Special type of Welding Rectifier in which the current is pulsed, as shown in the diagram.
  • Ideal for thin sheet welding like expansion bellow joints where heat is to be limited to avoid burn-through
  • Upslope and down slope facility is also available without pulse.

MEMCO HF. CONSOLE FOR TIG WELDING with Water-cooling System
  • Pre-flow/Post-flow for TIG Welding Process with Water Cooling System
  • S.S water tank
  • Copper Radiator
  • Cooling fan
  • Supply 200/220V. 1050/60Hz

Memco TIG & Mmaw DC Chopper

Memco TIG & Mmaw DC Chopper
  • Chopper design for extra smooth performance
  • Arc reduction with low spatter level contributing to higher productivity
  • Suitable for MMAW & GTAW (DC TIC & Lift Arc) Excellent dynamic response and fully equipped panel makes this chopper particularly suitable for welding Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Titanium in applications requiring top quality welding
  • Rugged construction for long life and least maintenance

Memco AC Welder For TIG/GTAW Welding Process

Memco AC Welder For TIG/GTAW Welding Process
(Also suitable for MMA Welding)
  • Stepless
  • Soundless
  • Moving coil type
  • Smooth operation
  • Low operating
  • Very low spatter
  • Low operating cost
  • Longer lasting
  • Trouble-free
  • AC air-cooled power source (also suitable for MMAW Process)
  • Especially invaluable for alumimium welding with single operator as well as for TIG welding shop and large fabrications
  • Thoroughly balanced output wave for aluminium TIG welding with the help of DC suppressor
  • Aluminium attachment includes high intensity, high frequency generator, pre-flow and post-flow of shielding gas water-cooling system.
  • TIG welding torch with flow meter and regulator for argon gas includes complete, compatible AC TIG welding systems.
  • H. F. Console with Pre-flow/Post-flow for TIG Welding Process includes Water-cooling System with S.S. Water tank, radiator, Cooling fan and Coolant pump
  • Supply 200/220V. 1050/60Hz

H.F. console with pre and post flow for TIG Welding Process including Water cooling System with S.S. Water Tank, Radiator, Cooling Fan and coolant pump.

AC Tig Welding Set

AC Tig Welding Set

We provide our clients with the technologically advanced range of Ac Tig Welding Sets. The machines we manufacture hold certain features including sturdy and proven construction to provide outstanding AC/DC welding and X-ray quality welding. It has infinitely current setting and high power efficiency, which make no load losses. The input current required by this machine is very low. Some of the outstanding features possessed by the machine are as under:


  • Permanently lubricated fan which creates no noise
  • To reduce break down time PCB plug is modularily designed
  • To protect from damage PCB Plugs are housed with additional steel
  • Phosphated and powder coated outer casing
  • Built-in fuses and main switches separately for AC / DC
  • DC Welding is thyristorised with inbuilt automatic current stabilizer supported by pulsed system
  • AC Welding with magnetic flux control system
  • Current setting stepless
  • Amps- Volts Meter for AC and DC provided independently
  • Facility available for various welding process


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